The Patriot Post® · A Message From One Detached Observer and Critic to Others

By Murray T. Bass ·

I hope to offend many readers of these commentaries. Just remember that I will be talking about myself. Detached and without the courage to act, I have contributed to these commentaries for about five years. I have read most of the commentaries contributed by prominent folks and regular folks like myself.

What has become abundantly clear to me is that we have decided it is more important to be a “Conservative” than to be an American. Personally, I am abandoning the Conservative tag. From now on, I will think and act as an American. An American in the way that our Founders intended. But that’s me and it is no excuse for the years I have spent being an egocentric political critic.

We have all been preaching to the choir. Making the same complaints over and over again. The only difference has been the new items the lawless government has given us to complain about.

I have been a Gutless observer.

Subconsciously, I have chosen to be Conservative rather than an American.

We all know the problem We have defined it a thousand times.

As intellectual observers, we have remained detached. We have expected someone to come to our rescue. A super hero who would save our freedoms and our Nation.

It ain’t going to happen.

We are in the process of observing and complaining our way to Hell without the guts to do anything about it.

We have all agreed that the current situation is not acceptable. It threatens our freedom and the continued existence of our republic. Does anyone disagree with that?

A review of what we have all been writing about would list:

  • A lawless President. One who appears to be building a new voter base that is opposed to the constitutional rule of law.

  • A lawless legislature that consistently fails to represent the people. Which is complicit with the lawless president.

  • A lawless legislature that has dumped the contents of the nation’s purse in the lap of the president. It has funded the president’s lawless agenda.

  • A government that has impoverished our nation and has intentionally abandoned the economic principles that made us a great nation.

  • A government that has systematically weakened our armed forces.

  • A government that has abandoned the values of our founders for the ideas of foreign nations (United Nations and NATO).

  • A government that has embraced the concept of taking the wealth created by citizens and giving it to others at home and abroad.

  • A government that has elevated a religion, which neither values life nor love, to replace Christianity and any other faith.

  • A government that caters to special interests which are opposed to accepted moral values.

  • A government that funds the destruction of lives of our most helpless and vulnerable citizens.

  • A government that looks the other way rather than addressing the threat of terrorism.

  • A government that intentionally allows its representatives to be killed by removing their security and refusing to send forces in to rescue them (Hillary’s Benghazi).

  • A government that is systematically taking the lands of its people such as the are doing in Oregon and Nevada.

  • Murdering innocent ranchers after ambushing them.

  • A government that is attempting to create a Supreme Court which does not recognize its responsibility to enforce original intent. A political agenda instead.

We have become a nation of detached talkers who lack the courage to move to save their nation and remove the offenders. No current equivalent of the 56 courageous Founding Fathers willing to pledge their lives, fortunes and sacred honor. Pretty much all talk, instead.

Our Founders told us that it is not just our right to “throw of” such a government. It is our duty to do so. To secure a new guard for our security.

Does all of this sound familiar? It should. It echoes the words I have read a hundred times in these commentaries.

There are things we should and I believe MUST do.

First accept that it will not change unless you and I make it happen. Commit to saving our Country and our freedoms.

Here are some “can do "actions.

Turn out the local lawless and corrupt. Anyone who violates the law.

Refuse to comply with laws and regulations that violate original intent. Turn out any representative who supports unconstitutional legislation or regulations.

Require adherence to oaths of office.

Meet attempts by force to enforce unconstitutional regulations with force. Just don’t allow it to happen. The taking of our weapons for example.

Our objective should be to restore a government based on the consent of the people. One which has no special interests. One which guarantees every citizen’s right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness. The freedom to succeed when such success does not tread of the rights of others.

Other things that require less courage but the willingness to be inconvenienced:

Do not patronize those businesses owned by those who support lawlessness.

Do not support media that are not objective.

Do not buy products or services that reward the enemies of our republic. Progressive insurance is owned by George Soros, for example. He is one of America’s most vicious enemies.

Do not support entertainers or entertainment companies that support causes which oppose the rule of law.

Support those causes that are seeking to save and restore the Founders America.

These are all things that can be done right now. Yes, you can do something.

If you are working to save America, tell us in a commentary what you are doing and how we can join you.