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Larry Reams · Mar. 28, 2016

With eight months to go in this election cycle, maybe the most important election since the Civil War, we’re finally down to five candidates: one controversial, inconsistent, billionaire blowhard; one unconstitutionally qualified lawyer/senator; one moderate governor; one avowed socialist senator; and one lying, corrupt former First Lady with the term “lady” used loosely. How is this possible? Where is the candidate who has the character, integrity, trustworthiness, honesty and honor to be elected President?

With Donald Trump I see a similar thing happening as happened with Barack Obama. Obama had charisma, he spoke well, and he was black. Nothing else mattered. His lack of experience, constitutional qualifications, relationships with known communists and backing of communist groups, dealings with known homegrown terrorists, senate voting record, his sealed personal records, etc. were all discarded in favor of his race. Vetting was non-existent, the media loved him and covered for him and thus he was elected. Seven-plus disastrous years later, we haven’t learned our lessons.

Because the GOP has ignored conservatives for decades in favor of big money donors, and the “establishment elitists” not upholding their Oath of Office, conservatives are beyond angry and willing to accept Trump simply because he speaks the tough guy lingo and is not a career politician. He is the definition of the “outsider.” They choose not to vet him either as to his background, qualifications and inconsistencies, and the media gives him free wall-to-wall coverage. He has been on both sides of most issues, supported and voted for Democrats, and admitted to “buying” politicians. What does that say about his support of the country and Constitution? He is every bit the ultimate narcissist Obama is. It’s all about him and his ego as one can readily see every time he gives a speech. He is the semi-conservative version of the progressive Obama with gruff speech. But he excites voters as being someone who will clean up government. And that’s all that matters.

Ted Cruz also has a similar story as Barack Obama — neither is constitutionally qualified to fill the Oval Office. Obama got away with it, even though the whole world knew it, Congress included, but Obama was black so it was “hands off.” Likewise, Cruz is not qualified by the Constitution, but since we did nothing with Obama we can’t hardly attack Cruz, can we? He’s of Cuban ancestry so it’s hands off again. Yet one of Cruz’ main talking points in his campaign is “we must follow the Constitution” with his own status apparently being the exception. Do as I say, not as I do. But, he is considered to be an “outsider” as none of the insiders, the establishment, can stand him.

Governor Kasich is the only one of the five with any real executive experience, but he’s a RINO and part of the “establishment.” We don’t want establishment. We want outsiders. The governor simply hasn’t caught on with voters outside his own state. He doesn’t excite voters.

On the other side of the isle, one hardly knows where to begin with descriptions. Bernie Sanders admits he’s a socialist, a “democratic socialist” as if there’s any difference. A rose is a rose is a rose. And socialism, liberalism, progressivism are simply deceptive words for communism, although much of the country doesn’t seem to know that or don’t even know what communism is. Bernie has zero executive experience, has had virtually no work experience, lived the socialist/welfare life until elected to the Senate, and has had no legislation passed in his 25 years in the Senate. Should Sanders win in November and be able to get even a smidgeon of his policy goals into law, it will accelerate our demise. Obama has already put it into warp speed. Democrats will have voted for their own serfdom and not even be aware of it. They’ll somehow blame Republicans for Sanders’ policy failures.

If lying Hillary is elected, we’d be no better off than with Obama or Sanders. An admitted progressive, she advocates many of the same policies as do Obama and Sanders. But why anyone would vote for her, with her track record, defies logic and common sense. She has a 40-year record of lying with every breath and of corruption that only elitist can get away with. She is THE perfect example of double standards at work: one set of laws for ordinary folks and another for folks in her category — former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State; the ruling class. And her #1 advisor, Bill, is a carbon copy in terms of those all important personality traits — character, integrity, trustworthiness, honesty, and honor. All void in both of them. The exact opposite of what you want in the White House. But, she would be the first woman president. And for 20, 30, 40 million voters, that’s all that matters.

Here’s more on both Sanders and Clinton, particularly Clinton. And to top it all off, neither of the front runners, Trump or Clinton, are trusted by about 65% of the population. So why are they front runners? What explains their huge lead in their respective party? Does America not care whether their president is trusted or not?

So whomever wins will do so by being elected from among five bad choices. You could almost go to any phone book in America, randomly open it to any page, point to any name and stand a better chance of getting a better qualified person. Why is it the likes of these remaining candidates outlasted better people such as Walker, Carson, and Huckabee? Men of character and integrity. Two reasons, primarily: Too many of the electorate are of the dumb-down, clueless variety. They vote for a candidate for the wrong reasons. And, political corruption that provides huge sums of money to those who will feather their bed if elected. Career politicians are bought and paid for. There may be a third reason — not enough of patriotic, true Americans vote; too many of the right kind of people stay home on election day. Voting is a civic duty with informed voting an obligation.

Any of these candidates winning the White House speaks volumes as to our culture today: severely wounded as compared to the days of our founding or even fifty years ago. Somebody well known once said that America could not be destroyed by any outside force. If we were destroyed, it would be by our own doing, from within. Well, in my judgment, we’re sitting at the edge of that abyss right now. Should any of the Democrats win in November, we may go over the abyss before we can correct our course. Should any of the Republicans win, we may be able to slow down the demise but only if major corrective action is taken quickly — and that would only be a short term solution.

Long term, starting immediately, America must return to her cultural roots and core values. Back when citizens took their civic duty seriously, they were informed and involved. They were honorable, patriotic and supported their country and Constitution. A man’s word was his bond and a hand shake sealed any deal. Elected officials were statesmen, not career politicians. Their calling was to serve their constituents, not raise money and get re-elected. There was no ruling class elite. Corruption was minimal and all endeavored to follow the Constitution. Back when we were a Godly nation and not ashamed of it.

Until we reign in and eliminate the job title of “career politician” and have greater accountability by citizens upon those elected officials, we’re always going to be on the losing end. We must have term limits to limit their exposure to the dirty dealings of big money and corruption. Repeal the 17th Amendment to regain control of the Senate. And learn how to discern honorable candidates from the shysters and put better folks in office. If We the People are not an honorable electorate, and we don’t elect honorable officials, nothing changes. We get the government we deserve. Government keeps growing and becomes increasingly more wasteful, expensive and inefficient, the electorate becomes more irrelevant, dependent and less free, our liberty goes away and we become serfs.

We have not properly cared for the republic our forefathers left us and are passing our neglected and a weakened republic on to those who follow us. We have the choices we see running for president today because we allowed it to happen. Hoping that 2020 gives us better options, if we can just hold out until then, is laughable.

So, we recognize the problem and potential results. How do we correct it? How do we wake up 40, 50, 60 million asleep citizens? How do we re-educate another 40, 50, or 60 million clueless citizens? How do we restore honor, ethics, patriotism and citizenship into our culture? Questions of the century!

(Mr. Reams is a Christian, senior citizen, family man, veteran, conservative and retired small business owner.;

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