The Patriot Post® · Beware ... Aftershocks Can Cause More Damage Than the Earthquake

By Mike Junge ·

It’s time for our elected GOP to stand tall and do what we sent them to Washington to do…represent us. You and me. The rank and file. We little people who serve out country and pay the bills. Since the second half of President Obama’s first term, these timid souls who were handed a hard-won majority in both houses have been a huge disappointment. You seem not to know the difference between principles and parlor games.

For over seven years President Obama has ruled with executive decree and an un-limited credit card. We may never recover from the damage he has done to the world’s most advanced health care system. And now, in one last great act of defiance (and the full blessing of the mainstream press) he is once again reaching into my gun cabinet. He considers it critical to his legacy.

What part of DO NOT infringe on my Second Amendment rights are some of you not hearing?

I am a 60 year old, law abiding grandfather and veteran. For the first time in my adult life I actually fear that we have lost our grip on this idea of government by the people and for the people. The statistics on gun control are (and always have been) firmly and overwhelmingly in the gun owner’s column. Yet we (the public consumer) consistently let progressive politicians and their friends the press skew the facts unchallenged.

The “assault weapon” that the press is ranting about in the Orlando massacre is mechanically no different than any one of the semi-automatic rifles that we hunt with. I guess maybe we should ban them because they look scary. The fact is…a recent inquiry (during the last federal assault weapon ban) found that the number of people killed with assault weapons in this country every year was about the same as those killed with hammers. Shame on Home Depot for making blood-money profits on these destructive devices. When the federal ban on assault weapons was in place, the statistics showed gun crime actually went up…and when the ban was repealed, gun crime went down. Go figure. Good luck finding that annoying statistic announced in any mainstream press notes.

Compare the gun crime rates in Illinois (where almost no one is legally armed) and Texas (where almost everyone is legally armed) and explain to me once again about the need for more stringent gun control. For the agenda-driven press that unfortunate data is almost as scary as the fact that violent crime is actually down significantly in spite of the sky-is-falling rhetoric we hear every night on the news.

This sick man in Orlando…this cowardly slime ball of a human being looking for his 15 minutes of fame just took out a nightclub full of people. He purposely chose a gun-free zone because he would be less likely to be challenged in his hateful task. If I had been there…and if I had been armed, I would have tried to stop him. You self-proclaimed intellectuals are thinking that I could not have adverted this tragedy…and maybe you are right…but I certainly would have tried. Blaming the gun in this case is like blaming fertilizer for the Oklahoma bombing. It makes no sense.

This sick jack-ss from Florida was known to have violent and hateful tendencies…as reported by his family and by his co-workers. The FBI had him in their sights on at least two occasions. Why was he still on our streets…with a security clearance no less? Why is it that his ex-wife and father are still walking our streets? Apparently the only crime more heinous than shooting 100 innocent people on a dance floor is racial or religious profiling.

Seriously….it’s time for our alleged leaders to stand tall and get a grip! The nation’s Political Correctness police (whispering your poison decrees and slinking around in the halls of power) have my permission to stick your misguided agenda’s directly where the sun doesn’t shine. And I beseech you to do it with vigor and haste! There is plenty of blame in this tragic Florida story to go around…but the guns resting peacefully in my gun cabinet share in none of it. My guns are not the problem…and they never have been.

Disingenuous politicians and agenda driven media are however, becoming a serious problem for anyone in this great land that cherishes their freedom. Queen Hillary has said with endless repetition that we have over 30k violent gun deaths in this country every year. It’s a national disgrace that no reporters stand up and challenge the premise with facts. More than 20k of these “violent gun deaths” are actually suicides. Even the 9k that are not suicides include those who the police shot. Of course, the press have decided that the cops are the bad guys in this conversation so maybe in their mind those numbers should be included. I guess the concept of choice in this country only applies to abortions. If you want to check out of this life, you had better drive your car into a train.

Before some of you start tutt-tutting me for being crass…let me make one more point. A family member very close to me recently took his own life with a firearm. He was having health issues…and financial issues…and in desperation decided that this was his best course of action. I can’t tell you how much I wish he had taken another course…and how much I wish he had reached out for more help. The facts are that he didn't…and we are all the worse for it. He was a freedom loving man, and I regret that in the end, his zest for life wasn’t enough to save him. He would be horrified…absolutely mortified…by the thought that people like Queen Hillary are making political hay off of his personal tragedy. He took his own life…and the fact that he did it with a gun is absolutely irrelevant. Robin Williams hung himself with a belt….are you geniuses blaming Ralph Lauren?

I’m not the enemy. I’m a 60 year old grandfather and veteran. I don’t ask for much in this life…from my friends or from my government. Stay out of my gun cabinet, and to the extent possible, stay out of my wallet. My faith is none of your business…and my vote is not for sale.