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By Stephen Guy Hardin ·

I know you didn’t miss this one. Especially considering it involves a Progressive billionaire who owns most of the city he rules.

Michael Bloomberg, the self styled Emperor-Mayor of New York City, joined forces with Spiderman in an eight page, full color comic titled, “Spiderman, You’re Hired!

The comic follows the limp wristed, unemployed alter ego of Spiderman, Peter Parker, as he rides the subways of New York City looking for a job and a happy ending. Parker happens upon Mayor Bloomberg, who is also riding the subways of New York City, coincidentally also looking for a good time and unemployed young men to help out financially.

As the plot thickens… I mean, progresses, Mayor Bloomberg offers Peter the services of the city’s free Workforce 1 Career Centers to help him find a job. If that doesn’t help Mayor Bloomberg offers young Peter a little weekend work around the Mayoral mansion in anticipation of a visit from Barney Frank.

The comic was created after the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment made a call to Marvel Entertainment, which is owned by Walt Disney Company and so on and so on. The New York Daily News ran the eight page spread and Apple is offering free downloads. Ah, the joys of being a megalomaniac Progressive billionaire politician, who has a quasi incestuous relationship with his fellow Liberal media whores.

I can only guess which superhero Mayor Bloomberg will date… I mean appear with next.

Will the Mayor appear in a commercial with Batman pushing the need for safe sex or will the Mayor co-host an appearance on SNL with Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern?

Perhaps Mayor Bloomberg will do a PSA with the Fantastic Four promoting the joys of alternative lifestyles or even stage a live media event in Times Square with Thor as the Mayor discusses the joys of same sex marriage?

It’s anyone’s guess as to what is going to be next for the Mayor and his Bloomberg web.