The Patriot Post® · To Whom Should THEY Listen?

By Tom Davis ·

John Boehner and Eric Cantor, with some input from Paul Ryan, would appear to be asking for the enemy’s input to cut expenses. The lobbyists are out in full force in Washington lobbying for the largest of the special interest groups. That would be education, healthcare, energy, defense and unions representing federal employees.

The Speaker has said, “Tell me what you want.” I told him what I wanted was an answer to a mighty big question. Here is the message as sent on February 1, 2011:

Dear Mr. Speaker;

If the news reports and particularly that of Joseph Farah’s World Net Daily are true, You, Sir are violating your Pledge to America.

Raising the debt ceiling is tantamount to condemning all our grandchildren and great grandchildren and succeeding generations to serfdom. Assuming the facts are true, that you are willing to negotiate away fiscal control in return for promises from the always reliable Liars on the left; We the People did not give you such a mandate.

Conversely, we expressly told you in terms and voice loud and clear, CUT THE COST OF GOVERNMENT. NO MORE RED INK!
I should like more than a simple acknowledgement.
Check one of the following:
( ) You have my promise; We will NOT raise the Debt Ceiling.
( ) You have My word and that of Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor and Michele Bachmann, WE Will NOT raise the debt ceiling.


Dr. Thomas E. Davis, Colonel, USA (ret)

The only response dated February 1, 2011:

Thank you for your message. To stay updated on the new majority’s efforts to fulfill their Pledge to America and create a smaller, more accountable government, please connect with Speaker Boehner on:

Enough said. This is all the citizens, outside Mr. Boehner’s Eighth District ever get. We the People helped him get to his zenith where he will stay until he is out in 2012. The Young Lions obviously have no teeth and no stomach for a fight. All growl, a lot of tail wagging. Typical of the males in the pride. The females do all the hunting and most of the real fighting.

They need to listen to us, the people who are best represented by ladies like Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin; not the cowardly lions.

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