The Patriot Post® · What Harry Wants

By Tom Davis ·

In a RedState post on Monday morning, February 28, Erick Erickson asks, “Does Harry Reid Want a Government Shutdown?”

The question is irrelevant. Harry seems to want many things, none good for America.

Erick’s last line is, “So why then is Harry Reid putting off consideration of the continuing resolution? Either he wants a government shutdown, or he is admitting the GOP has won.”

Somewhere along the path that got us to where we are, too many people have forgotten or chosen to ignore the function of government and the participants therein.

The GOP is NOT a player; it is a faction consisting of politicians who, by and large are greedy, self-serving parasites. These individual players were elected by a trusting, gullible electorate which just now seems to be awakening from a bad nightmare.

Beginning with the first term of FDR and his Socialistic policies and into his second term when he blatantly attempted to subvert the Supreme Court with his ‘court-packing’ scheme of 1937, (which was scuttled by two Progressive Senators, LaFollette of Wisconsin and Wheeler of Montana) factions, i.e. parties, have vied with each other for power. The Democrats, the Republican and the neophyte Progressive Party of 1912 which morphed into the Bull Moose Party of Theodore Roosevelt have vied for supremacy.

All made token concessions to the electorate. These first ‘Progressives’ had as the foundation of their platform, “A Contract With the People”, an embryonic Social Security proposal and Workers Compensation.

Then along came Woodrow Wilson, a ‘closet’ Socialist. World War I stopped him.

We, as a nation, seem to have come nearly full circle. Circumstances and circuitous logic allowed FDR to be elected four times; World War II and his death forestalled any further attempts to Socialize America for a time.

Regardless of party name and party promises, the main goal of all politicians is power for themselves and the perks which accrue to power. To the best of my recollections supported historically, Harry Truman, in this modern era, acted in the best interests of America and was as poor when he retired as when he began.

So, we come back to hapless Harry Reid. Does he want a government shutdown? Absolutely! He can then blame it on the equally hapless GOP. The Continuing Resolution which was to be on the agenda is meaningless. It only prolongs the agony America must face. An agony brought about by the fiscal mismanagement of the Obama Administration, the overspending, over borrowing and failure of oversight by a corrupt congress so sycophantically enamored of an equally corrupt president.

Harry Reid wants exactly that which ALL politicians want and strive to maneuver toward, a situation which only they can appear to have become the solution wizard. It is no more and no less a fantastically expensive game of chess. Stalemate, We the People lose; Checkmate, We the People lose; Draw, We the People lose.

Is there a remedy? Absolutely! A remedy never used in our history, but available. If two-thirds of the States (34) call for a Constitutional Convention, an immediate check is put on government. All issues are on the table. Such items as penalties for mismanagement, setting absolute debt limits and debt ratios, setting term limits, clarifying the crimes for which elected or appointed federal officials could be or should be impeached, etc.

Harry Reid has exercised extremely egregious behavior. He has decided to not bring up for debate the House CR that is designed and necessary to keep government operating in lieu of a budget which should have been presented some time a go. Though John Boehner seems not to realize he has the upper hand and Harry Reid is simply attempting to run a huge bluff, the Republicans absolutely must NOT bend another inch.

What happens if the government is forced to shutdown? Very little of any consequence; a few minor inconveniences which will irk Americans and it will fall right back on Hapless Harry.

Mr. Speaker, now is your one big chance; Impeach Obama and jerky Joe Biden will inherit the Oval office. He will be so overwhelmed he will either resign or blow both his brain cells out. In any event you would be the man. Nah! Bad Idea. You obviously lack the necessary bollocks.

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