The Patriot Post® · Ryan's Hot Air Smoke Screen

By David L. Hunter ·

“Others merely talk about limiting government, cutting taxes and reforming entitlements, but Mr. Ryan spends most of his waking hours trying to accomplish all three; to him it’s the goal and not the process that’s all-important.” —The Washington Times’ David Keene

If that’s the goal, let’s review the facts. Paul Ryan has been U.S. Representative for Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district since 1999. Therefore, his 17-year tenure encompasses the tail end of Bill Clinton’s presidency, and all of George W. Bush’s and Barack Obama’s. Using the basic measurements of government size by spending and personnel — both of which indicate expansion — when has this “leader” ever honored his limited government pledge? Now as House Speaker — the highest-ranking Republican — has this policy-driven wonk finally curtailed government? How about a desperately needed tax cut for the economically squeezed middle class? More to the point, as Congress controls the purse strings, has Mr. Ryan held the line against further deficit spending?

What did Mr. Ryan do in the big chair? Using lofty rhetoric, his “clean slate” speech made nice with Democrats — and he rubber stamped two trillion dollars more to the nation’s Chinese credit card.

Recall the debt has almost doubled from GWB’s accumulated $10.6 trillion to Mr. Obama’s added $9 trillion — and counting. In this, Mr. Ryan’s former facial hair was apropos as he’s definitely hiding something. What’s that? He’s the Democrats’ beard. Where it matters — one’s actions — he’s not fundamentally different from big government progressives.

History demonstrates a cowed, do-nothing Republican establishment whose value of conservative principles is hot air. That’s not my assessment, that’s Dave Brat’s (R-VA). He writes: “Conservatives are supposed to stand for fiscal discipline, balanced budgets and reducing government waste. Yet House leadership is currently whipping votes for a bad budget deal that was negotiated behind closed doors by party leaders and that blows through the budget caps.” He works there, so he should know. Better than me and certainly better than Mr. Keene.

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