The Patriot Post® · A Transgender Kid's Wisdom

By David L. Hunter ·

“So it’s deeply disappointing that where [a] child pees [writer’s note: adults use the term ‘urinate’] has become an issue in the presidential election.” —The Washington Post’s Petula Dvorak

Speaking of “passing water,” a truism in life is that water finds its own level. Apparently Ms. Dvorak has found hers perpetually beneath the knee of a now precocious Maryland third grader, Tyler. (An interview subject since he was 5.)

Compared to her, Tyler is indeed a fount of knowledge: a modern Oracle at Delphi in the compact package of a 9-year-old body. As a featured authority by Dvorak, he can shed definitive light on the “stupid” Obama bathroom issue. (Incidentally, he’s right about the “bathroom” part, anyway. As bathrooms have stalls for privacy, they are a non-issue.) But the totality of Mr. Obama’s federal kingly decree is problematic because it is global. Specifically, he has mandated that any student can use any school facility — shower, locker room or bathroom — of that individual’s gender identity rather than that person’s biological one.

That’s great on paper. It’s sounds superficially fair and inclusive. Yet, what of the rights — or comfort level — of insecure biological girls having to undress — or shower — beside someone with an outwardly male appearance? Recall that gender dysphoria is legally undefined. This circumstance opens up a perfect excuse for any mischievously adventurous adolescent male to readily access this formerly female-only space. Factor in the human reality of curiosity, surging hormones — and the inevitability of a cell phone’s recording features — and what could possibly go wrong?

Perhaps hopelessly naive Dvorak could interview a random teenage boy for that answer next. Or our intrepid columnist can wait several years to, once again, consult Tyler in middle school.

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