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ObamaCare and the Supreme Court

Larry Reams · Jan. 25, 2016

Perhaps a better subtitle to this commentary would be, “What has Obama got on John Roberts?”

First, remember that the Affordable Care Act was passed on strictly Democrat votes; no Republicans whatsoever. And remember also that it was sold to the public as not being a tax but carried a penalty if you didn’t partake. “You’ll take what we tell you to take or we’ll penalize you.”

When it first went to trial before the Supreme Court, with the administration still arguing that it was not a tax, the Court convinced the administration that if were considered a penalty it would not be constitutional. The whole premise being that you can’t penalize someone for not buying a product. If it were a tax, it would be OK. So the penalty became a tax and Obamacare was declared constitutional by Roberts and crew. In my book, that is “aiding and abetting.” Roberts and the Court taught Obama and crew how to make it constitutional rather than judging it on its original merits. A win for Obama and Roberts; a loss for We the People.

Next came the issue of federal subsidies going only to taxpayers in those states that sponsored their own exchanges. When half the states refused to set up their own exchanges and relied on those set up by the federal government, and those taxpayers would not get subsidies, it became obvious that Obamacare would implode. So, it was decided by the Court that exchanges “established by the states” also included those “established by the feds” and subsidies would go to everyone. Again, Obama wins, the citizens lose thanks to the Roberts’ court.

Now we find that the Supreme Court will NOT hear a case challenging the Origination Clause of the Constitution as it relates to Obamacare. Constitutionally, any “tax bill” MUST originate in the House of Representatives, not the Senate. The House being closer to the people and in a better position to decide if taxing them is appropriate. The Affordable Care Act originated in the Senate and is being challenged in the courts. Remember, as per the first Supreme Court decision, it is a “tax,” to the tune of $800 billion. So it would appear to be unconstitutional as the House did not originate the “tax” bill. But, the Court has refused to hear the case. There will be no accountability on the Congress for willful usurpation of the Constitution. Obama wins a third time and the citizenry looses.

If one didn’t know better it would appear that the Court is bending over backwards to insure Obamacare stays on the books, constitutional or not. From changing definitions, to advising the White House what will pass muster and what won’t, to abstaining from origination decisions, this atrocity remains the law of the land, no matter how bad it is. It also appears that our “nation of laws” has been completely replaced by a “nation of men,” and that if we had any members of Congress worth their salt they’d be impeaching some Justices for lack of “good behavior.” It also appears that John Roberts is in Obama’s pocket. I wonder what scuttlebutt he has on Roberts?

Obama still has a year to go but I see signs that Congress is content to wait him out, or accommodate him, rather than uphold their Oath of Office and defend the Constitution. Wait for the next president, hoping for one that will undo some of this lawlessness that has prevailed for seven years, going on eight. How much more damage can Obama do this year to secure his “legacy?” With a compliant Congress and Court, a lot! And what if Hillary Clinton is that next president? Is Roberts in her back pocket too?

America, this mess won’t be straightened out by elections. It will only be corrected when We the People demand that it be and take the appropriate steps, whatever that may be, to hold ALL elected and appointed officials accountable.  

(Mr. Reams is a Christian, senior citizen, family man, veteran, conservative and retired small business owner.;

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