The Patriot Post® · Time of Decision

By William Stoecker ·

The U.S. has accumulated an $18 trillion dollar debt, and the budget is still not balanced. We have huge unfunded liabilities; our banks have exposed themselves to a dangerous derivatives risk; our citizens have amassed enormous private debt; students with no real prospect of future employment are racking up debt in the form of student loans. Our freedom and sovereignty continue to be undermined by a government that micro-manages every aspect of our lives. We are at risk of an EMP attack that might kill up to ninety percent of us in a year, and our great King Hussein refuses to take any steps to protect us from it. Our irrational hostility toward Russia and our unending foreign wars and meddling put us at risk of a nuclear holocaust. Our infrastructure is deteriorating in some areas, especially water and sewer systems, bridges, and our electric grid. Legal and illegal immigrants pour into our former Republic, invited in by both wings of our entrenched elites, committing crimes, bringing in drugs and communicable diseases, taking jobs from Americans, sucking up tax dollars for various welfare scams, and negatively impacting our schools and medical facilities. Our Imam in Chief is now importing tens of thousands of fanatical Muslims, making major terrorist attacks a certainty. Other than that, things are going very well.

And our hordes of home-grown leftists have pretty much come out of the closet, revealing their true nature, which has been obvious to some of us all along. They are arrogant hypocrites who despise freedom, especially freedom of speech. They are cowardly thugs and have virtually dropped all pretense of being peaceful “victims” of “right wing extremists.” We patriots have watched while mobs of Hispanic illegal aliens have waved Mexican flags, screamed obscenities, and attacked any lone patriots they can catch. The ever-increasing demands of the shrill, strident, intolerant minority of GLBTs would be comical were they not so dangerous; likewise the obsession of “university students,” an increasingly ignorant, mindless, semiliterate group, with “safe spaces” and “trigger words.”

Due to all of this, and the obvious betrayal of the Republican Party’s base, a large and growing minority of Americans are bitter and disillusioned, angry and desperate, and unwilling to take any more of it. Over the last few years we have watched as formerly mainstream Republican conservatives like Joseph Farah, Ann Coulter, and Sean Hannity have become completely disillusioned with both parties. We “conspiracy theorists” are no longer a tiny fringe movement. Even in Europe, with its disarmed and indoctrinated peoples, anger and desperation at the insane Islamic invasion (orchestrated by Europe’s own leaders) are leading to counter-violence. The French, in Corsica and elsewhere, have brawled with the invaders; Germans and even a few Swedes have set fire to mosques and to housing developments populated by the invaders. Germans placed a pig’s head outside Angela Merkel’s office. Right wing politicians are gaining in the polls, and, in several countries, sentiment is beginning to favor withdrawal from the EU.

So desperate is the situation here at home that our only slight hope of getting through the next few years with minimal violence and minimal economic hardship (and rest assured that things will get worse before they get better) rests on a highly flawed man, loud, boastful, and embarrassingly inarticulate former Clinton donor Donald Trump. He has changed his political view as often as many of us change clothes, but the platform he says he now supports might save us. He promises to curtail immigration, especially Islamic immigration, to replace “free” trade with fair trade, to pursue a less interventionist foreign policy, and to reduce the tax and regulatory burden on companies operating in the US (creating more jobs here). We have no way of knowing if he can and will keep these promises, but it is telling that the elites of both parties (the very people responsible for our predicament) hate and fear him, and the rent-a-mobs are targeting his campaign events. Rightly or wrongly, the elites fear that he will, indeed, do as promised.

Until recently conventional wisdom assured us that Trump stood little chance against Lady Macbeth (a.k.a. Hillary Clinton), and recent polls show that from 46% to 51% of the American Sheeple think that King Hussein is doing a good job as our ruler. Clearly, the indoc centers formerly known as schools have done their work, and nearly half of the US population are essentially mindless. But Hillary is her own worst enemy as well as ours. She is a compulsive liar and is now reaching the point where she is losing her grip on reality. When she imitates human expressions she overdoes it and looks downright creepy; at other times she is simply bug-eyed, and usually the rage and hate she harbors shows on her face. I would suggest that farting in public and barking like a dog may be off-putting to some people. A life of overindulgence and little or no exercise is taking its toll on the witch’s physical health (Slick Willy is also deteriorating). She is overweight and suffers from fainting spells; one in 2012 led to a fall that may have given her a concussion. She reportedly suffers from migraine headaches, and may have had one or more minor strokes. There is even a rumor that she suffers from multiple sclerosis. All of this couldn’t happen to a more deserving person, and she is about to be subjected to attacks and stress beyond her experience, for Trump will not play by gentlemanly rules like Romney and McCain; he will not hesitate to hit her where it hurts…Benghazi, the e mails, the Clinton Foundation, the “speaking fees,” and her attacks on Slick’s women. And more evidence of her crimes will be leaking out in the alternative media and to some extent even in the slimestream media. She will not be indicted by the current regime, but truth (at least part of it) will out. And she will not stand up well under it all; she will lose control and the true Lady Macbeth will be revealed. It will not be a pretty sight. In addition, there are indications that many Sandersistas will cross over and join the Trumpkins.

A “lone gunman” may shoot Trump, the way Sirhan (or someone) shot RFK in 1968 when it became obvious that he would win the nomination. Or the Republicans may simply not support Trump, or even undermine his campaign, or let the Demoncraps do their usual massive vote fraud. Or Hussein may cancel the election, especially if the rent-a-mob causes major violence in Cleveland, or if there is a major terrorist attack. Or Trump may win and betray us like all the others.

But there is a slim chance none of the above will happen, and some of us may even survive to see the building of a better world. And this is a chance we have to take.