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Hillary's Nuclear-Sized Crookedness

David L. Hunter · Jun. 14, 2016

“A major Clinton Foundation donor who gave at least $250,000 to the organization was granted a spot on [the International Security Advisory Board (ISAB)] … despite having no experience for the role,” briefly reports Washington Times’s Douglas Ernst. Like Server-gate — just with nukes and America’s foreign posture — Hillary intentionally shares State Department secrets with an unqualified benefactor. If this pay to play isn’t worth a full, front page exposé, what is?

Peter Schweizer’s book “Clinton Cash” demonstrated the well established Clinton pattern of (foreign) donors funneling hundreds of million of dollars to their “charitable organization,” the Clinton Foundation, in exchange for Hillary’s governmental favors as Mr. Obama’s then Secretary of State. The present unearthed duplicity involves Rajiv K. Fernando. As founder and former CEO of Chicago’s Chopper Trading, he had no background in intelligence matters. That was obviously no problem for Mrs. Clinton. When Mr. Fernando’s check cleared back in 2011, he magically become a shaper of U.S. nuclear weapons policy. A Hillary “adviser” with top secret government clearance to access and influence (perhaps even share?) classified foreign policy details.

Naturally, the State Department tried to cover up the blatant political cronyism that has defined the “honest and transparent” Obama Administration. Only a Freedom of Information lawsuit by Citizens United has finally brought a spotlight’s hot glow to this wrongdoing. Fortunately, at the time, embarrassment of exposure prompted Mr. Fernando’s sudden resignation only days after his announced appointment. (The State Department was unable to articulate a legitimate reason for him to remain. Perhaps that’s because he didn’t belong there in the first place.)

What has become of Rajiv K. Fernando? Per ABC News, his current donations to the Clinton Foundation have increased to $1 to $5 million. Therefore, rest assured, he’s still a mover and shaker in 2016. Specifically, he’s a Democrat superdelegate: same as Hillary’s hubby Bill. One somehow doubts either man will cast his upcoming presidential convention vote for socialist Bernie Sanders.

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