The Patriot Post® · Amendment XXVIII

By Tom Davis ·

I have an abiding lifelong interest in the manner our government is conducted. In order to make some protections for our citizens and to put a bridle on some of the perceived ills in this and previous administrations, I propose the following amendment to our most perfect document, The Constitution of The United States.


This Amendment is intended to remedy many of the failures of the government to proceed as directed and intended by the United States Constitution as it was written by the Founding Fathers.

Section 1. No United States Senator may serve more than Two terms in such office, nor may that Senator be reelected to that office.

Section 2. No United States Representative may serve more than three terms in that office.

Section 3. The remuneration, expense schedule and such other payments for service in Congress, shall be decided by national referendum during each presidential election.

Section 4. Nominations for justices of the United States Supreme Court shall be made, when necessary, by a panel of eight (8) United States sitting Senators.

This panel shall consist of 4 from each of the major parties including senators who caucus with either party. At least six (6 ) Senators must agree for any nominee to be forwarded for confirmation by the full Senate. Appointments will be for life or until age 70.

Section 5. The practice of *earmarking* is to be discouraged and in any event, earmarks will be strictly limited, in any total session, to one per representative and one per senator and shall not be included an amendment but contained within the body of an appropriate piece of legislation.

Section 6. The budget of the United States WILL be balanced within ten (10) years of the date of adoption of this amendment. Failure to do so will result in an immediate 50% reduction in all Congressional and Presidential remuneration and emoluments.

Section 7. Such additions and corrections as may later be found necessary or desirable.

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