The Patriot Post® · Interrupting Angelina Jolie

By David L. Hunter ·

“We’re living in a contentious time when some try to make a negative out of being a refugee or somehow turn people who are refugees into threats. They are American; they’re as American as anybody.” —Angelina Jolie, Hollywood actress and U.N. Special Envoy

So convincing was the now Mrs. Brad Pitt as Lisa Rowe (an institutionalized sociopath) she won a Best Supporting Academy Award for the role in 1999’s “Girl, Interrupted.” One really wishes someone would shut her up. Now.

Regular Americans — those living between the coasts — should spend fewer of their hard earned dollars on these coddled Hollywood movie star’s films. They don’t love America, but they still benefit from her freedoms. Specifically, due to American’s capitalist system, these public narcissists make millions “entertaining” us “little people” in the dark. Then, out of gratitude, these progressive parasites lecture the rest of us on how to live (read: Leonardo DiCaprio’s ranting Oscar acceptance speech)? Like DiCaprio, has Jolie, insulated by her A-list jet-setting, not heard of Kate Steinle?

By all means, Angelina Jolie, show the rest of us peasants how it’s done! Tear down the walls of your palatial compounds in California (5,228 square-feet) and France (1,000-acre estate-vineyard). Unlock your doors. Throw open your gated walls to the “harmless” illegal aliens you champion. You don’t know who they are — or their intentions — but what does that matter? You’re off renting your $21,000 per month eight-bedroom estate in Surrey, England (while Brad films his “important” film, a zombie World War Z sequel). How about that empty New Orleans mansion you’ve recently dropped the price on? You’re dumping the property anyway, right? Why can’t your pseudo-American squatters live there?

Perhaps a diamond encrusted muzzle to go with that rapidly tarnishing golden statuette.

David L. Hunter is an associate editor at Capitol Hill Outsider. He’s on Twitter and blogs at He is published in The Washington Post, The Washington Times, Patriot Post, FrontPage Mag, and extensively in Canada Free Press and American Thinker.