The Patriot Post® · Our Descent into Madness

By William Stoecker ·

The ancient Greeks supposedly had a saying: “Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.” This means that America is on the verge of ruin — because, as a nation, we have literally lost our minds. Our elites and their degraded useful idiot followers are certainly vile and corrupt, even sociopathic, and they (or at least the followers) are certainly foolish, foolish to the point of utter mindlessness. But, beyond even that, they have become so suicidally irrational that they qualify as clinically insane. Our world, more and more, is beginning to resemble the inverted madhouse Alice entered when she went through the looking glass. And we, if we submit to those who seek our destruction, are little better.

Our leaders, had they been so inclined, could have been the benevolent, behind the scenes rulers of a peaceful and prosperous world, skimming the cream off the top of a powerful global economy, securely in control of banking and the fiat money supply, the media, and everything else. We peasants would be too fat, dumb, and happy to complain about anything. But the elites are not “so inclined.” They are anything but benevolent, and have plunged us into one war, one misbegotten foreign adventure after another. Our borders are wide open; vicious terrorists are literally being imported by those sworn to protect us; marriage and Judeo-Christian morality and all our most treasured traditions are under continuous assault. The madness has come upon us gradually, incrementally, so it is not as obvious as might be expected.

Consider the radical homosexual agenda. It is not as if homosexuals and lesbians were under assault in the past, and, if any were physically attacked (usually by other perverts), there were state laws that served as effective deterrents. But the elites and their followers pretend that perverts are a persecuted minority group, and anything deemed to be an assault on one of them is now a “hate crime.” School children are taught the wonders of perversion in the name of “sexual education,” and now, not only is a pervert union described as “marriage,” but citizens can be sued or even prosecuted merely for refusing to cater to such a “wedding.”

Our King Hussein (Obama) has declared a “war on coal” in the name of protecting Earth from the imaginary menace of “global warming,” now usually referred to as “climate change,” since there has been no warming for over 18 years, but the climate is always changing, and always has been — even long before Man discovered fossil fuels. The purveyors of this lie have falsified temperature readings, created distorted graphs, and left thermometers in urban “heat islands” to insure higher measured temperatures. Satellite measurements, the most accurate of all (they show only .36 degrees Fahrenheit warming from 1979-1998, and, since then, a slight cooling), have been largely ignored. Time after time the elites have left their huge, heated and air conditioned mansions, climbed into enormous, fume-belching limousines, transferred to chartered jets, and attended meetings to decide how best to make the rest of us pay for their useless schemes. The US spends some $22 billion yearly fighting this imaginary menace, and about half that pretending to guard our southern border. And the controlled media continue to shout the big lie over and over, and the sheep continue to believe, not what they see, but what they are told. Our national debt, immigration, offshoring our industry, and the decline of our infrastructure would have collapsed the economy anyway, but apparently not fast enough to please our masters.

And then there is Islam, a religion founded by a mass murderer and child rapist, a cult whose “holy book” repeatedly calls for conquest, forced conversions, the subjugation of women, “honor” killings, torture, murder, and tyranny. For 1,400 years the Muslims have been practicing what they preach, and our elites just love them.

In our indoc centers (formerly known as “schools”) children are forced to recite the Koran, write “There is no god but Allah” in Arabic, and dress like Muslims. Of course, Christian symbols are generally forbidden. The Muslims who bombed the World Trade Center the first time, in 1993, were allowed into the U.S. by “our” government (although Islamic terrorism had been widespread since the sixties). Our masters responded to that attack by importing even more Muslims, and, after 9/11, still more. They are given special privileges and protection and sensitive posts in the White House and Homeland Security. Jeh Johnson, an old leftist crony of King Hussein’s, has assured American Muslims that he will protect them from “persecution,” and Attorney General Loretta Lynch (another crony of our King’s) responded to the atrocity in San Bernardino by assuring Muslims that she will punish those guilty of “hate speech” against them. This is what Christian patriots call “Luciferian inversion,” defining the murderers as victims and the victims as oppressors.

In Europe, or what is left of it, the madness has progressed even further. Despite their failure to assimilate, despite the fact that they commit most of the crime (especially rape), despite the fact that they live in enclaves, supported by welfare, despite the fact that they plan and carry out acts of terrorism, leftist governments in Europe continue to allow more and more Muslims to overrun their countries. Criticism of these thugs is actually punished by the courts, and, incredibly, Germans and Scandinavians have been evicted from their schools and even their apartments to make room for the invaders. Effectively, the governments have joined the Muslims in a war against their own native citizens. A French judge recently decreed that there is no such thing as a native Frenchman.

The evil madness of the elites is now obvious to those of us with open eyes, as is the blind, mad stupidity of their followers. Alice is nowhere in sight, and the sane world on the other side of the looking glass is but a distant memory, and if we continue to submit to our own destruction, it can be argued that we, too, are insane — and, most certainly, we will be destroyed.