The Patriot Post® · The Tea Party Express and the Republican Establishment

By Murray T. Bass ·

Things are not always as they appear to be. In politics, things are rarely as they appear to be. Party doesn’t matter. Here’s a good example:

A recent headline announced that the Republican Party and the Tea Party Express had embraced and agreed to work with each other. The headline probably should have read:

GOP and Tea Party Express embrace – Love Fest of Incest?

The objective of this reported romance was to appear to wed the Republican Party to the grass roots Tea Party movement. Nothing could be further from the truth. Tea Party Express is a “Sister” organization to the Republican establishment.

Tea Party Express is not a part of the Tea Party grass roots movement. It is Tea Party in name only. It is a PAC run by the Conservative (Republican) based public relations-political consulting firm of Russo Marsh and Rogers – a play for pay organization. It has a history of working for the Republican “establishment,” which the grass roots Tea Party rejects. A review of their FEC filing seems to indicate that most of their revenues are used to compensate individuals to pay for the PR and political consulting services rendered. They technically are non profit because there isn’t any money left after paying for their own services. I would be happy to have them clarify those appearances if they are not completely correct.

The non partisan Tea party grass roots movement is made up of more than 3,000 volunteer groups from all parts of the United States. They usually call themselves Tea Party Patriots of something similar. They are not associated with the Tea Party Express and have tried to distance themselves from that clearly partisan (Republican) play for pay organization.

So whom do you support financially or as a volunteer? A clear choice. If you want to support the Republican establishment through Public Relations and Political Consulting fees, donate to Tea Party Express. If your choice is to support the objectives of Tea Party Patriots of smaller government based on the enumerated powers in the Constitution, spending less with a balanced budget and free trade to restore America’s economy, you will support the grass roots Tea Party Patriots.

Easy decision to make.

I have to say that I am really disappointed in the Republican Congressional leadership. Resorting to cleverness rather than honesty. Deceiving folks into believing that the Republican party and the Tea Party are really one and the same. I guess it is unrealistic to expect professional politicians to be anything other than professional politicians.

So what are some of the objectives of the real Tea Party groups? First, stay non-partisan. Support those candidates who embrace fundamental American values. As mentioned earlier, back to a government of enumerated powers. Which means eliminating Education and Energy departments and most of the Environmental Protection Agency. Reorganizing Immigration and Homeland Security so the they enforce our immigration laws vigorously and aggressively. Reorganize Health and Human Service to eliminate unconstitutional activities. And more. Perhaps finding a way to eliminate “Professional” politics and politicians. It has taken a long time to get into the terrible condition we are in today. So it will take a long time to repair the damages that have been inflicted on our country. The job of the Tea Party Patriots is a long term one.

But, in the end, one that is satisfying and worthwhile.

So folks, don’t buy into the supposed marriage of the Tea Party and the Republican Beltway establishment. Aint so! It’s just a clever distraction by clever politicians. Don’t be satisfied until we have true citizen servants, energy independence, an immigration policy that builds America and constitutional government. The Tea Party grass roots has made a great beginning – but only a beginning. Count the votes of Congressmen and Senators. Those who vote for the Beltway establishment get the boot in 2012 and more in 2014. Clean house!

Hang in there until the job is done and we are again an America we can all be proud of.

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