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What Will Become of The Donald?

William Stoecker · Jan. 4, 2016

What is happening right now is unprecedented. A growing number of Americans believe that a global conspiracy seeks to enslave us in a new world order. A much larger number are not (yet) convinced of an actual conspiracy, but have utterly lost faith in the leadership of both political parties. People who used to be mainstream Republicans, people like Joseph Farah, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter, now believe that the GOP is dominated by traitors. Yet a few Republican candidates, if one of them can actually secure the nomination and win the election, might be able to save America from the worst of our dangers, although the hour is late and things will most certainly get worse before they get better. Rand Paul might be such a man, but he has virtually no chance of being nominated. Ted Cruz, despite his wife’s connections to the CFR and to Goldman Sachs, might be nominated and save us. But, at this point, the promising candidate with the best chance of winning is undoubtedly Donald Trump.

We would be foolish to trust him (or Cruz, or any of them) completely. In the past he has been all over the map on most issues, has supported the Clintons, and has used the power of government to enrich himself. But he is unafraid of the noisy left and its politically correct beliefs and its threats and accusations. On the all-important issues of terrorism and immigration, he resonates with most of us Tea Party patriots. Based on his speeches, he might be accused of having few specific ideas on any issue, but his website goes into much more detail, offering specific plans for immigration, taxes, etc. Regarding trade with China, he is well aware of its export subsidies, currency manipulation, and theft of our technology. Trump opposes (if we can believe his website) bans on certain types of firearms and magazines, and wants a national right to carry law. He wants to lower our high corporate income taxes and eliminate the death tax. He promises to fire incompetent or corrupt VA managers and allow veterans to use veteran ID cards to see private doctors at government expense. If the man can be trusted — and that’s a big if — there is much here that is acceptable to most patriots. And of course he promises to curtail immigration, especially from Islamic states, and opposes our King Hussein’s plans for executive amnesty and for bringing in hundreds of thousands of “refugees.” It’s not hard to see why the elites and their media mouthpieces seem to hate and fear him.

But can he be nominated? Can he be elected? Can he be trusted? There are six main possibilities.

  1. Trump is nominated (or runs as a third party candidate), wins the election, and keeps his promises. Socially and economically ,things get pretty bad for a while (the damage has already been done) but America recovers and good times return.

  2. He is elected and betrays us, like all the others.

  3. The Republican bosses, in or even before a brokered convention, cheat him of the nomination and he simply gives up.

  4. He runs as a third party candidate and loses, probably to Hillary, since the Republicans would probably nominate Marco Rino (I’m sorry; I meant to say “Rubio”), and people who want a left-wing fascist will not vote “Democrat lite.” They will support the genuine article.

  5. He is nominated but defeated, probably due to vote fraud, which the Republican bosses will not protest, as usual. After all, thirty million dead illegal aliens can’t be wrong, especially when each of them votes twice.

  6. He is murdered or incapacitated by a “lone gunman,” of whom there seems to be an inexhaustible supply. Republican consultant Rick Wilson on 10/27/15 said the Republicans must “put a bullet in Donald Trump.” Republican John Kasich’s campaign co-chair on 12/16/15 said, “You gotta take Trump out with a head shot.” Now they can walk these comments back all they want, or pretend that they meant it all figuratively, but their comments were quite graphic. If any patriot had said that about Hillary, we all know he would have been arrested, or at least detained for questioning.

In the past, the elites have pretty much gotten away with everything. But a large and growing minority of Americans, numbering in the tens of millions, most of us armed, are increasingly angry, disillusioned, and desperate. As the economy gets steadily worse, illegal aliens pour across our open borders, and tens of thousands of hate-mongering “refugees” are invited in, the anger will only increase. Our king is issuing ever more visas to foreign workers who take jobs from the few Americans who still have jobs, further depressing wages. Importing criminals and terrorists means more crime and terrorism. The elites are betting that the peasants will not rise against them, and we are so emasculated by political correctness that they may be right. But I think not.

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