The Patriot Post® · Left Base and Right Base

By William Stoecker ·

In theory, America has two major political parties capable of winning national elections. Yet it has been obvious for a long time that the leaders of these two supposedly separate parties are virtually indistinguishable from one another. Top Democrats claim to be in favor of income redistribution from the rich to the poor, but most of them are multi-millionaires, and their campaigns are generally financed by billionaire bankers and corporate executives. The real income redistribution has been from the working middle class to banks and insurance companies deemed “too big to fail,” in the form of bailouts, and from that same middle class to the welfare class — and what is welfare if not a vote-buying scam? As for the RINOs who control the Republican Party, they, too, are in the pockets of the wealthy, and, like the Democrats, support open borders — bringing in voters for the Democrats and cheap labor for the corporations who support the Republicans. The Republicans have been quite happy to let the Democrats increase federal power and spending; even when they have been in control of Congress they have given our King Hussein virtually everything he has asked for. No one in his right mind could call George Bush I and II or Eric Cantor, John Boehner, Lindsey Graham, Carl Rove, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, John McCain, Reince Priebus, or Nikki Haley “conservative.” Yet the bases, the rank and file members of the two parties, could not be more different from one another.

Polls show that some 60% of Republicans are White conservatives; only about 11% are non-White. About half of all White Republicans describe themselves as religious, meaning that they attend church at least once a week. Most Republicans, regardless of race, are middle class citizens who either work for a living or are honorably retired. Many are veterans; few are homosexual or lesbian or GLBT. Few have criminal records. Most oppose abortion or at least oppose late term and partial birth abortion and taxpayer funding for Planned “Parenthood.” In other words, most are the kind of people who, in simpler times, we called normal, decent, productive citizens. And to this we might add that Black, Hispanic and Jewish Republican voters are people with considerable moral courage, able and willing to think for themselves, for they have avoided or escaped from the leftist “plantation.”

Rank and file Democrats are very, very different. Blacks, Hispanics, women, young people, union members, Muslims, sexual perverts, welfare recipients, many immigrants, and many street criminals, whether or not they vote, support the Democrats. In 1995, 95% of Blacks voted for Hussein, and 67% of Hispanics, 78% of Jews, 66% of people under age 29, 60% of union members (including teachers’ unions and public employee unions), 70% of homosexuals, lesbians and other members of our growing sexual alphabet zoo, and 85% of Muslims (they can recognize one of their own). About one third of all Democrats are non-White. Few are veterans. Only about 20% are religious Whites. Regarding the support by union members, this includes all races, and only perhaps half of all White union members support the Democrats. Also, it is important to remember that many union members support the Democrats only because union bosses tell them to, and that “union” and “worker” are not synonyms.

It is pretty obvious from the above statistics that many people support the Democrats because they expect them to take from others (middle class taxpayers) and give to them. They vote for free goodies for themselves — sanctuary in the US, citizenship, get-out-of-jail cards, welfare, free abortions, limitless “rights” for Muslims, official approval for their sexual perversions, special protected status, and punishment (via hate crime and hate speech laws) of those whom they hate and/or those who dare disapprove of them. Add to this cushy jobs for public school and university “teachers” and high-paying government jobs. To put it a bit more bluntly: The Democrats are the party of angry parasites.

But what about three other groups who tend to support the left? What about Jews, Asian Americans and middle class White liberals (even those who are not union members, “teachers” or government employees)? Jews, Asians and many upper class and upper middle class White liberals typically have spent more time than most people in the indoctrination centers we used to call schools and universities. They have been subjected to years of leftist propaganda and often live in a bubble, never hearing opinions countering their brainwashing, and never associating with people who think for themselves. And nearly three fourths of all Asian-Americans today are immigrants; in 1992, when a higher percentage were born in the U.S., only 30% of them voted Democrat, and 55% voted for Republican candidates. By 2012 some 73% voted for Democrats and only 26% for Republicans. Like most other immigrants, they come from countries that have no tradition of constitutional republican government and free market economics. As for the younger voters, they have been dumbed down and brainwashed by the indoc centers all their lives, and many of them, I fear, are beyond redemption.

So many otherwise fairly normal people vote for leftist candidates who are really fascist. But we shouldn’t let them off too easily. For they tend to be pretentious and egotistical, and the left appeals to Satan’s favorite sin: vanity. They are not so much interested in doing good as in feeling good about themselves — else why would they support socialist policies that have failed again and again to bring freedom and prosperity to the masses? Absolute conformists, they are desperate to belong to the pseudo-sophisticate, phony intellectual crowd. And they have an uncanny talent for believing lies and rejecting truth, and for adoring evil (abortion, Islam) and detesting virtue (Judeo-Christian morality). It is these people who support the corrupt elites who are leading us all to ruin.

If there is any hope for saving what remains of our former Republic, it lies with us rank and file patriots. Like it or not, we are the thin red line between Western Civilization and destruction.