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'Backwards' Progressives Ignore Repressive Islam

David L. Hunter · Feb. 18, 2016

Socialist Bernie Sanders wants to take America backwards to the pre-Colonial times of the Pilgrims, circa 1620, where Socialism failed miserably. Likewise, Democrats want to take America to its 21st century progressive equivalent, the big government nanny state. In fact, the Democrats’ former reverential, almost cult-like treatment of Barack Obama — a dubious figure obviously anti-American, ultra-Constitutional and pro-Islamic — is reflective of the same blind devotion the purveyors of Sharia law, the Imams, expect of their followers. Although the method is different, the result is identical: the iron-fisted suppression of the individual’s rights and freedoms in favor of the all-powerful State.

That’s why Democrats who bray about gender and racial inequity in America are silent as mice regarding the actual abuses of women in the Middle East, specifically Saudi Arabia. Today, a woman can’t walk in to Starbucks, but must send a man in her stead. For example, a sign posted in English and Arabic reads, “Please no entry for ladies only send your driver to order thank you.” Yet, this isn’t Arthurian chivalry, it’s sexual discrimination and overt repression. While out-of-touch Hillary would be untroubled by the Islamic restriction on driving (she hasn’t since 1996), most Westerners would not agree to mandated male chaperons whenever in public; wearing the identity and body-obscuring Burka; being forbidden to interact with men not family related, et cetera. Certainly, the strictures of “modern” Islam would give the upper crust women of Downtown Abbey pause.

It gets worse. Islam goes so far as to dictate the procedure by which one cleans up after human excretion. The ancient practice of flowing water (via a hose) was updated just last year when Turkey issued a fatwa allowing Muslims to use toilet paper. Per the Daily Mail, “The code also states that followers should not speak or read while on the toilet and should enter with their left foot and leave with their right, speaking a prayer.” What does walking, reading or prayer have to do with doing one’s “business”?

This isn’t about honoring “tradition,” spiritual mindfulness or hygiene. It is about complete, crushing state control over human decision-making and behavior. For Islam, “religion” is simply the sham justification for totalitarianism. Paralleling Islamists with religion, Democrats/Socialists use government in the same way and for the same reason. Indeed, as like attracts like, is it any wonder the failed Obama administration desires cozy relationships with leftist dictators? Democrats’ political mindset mirrors that of backward Islam — in both intention and endgame.

David L. Hunter is on Twitter and blogs at He has previously been published in multiple in The Washington Post, The Washington Times, FrontPage Mag, and extensively in Canada Free Press and American Thinker.

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