The Patriot Post® · Do Ask, Do Tell

By Jim Bowden ·

10 Reasons Homosexual Behavior Is Unfit for the American Armed Forces

Homosexual behavior is unfit for American military and naval service. Homosexual behavior works against good order and discipline. Honoring homosexual behavior grows moral cancer in the American Armed Forces. Ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell doesn’t promote equality. It buggers military effectiveness. It serves the political agenda of Homosexuals, not our common defense.

Homosexual behavior is about behavior. Behavior is different from race, ethnicity, religion, language and culture. Homosexuals are from every race, ethnicity, religion, language, and culture. They aren’t a “minority” group, but a tiny, aberrant sexual behavior.

Homosexuals can be identified only by their behavior. Nothing else. That behavior consists of sexual relations with persons of the same gender or acting out like a person of a different gender. Innate homosexual radar, ‘gaydar’, spots men who act effeminately and women who act butch.

Here are 10 reasons those homosexual behaviors should be grounds to not recruit and to dismiss individuals.

Homosexual behavior doesn’t improve combat capabilities. Homosexual behavior does NOT increase the combat capabilities of the Armed Services. Where is the proof that X open homosexuals in Y situation improve the combat effectiveness by Z – because of their open homosexual behavior? What is it about their sexual orientation and behavior that increases combat effectiveness? The military should be about warfighting, not promoting sexual behavior equity.

Men, combat soldiers, must be led by men. Certainly, homosexuals contributed in the past and present. But, not because they acted homosexual. Precisely, because they acted like normal heterosexuals, they could fit in the social organizations that all military units are. This is especially true in combat units.

Women are incompatible in combat units – lacking the upper body strength needed and disrupting group cohesion. The norm, and ideal, for these combat units is men acting like men. Women are not a combat multiplier in the Infantry.

Men who act like women aren’t a combat multiplier either. Men want to be led by men. Not effeminate men. Not men who have sex like a woman does with a man. Not men who might want to have sex with them.

Homosexual behavior destroys unit cohesion. Favoritism kills the chain of command and destroys units. Sexual competition and interests are favoritism on steroids. Accepting open homosexuality means accepting, honoring and, ultimately, promoting homosexual behavior.

Men will be forced to live closely with men who may compete to be their sex partners – going far beyond the gender integration of non-combat units. Will there be bathrooms for males, homosexual males, females, lesbian females? If not, why not? Genders have separate facilities now because of human sexual behavior, good order and discipline.

Adultery and other destructive sexual behaviors are punished under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. But, sodomy will be okay? There is no moral-ethical-legal standing to make adultery and other sexual behaviors unlawful – if sodomy is officially honored.

Homosexual-friendly and Christian-hostile forces lose the best soldiers. Some devoutly Christian soldiers, key to the moral power of U.S. forces, will leave the politically correct military that promotes homosexual behavior. Some devoutly Christian citizens will never volunteer for the armed forces of Sodom and Gomorrah.

The previously dismissed homosexuals – after they get back pay, allowances and promotions – will have something to prove to anyone who doesn’t genuflect to their behavior. Their witch hunting to root out anti-homosexuals will be called “changing the military homophobic culture.”

Honoring military homosexuals gives official Federal Government approval for homosexuality. The “Miracle on 34th Street” effect is to put the full weight and authority of the Federal Government for homosexual behavior. Homosexual marriage will be recognized by the Federal Government. Homosexual “spouses” will get government housing and benefits – for life.

Honoring military homosexuals gives the homosexual political agenda the moral authority of the American Armed Forces. No institution, including religion, or group, including clergy, holds the esteem, affection and honor the American people place in their military. That’s why homosexual activists asked why a homosexual had to lie about themselves to go die for you – America. It’s clever and essential to wrap homosexuality in the American flag and under the American eagle. Homosexuals openly serving will be the cudgel used against any argument against homosexual marriage, rights, or privileges as a permanently protected minority.

Creates a new category of a permanently-protected minority. The Armed Forces force celebrate Women, Black, Hispanic, Asian/Pacific, and Amer-Indian politically correct diversity today. Homosexual diversity indoctrination will be a harsh reality in training, annual celebrations, publications, etc. Homosexuals are individuals with common behavior, but their political agenda to be esteemed, protected and privileged as a minority.

Gets the Federal Government to suppress Christian chaplains. Chaplains will be ordered to not preach from the Holy Bible that homosexual behavior is sinful. Chaplains will be told to shut up or their careers are over. The chain of command may prosecute them if they speak out. Chaplains will be tested with a true crisis of conscience. If the Federal Government can do it to chaplains, then they can chance it on suppressing civilian clergy too.

Suppresses Christian free speech – making it ‘Hate Speech.’ No one will be allowed to say homosexual behavior is sinful. Furthermore, when a man acts effeminately, no one will be allowed to tell them to ‘man up.’ That would be more hate speech. When a homosexual propositions a peer, the victim’s response had better be polite and politically correct, or the victim will be accused of harassing a homosexual.

Opens the door for further moral degradation, like making seriously ill ‘transgendered’ people into ‘normal’ soldiers. After homosexuals serve openly, then transgendered persons can serve openly. And bi-sexuals. There is no moral-ethical-legal standing to reject any person for military service based on deviant sexual behaviors. The armed forces must become home to seriously mentally ill persons – or it just isn’t fair.

Politicians have opened Pandora’s Box. Soldiers will pay the price. The cost in military effectiveness is real. Making the U.S. Armed Forces homosexual-subservient changes the manly culture of combat troops. It promotes and honors immoral sexual behavior. The loss to the moral standing of the U.S. Government – and the American Nation – is profound.