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The Army of Darkness

William Stoecker · Mar. 31, 2016

Western Civilization, and, ultimately, all of Humanity, is presently being assaulted by something I have come to think of as the “Army of Darkness.” It is not an army in the conventional sense, and most of its dumbed down and morally degraded members don’t even know that it exists or that they are its (expendable) foot soldiers. But it functions like an army, and is controlled by some very wealthy and powerful people. The army has three divisions: leftists, criminals of every variety, and Muslims. The leftists always enable the criminals and Muslims, and there is a good deal of overlap, what with Muslim criminals and Muslim leftists, and even some leftists who are street criminals.

The criminals — assorted thugs, organized gangsters, members of drug cartels, serial killers — really need no explanation. They have always been with us, and they flourish whenever there is a lack of accountability (a situation engineered by the left). Leftists have always been with us as well; one of the first people to formulate leftist (which is really fascist) ideology was the Greek philosopher Plato in his dialogue The Republic, written down around 380 B.C. Here he described his “utopia,” ruled over, not by the people via elections, but by a class of “philosopher kings.” He was a bit vague about how these kings are selected, and by whom, and about what would prevent them from becoming corrupt, capricious, and cruel. Note that leftist elites today refer to themselves as “wise men,” as in FDR’s “brain trust.” Under the kings would be a class of teachers, administrators, police, and soldiers collectively referred to as the guardians, and under them the mass of common people. There would be no written laws or constitution, just indoctrination via state schools. Plato advocated birth control, equality between the sexes, and an end to the nuclear family (children would be raised by the state, like Hillary Clinton’s “village”). Similar ideas would later be advocated by the Bavarian Illuminati (I apologize to the conspirophobic, but the Illuminati are a historical fact), and later by Karl Marx, Mussolini, Hitler, and our present elite.

Plato had a real-life model for his Republic in the Greek city state Sparta, a somewhat fascistic state that had state-run schools and was totally militaristic, and practiced infanticide (that’s been making quite a comeback lately). Sparta was a feudal state; the serfs were called “helots.”

The curse of Islam began with Mohammed in Mecca, Arabia. After a claimed encounter with an “angel” in a cave (?), Mohammed cobbled together a religion based on Arab paganism, Judaism, and Christianity, a religion that, from the beginning, has called for the subjugation of women and unending war against all “infidels.” There has never been a time when Islam was not at war with the rest of Humanity, and especially against Judeo-Christian Western Civilization. The Muslims conquered the Middle East and much of Africa, parts of Eastern Europe, and South Asia. Their partial conquest of India, over a span of centuries, may have killed more people than all the wars of the twentieth century combined. They enslaved Black Africans and at least a million Europeans under conditions so cruel that most of them died within months. Tamerlane, a later Mogul Muslim leader, destroyed cities and irrigation networks and erected pyramids made from the skulls of his victims. The first genocide of the twentieth century was carried out by the Muslim Turks, who butchered at least a million Christian Armenians, Greeks, and Assyrians. Today, not a day passes without another senseless Islamic terror bombing or mass shooting, along with “honor” killings of wives and daughters by their husbands and fathers. Islam always brings about a heartless, mindless, loveless, dog-eat-dog society.

And so we have come to the present situation, with Muslims and assorted criminals being invited into formerly free Western nations, an invasion orchestrated by the leaders of the nations being conquered — an ultimate betrayal. The leaders are, of course, leftists, the same leftists who have disarmed their own citizens, slowly extinguished freedom, and indoctrinated their citizens to the point that they may now be too weak and cowardly to fight back. Here in the US, thanks to that great arms seller King Hussein, more Americans are armed than ever before, and there is still hope that we will resist the invasion and the betrayal (maybe even Europeans will reclaim their manhood). We are up against the ultimate evil; strip away the pretty, pious rhetoric of the leftists and the Muslims, and all that is left in their heart of darkness is a low, petty, spiteful malevolence. They deserve no forgiveness, no mercy, and no quarter.

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