The Patriot Post® · The Death of Faith

By William Stoecker ·

Notwithstanding the technological achievements of China (including rockets, the wheelbarrow, and porcelain) and the epic literature and mathematical achievements (the concept of zero as a place holder) of India, and even the brief flowering of Muslim science, European culture, Western Civilization, now spread to places like Japan and the Americas, represents Humanity’s highest achievement. Western art, music, literature, and science have enriched the world more than the gifts of any other culture. Though built upon the foundation laid by classical Greece and Rome, most of this, from the Gothic cathedrals to the development of modern science, was achieved by a Christianized Europe, with a leavening of observant Jews. Western Civilization was dynamic and expansive; populations of European nations increased, and the West established colonies in the Americas and elsewhere. The Franks turned back the Muslim invaders at the Battle of Tours in 732 A.D.; the Europeans temporarily reclaimed parts of the Holy Land from the Muslims; and they defeated the Islamic invaders at the Battle of Vienna. But now European populations are static or in decline, with birth rates at or below the replacement rate. Europe’s leaders have actually invited in the latest wave of Muslim invaders, forcing their own taxpayers to support them, allowing them to commit crimes and plot terror, and actually punishing their own citizens if they dare complain. And this suicidal madness has spread to America under our own King Hussein. And all of this has been happening while free speech in general is under assault and once sovereign European states are being submerged in a European Union that is anything but a free republic.

It is no coincidence that the West was mostly Christian when the culture flowered, and it is no coincidence that as faith in God has been lost, the West has, in many ways, declined. Cultural Marxism has made its long march through the institutions, replacing faith, hope, and moral absolutes with…nothing. For leftists are “againsters,” pretending to be for all sort of high-sounding things, but in reality standing for nothing. They are, all of them, nihilists. Unable or unwilling to create anything, they exist merely to defile and destroy what others have built.

Now I am not a Christian, and, if I so desired, I could attack most Christian dogma. But I will not do so, for I do believe in God, moral absolutes, and an afterlife, and I am sick unto death of the relentless attacks made on Christians, their increasing persecution all across the globe, even in the West. I am, in fact, so pro-Christian that I edit the articles and (thus far) two books by Christian author Paul McGuire. Whatever their faults, Christians and observant Jews are far, far better than whatever is in second place, and they represent almost the exact opposite of the twin evils of Islam and leftism. But Christianity is in decline, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the churches, betrayed by leaders who are not really Christian at all and who are blindly followed by all too many of the rank and file. The long standing corruption of the Catholic hierarchy is no secret; two Popes died mysteriously in the twentieth century; another survived an assassination attempt, and another resigned (almost unheard of) to make way for the current Pope, a leftist Jesuit who simply adores Muslims and warns of the perils of (imaginary) global warming. Right after WWII Bishop Alexis Hudal helped Nazi war criminals escape justice. Then there was the P-2 Masonic Lodge/Vatican Bank scandal, the sexual abuse of boys by pervert priests, covered up and effectively aided and abetted by their Bishops, and the involvement of high level Vatican employees in a homosexual prostitution ring.

Not to be outdone, most of the major Protestant denominations have been taken over by leftists who are anything but Christian. The Church of Sweden appointed an openly lesbian bishop, Eva Brunne. The Anglican/Episcopal church permits homosexual priests, presides over pervert “marriages,” and refuses to condemn even partial birth abortion. In 2003 the Episcopal Church consecrated a homosexual bishop, Gene Robinson. The Evangelical Lutheran Church also ordains perverts and supports pervert “marriage,” as does the Presbyterian Church, and the United Church of Christ, which also ordained King Hussein’s old comrade, the “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright. All of these churches have experienced sharp, even catastrophic declines in membership. A few fairly conservative churches like the Assemblies of God are increasing their membership, but it’s not enough to offset the losses. Even some of the trendy mega-churches, where people can hold hands, sing “Kumbaya,” and feel all warm and fuzzy (and they’re great places to meet hot babes), are losing members, or at least not gaining enough to make up for the overall decline in church attendance.

And what has all this done for us? America has aborted nearly sixty million unborn babies; in California the State refuses to investigate Planned “Parenthood” for the sale of infants’ body parts, but is vigorously persecuting David Daleiden, the anti-abortion activist who has exposed the crime. This is but one more example of Luciferian Inversion…right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right. Secular humanists (oh, the humanity of it) claim that they can lead moral lives without a belief in God — but on what is their morality based, if there are no absolutes? A person raised as a Christian or observant Jew who later becomes an atheist may lead a moral life, but what of his children, and what of their children? As we move further from faith our morality has steadily declined, and it was this morality that enabled us to maintain a free Republic and a free enterprise economic system that brought us prosperity.

So far have we declined that even if Trump or Cruz was elected and actually kept campaign promises, we could not long support a (restored) Republic; as our Founding Fathers warned, our late, great Constitution was made for a morally upright people. And our birth rate is declining to below replacement rate. The humanists attempted to elevate Man over God, but, having lost faith in God, we now have lost faith in ourselves as well.