The Patriot Post® · Gay Doesn't Mean Gay

By William Stoecker ·

In 1984 and Politics and the English Language, George Orwell showed how the left perverts language, changing the meaning of words. “Gay” used to be a fine English word, but now it has been hijacked by the homosexuals and its meaning has been utterly perverted. But just how “gay” are the homosexuals and other Glibbets (GLBTs)? They portray themselves as sensitive, artistic, intellectual types, free of the violence and insecurity of heterosexuals. They pretend that they are a persecuted minority, victims of violence by the straights. But the facts show otherwise.

First of all, prior to the rise of the radical homosexual agenda, they were more often the victims of violence by other homosexuals than by straights; as for such violence as did take place, there were laws against murder and assault already in place long before “hate crime” laws introduced double jeopardy to our justice system. One of the most widely publicized examples of “persecution,” the ultimately fatal assault on Matthew Shepard near Laramie, Wyoming on 10/6/98, was actually a robbery by a meth addict who may himself have been bisexual. Albert Kinsey, a bisexual pedophile and a sadist, supported by the powers that be, claimed that homosexuality and other perversions were much more widespread than they really are, and that perversion was harmless. Today, our King Hussein’s radical transgender agenda is supported by the Kinsey Institute and UNESCO. But the modern era of pervert activism really began with the Stonewall riots in New York City on 6/28/1969, when a police raid on a bar frequented by homosexuals touched off violent riots.

Homosexuals tend to be exceedingly promiscuous, and carelessly engage in unprotected sex. Some 28% of them have over 1,000 sexual partners; 43% have over 500; and 83% over fifty. Some 79% of them engage in perverted sex with complete strangers. Unsurprisingly, this leads to a high incidence of STDs, including homosexual bowel syndrome (let’s not go there), hepatitis, gonorrhea, syphilis, and, of course, AIDS. In 2010, homosexuals, a mere two percent of the population, contracted 72% of new HIV infections. They suffer from mental illness, substance abuse, and suicide at a much higher rate than does the general public, and homosexual couples are involved in domestic violence at a rate two to three times higher than heterosexual couples. But even this is just part of the story.

A dirty little secret is the fact that a high percentage of America’s most prolific serial killers were homosexuals, and several of the few known female serial killers, like Aileen Wuornos, Tyria Moore, and nurses Catherine Wood and Gwen Graham were lesbians. America’s homosexual serial killers include, among others, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Randy Steven Kraft, Michael Swango, David D. Hill, Wayne Williams, Elmer Wayne Henley, David Brooks, and Dean Corll (they were a team), Donald Harvey, Juan Corona, William Bonin, Henry Lee Lucas and Otis Toole, Vaughn Greenwood, David Bullock, Vernon Butts, Paul Bateson, Charles Manson (bisexual), Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb, John DuPont (of the famous and wealthy family), and at least 12 others.

Some of them stand out for the number of victims and/or the sadistic torture the victims endured before finally dying. John Wayne Gacy killed 33 young men and boys (some as young as 13), and was a Democrat precinct captain in a Chicago suburb (there is evidence that another, more famous member of the Chicago machine is also a homosexual). Henley, Brooks, and Corll tortured to death at least 28 teenage boys. Remember that these were children, screaming in agony for their mothers as they died slowly to please the “gays.” Randy Steven Kraft was convicted of torturing to death some 16 men and boys (some as young as 13); police believed that his real total may have been 67. He burned their penises with a cigarette lighter, and then castrated, mutilated, and dismembered them. Henry Lee Lucas, a bisexual, killed his own mother and claimed 3,000 victims; he certainly exaggerated a great deal, but he was convicted for 11 murders, and the total was probably higher, but not as high as he claimed.

This does not mean that all homosexuals and lesbians are inherently evil, or that they should be persecuted in any way. They are more to be pitied than hated. But when a major part of the human psyche, like the sex drive, is twisted and contrary to nature, more often than not the entire personality is warped. And the glibbets didn’t stop by fighting against their (largely imaginary) “persecution” by straights. As we have seen with “gay marriage,” which is neither gay nor marriage, and the indoctrination of school children, and the attacks on people and institutions who would offer counseling to help homosexuals escape their destructive death style, and the lawsuits against bakers and caterers who refused to cater pervert “marriages,” the glibbets are actively warring against the rest of us. They seek to destroy marriage and family and Judeo-Christian morality.

Since they have forced a war on the rest of us, perhaps it is time we began fighting back, peacefully, by electing non-establishment politicians if possible.