The Patriot Post® · Selective Law Enforcement

By William Stoecker ·

For decades conservatives have complained about the seemingly endless rights of criminal defendants in court and the ability of leftist judges to find excuses to free them or reduce or commute their sentences. At least as far back as the Warren Court, judges have “discovered” rights that their predecessors, familiar with our former Constitution, were somehow unaware of. But in recent decades we are also seeing more and more examples of the same legal system (and sometimes the same judges) finding excuses to convict and imprison productive, law-abiding citizens whose political views do not mesh with their own. There is a scene in Orwell’s 1984 where Winston, the principal character, has been arrested and is in a holding cell, awaiting torture and death. He notices that while real or imagined political dissidents are brutally mistreated, the police seem quite chummy with the real street criminals. We are not quite that far gone yet — but we are moving in that direction.

And truly vicious criminals continue to be treated like privileged characters. In 2012 our King Hussein signed a “measure” reducing the sentences of people who have violated narcotics laws, because, said our King, these laws “discriminate” against Blacks. In 11/15, for example, the government began releasing some 6,000 offenders, some of them kingpins in the drug trade; remember, many of these “nonviolent” offenders plea-bargained down to lesser crimes and had actually committed far worse offenses. Any number of innocent Americans have been robbed, raped, beaten, and murdered by these released felons, like Wendell Callahan, who stabbed his ex-girlfriend and her two young children to death. And, while veterans in need of medical care often go without, Hussein has seen fit to spend tens of millions of tax dollars helping these newly released criminals find housing and jobs. And of course, tens of thousands of illegal aliens, arrested for additional crimes, have been released by our “compassionate” rulers, and have then murdered scores of Americans. The leftist rulers of “sanctuary” cities are as guilty as Hussein and his minions.

Even more incredible is the fact, little noted by the slimestream media, that Muslims, most of them immigrants, have set up about 35 compounds across the US, like Islamberg, N.Y., where Sharia law rules, women and children are abused, weapons are stockpiled, and potential terrorists train. Yet the US and the various state governments, so eager to disarm us peasants, have no problem with this, and the compounds are not raided and shut down. The government, under Slick Willy Clinton and Lady Macbeth (Hillary) showed no such restraint when they ordered the FBI and BATF to attack the Branch Davidians and burn some twenty children alive.

And there was no sanctuary and little compassion for Border Patrol agents Ramos and Compean, “guilty” of doing their duty when, on 2/17/2006 they shot and wounded an illegal alien drug smuggler. “Our” government actually granted him immunity to testify against them. Eventually George II did release them from prison, but they were never pardoned and had lost their jobs; they and their families were ruined.

Across the US the government, principally the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), owns vast tracts of land and is steadily and stealthily acquiring more. Whenever there is the slightest uncertainty about who actually owns a particular parcel, the BLM or a rancher who has had the use of it for decades, the BLM always wins the rigged game. The same applies whenever there is the slightest doubt about grazing or timber rights. In 2014 ranchers Cliven and Ammon Bundy and their supporters engaged in an armed standoff with the federales over grazing rights. This year, they and (so far) 17 of their supporters have been arrested on vague and dubious charges. Rest assured that they will not be accorded the rights given to serial killers, illegal aliens, and Muslim terrorists.

Overlapping the Bundy case is that of Dwight Hammond and Steven Hammond, re-arrested and re-sentenced after already serving time for alleged “arson” on alleged “federal” land. They did a controlled burn in a small area; the BLM does this all the time, and often fails to control the burns. The Hammonds should have been found guilty, at the most, of a misdemeanor.

Not satisfied with merely imprisoning dissenters, the federal police killed rancher Robert “LaVoy” Finicum in 1/16; he had participated in the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. He and several comrades, driving to a meeting with a county sheriff, were stopped by FBI and Oregon State Troopers. Finicum exited the vehicle, raised his hands, and then either reached for a weapon (so claim the police), lost his footing in the snow and stumbled, or reacted to being shot while his hands were up. We may never know the truth.

On 10/3/13 Black dental hygienist Miriam Carey was driving in DC for unknown reasons, with her one year old daughter in the car, when she made a wrong turn near the White House. Realizing her mistake, she attempted to turn around, when Capitol Police and uniformed SS (Secret Service) officers attempted to stop her and then opened fire, shooting her repeatedly, even shooting the unarmed woman (who, like Fincum, had no criminal record) in the back, and narrowly missing her baby girl. The story has been kept alive by Joseph Farah of WND and by Judicial Watch, but the government has stonewalled all attempts to get at the truth (typical of the “transparent” Hussein regime). The usual Black militant race baiters like Jessie Jackass have been weirdly silent, and Congress actually applauded the uniformed thugs; WND has a video showing almost all the Congress critters applauding for nearly a minute.

And now Attorney General Loretta Lynch has announced that she is looking into (at the very least) civil suits against global warming “deniers.” Like all leftists, she believes in free speech — for those who agree with her. Not to be outdone, the FBI is telling school students and teachers to report people who do not love the government.

It is as if an evil madness has taken hold in our late, great Republic. It is as if the government and the ruling elites have literally declared war on the American people and consider criminals, illegal aliens, and Islamic terrorists to be their allies against us. Christian patriots have a name for this madness: Luciferian (Satanic) inversion.