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Now Would Be a Good Time...

Mike Junge · May 16, 2016

We have critical elections coming up in six months. Now would be a good time for this Congress to actually stand up and be counted for something, anything, please.

The executive branch is out of control and is deciding that anyone who wants to can use the girls’ bathroom in my grandchildren’s elementary school and take a shower in the girls’ locker room at the local high school. No one in a position to challenge them seems willing to do so. I for one don’t believe we have much to fear from the transgendered community, some of whom actually oppose this executive overreach. The legitimate concern is the advantage offered to every other pervert, peeping Tom, or oversexed teenager. The safety of our children should take precedence over ANY other consideration — and this administration is putting them at risk to make a half-baked political statement.

The President of the United States just finished yet another overseas apology tour, touting the evils of the United States and its love affair with warmongering and unfettered capitalism (which, of course, he believes are one and the same thing).

The same bunch of social engineers are trying to make it illegal to challenge the very theory of man-make climate change. The end game, of course, is not to actually make it illegal to deny but to make it even less likely that anyone in academia or corporate science will risk their tenured positions or cushy sponsorships to rock the Armageddon bound boat. All hail Al the prophet and his benevolent king.

Our borders are open and territorial control has become a thing of the past.  There was a time when invading a sovereign nation had consequences — but now we just hang bi-lingual signs in our stores and watch the political protesters wave foreign flags as they demand a greater voice. Historically, we’ve been a nation of immigrants who appreciate and honor diversity. But now, in the eyes of many, we are being overrun. Fear and lawlessness (both government and private) is driving us into a collection of class and race sensitive camps — and that is not good for the nation. Lost in all the noise, we’ve apparently given up any pretense of vetting Middle-Eastern immigrants, some of whom have promised to do us harm. That, also, is not good for the nation, but accusations of prejudice (or fear of accusations) may keep us for doing anything constructive about it.

Our exhausted, undermanned and underequipped military are showing signs of an eminent breakdown. An investigative program last week highlighted a Marine aviation unit cannibalizing half its aircraft to keep the other half flying in its endless Middle East deployments. We keep asking more and more of these patriotic youngsters but have allowed their numbers to fall below what they were prior to WWII. Something will have to give — and soon.

Queen Hilary is thumbing her nose at the FBI, and by all indications is getting away with it.

The Republicans just sent a walking ego with a bad haircut into the coliseum as their champion — and I will vote for the guy this fall because the only options are a shrill, powering tripping farce, or a stumbling old Yankee socialist. An old socialist with a surprising hold on parent-abandoned Millennials who believe that government entitlements should begin a puberty.

The very fabric of our society is tearing, and We the People allowed it to happen on our watch. We’ve cowed in our suburban kitchens, hanging on to political correctness like a shield, and wondering why no one in the world offers us respect. Some of us who have lived long enough to be called seniors, remember a time when respect was earned rather than demanded — but we’ve become too comfortable on our couch to do much actual earning. Never mind… It’s time to turn on the tube for another dose of progressive propaganda. Hey, that kid throwing rocks at the cops — isn’t that Gene from next door? That reminds me, I need to get my hedge trimmer back from Frank.

We are in desperate need of a hero. Someone to show is that it is OK to raise our own children and OK to worship in the manner we choose and OK to defend our constitutional rights with vigor and pride.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time for someone in Congress to grow a pair. Hello…is anybody home? It’s time to come out of hiding and give me an actual reason to vote for you!

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