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Orlando Killer: 'Victim' Needing Mind Control?

David L. Hunter · Jun. 17, 2016

Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy is correct that “a mind-set is as perilous as a gun.” Unfortunately, his thinking is as convoluted as batty Omar Mateen’s; the perpetrator of the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. Is Mr. Milloy suffering from a personal, phantom style Stockholm syndrome? (By osmosis, a politically correct writer — rather than traumatized victims — robotically defends a mass murder? Perhaps this “journalist” should be evaluated by the psychiatrist his column cites.) According to him, this executioner of 49 (who injured an equivalent number) at a Orlando gay club (ironically named Pulse), is also a victim. Specifically, he claims Mateen suffers from “pseudocommandoism”:

“The pseudocommando often kills indiscriminately in public during the daytime [dance clubs however, are crowded at night], but may also kill family members [Mateen didn’t] and a ‘pseudo-community’ he believes has mistreated him,” James L. Knoll IV, a forensic psychiatrist, wrote in the Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law in 2010. “He comes prepared with a powerful arsenal of weapons. . . . He has no escape planned and expects to be killed during the incident.”

Well, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Let’s put a fancy horse harness on a donkey — and excuse it as a stallion! As all good morally flexible dolts, Courtland Milloy fashions a foggy narrative intended to mitigate Omar Mateen’s obvious barbarity. Why? Because he’s spinning a supportive, corresponding narrative to Mr. Obama’s fanatical gun blame game. What’s the underlying, unifying theme? That this person wielding the guns — the architect of the massacre — is not truly responsible. Same as another “trustworthy” source with an agenda — the father, Seddique Mateen — none of these jokers want this mass murder rightfully pegged as a radical Islamic terrorist.

That’s the reason for all of this psychological gobbledygook. It implies sickness — rather than politically inconvenient criminality. Indeed, the “riddle” that is Omar Mateen is straightforward and simple: any adult individual is responsible for his own actions. That truism trumps any secondary consideration.

That basic accountability isn’t even a blip — a consideration — on Courtland Milloy’s radar speaks volumes about his mind-set. In essence, he isn’t covering a story so much as he’s covering up for one. Instead of speaking to this fundamental issue, this columnist offers a kitchen sink of excuses for the “victim” who pulled the trigger. For starters, Mr. Milloy blames the school system for not putting an end to childhood teasing Omar received for being overweight. Later, in adulthood, the abused ex-wife is demonized for not involving the police in their domestic struggles. (Third, the police — who were never notified — are made theoretically responsible to put an end to Mateen’s violence.) Fourth, the cherry on the pie of this layered absurdity, is that Mateen targeted the gay community because he was rejected by them:

“It has been reported that Mateen frequented Pulse many times before staging his attack. He also had reached out to several men through a gay dating app. But, by most accounts, he could not make lasting friendships and usually ended up sitting alone getting drunk.”

Does Mr. Milloy believe that dating apps exist for the humanitarian purpose of group counseling rather than hook ups? Further, who doesn’t drink at a bar, or experience rejection? In any case, that doesn’t justify Omar Mateen’s shoot out at an Orlando dance club like it’s the Wild Wild West’s O.K. Corral.

Speaking of guns, to his credit, even this enabling fop doesn’t wholeheartedly subscribe to the president’s malarkey of blaming inanimate objects. Speaking of another troubling mind-set is petulant Mr. Obama’s. In truth, he’s a liberal fascist who conveniently exploits tragedy to promote his hard left anti-American agenda: anti-Second Amendment gun restriction. Indeed, legal guns in virtuous hands is not the same thing as weapons used by wrongdoing criminals and terrorists. Mr. Obama makes this exact, nebulous straw man argument. It is blatant political misrepresentation to the American people by a fundamentally dishonest politician. As a member of the press, Courtland Milloy has a journalistic duty to expose such manipulations, not be a collaborating cheerleader for them.

For the record, lecturing Obama and this columnist sound like ivy tower academics. Specifically, Mr. Milloy’s obtuse advice is to do nothing while a killer’s deep-seated psychosis is further studied:

“Better to find out more about where the killer mentality comes from and what can be done to change the mind.”

Exactly how does an external person change someone else’s thoughts? Well, good luck with that. Mr. Milloy’s suggestion is either completely impractical or worse, subtly Orwellian. (Does this lover of progressives want some kind of unspecified mind control for the murderous?) What else could the article’s subheading, ‘The mind-set of a killer is a danger to society that is worth neutralizing’ mean? (Calling Kurt Vonnegut’s fictional character “Harrison Bergeron.” Tell him his buzzing handicap — a hat to bring its wearer to state-mandated average intelligence — is ready!) Even Barack Obama is not this unhinged. The president only wants more ultra-constitutional authority to further undermine legal gun ownership. In the final analysis, Mr. Milloy’s non-solution is just as nonsensical as Mr. Obama’s refusal to say the “magic” words ‘radical Islamic terrorism.’ In both cases, if one intentionally never gets to the heart of a problem (by correctly naming it), one can never hope to achieve its resolution.

Words, as labels, matter. So do social mores of appropriate conduct. While cultural norms and laws often rightfully shape human behavior, one should certainly be free to think whatever one wants. To that end, one wishes Courtland Milloy would keep his thoughts — and his “1984” style dystopian fantasies — to himself.

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