Grassroots Commentary

Just What Is Radical Islam?

Tom Davis · Mar. 18, 2011

Representative Peter King of New York held hearings on ways to halt the Islamic radicalization of America. He has caught all kinds of flak simply for holding the hearings. Muslims suggest that the hearings alone are an insult to their religion. I beg to differ.

First let’s examine the definition of “Radical.” defines radical as fundamental, basic. Listed as synonyms are basal, bottom, cardinal, constitutional. essential, fundamental and several more. Simply stated, this means that the behavior of Muslims is basic to and inherent in their religion. Let’s deal with this definition first, because there is another polar opposite definition.

By this primary definition, an adherent to Islam claims the right to behave contrary to the laws of the United States when they practice pedophilia, pederasty, misogyny, wife beating, stoning to death of daughters and wives for fornication or for simply being in a vehicle without a male family member present or for numerous other conduct the male Muslim community perceives as in violation of strict Islamic law. Machismo tends to be pervasive among male Muslims.

Those acts mentioned in the preceding paragraph are the fundamental radicalism of Islam. The fact that these acts are in violation of American law and that Americans question them and are, in fact, incensed by them falls on deaf ears in the Muslim community. These communities fall back on a presumption that if it involves religious practice, it is immune from condemnation and interference.

A straightforward reminder to Islam in America: You came here of your own volition. If you can’t abide by our laws, pack up, move out. On the other hand, we will accept you as human beings so long as you practice our view of humanity. We certainly need no more troublemakers.

Finally, let’s have a look at the other definition of “radical” also from In this meaning it is defined as “deviating by extremes.” a few synonyms are: anarchistic, complete, entire, excessive, extremist, fanatical, insurgent, insurrectionary, lawless, leftist, militant, mutinous, nihilistic and several more.

This is precisely how Americans perceive the behavior of “radical” Muslims in America and elsewhere in the world. There is no way decent, God-fearing, NOT Allah-fearing people will willingly accept the Islamic kind of religion. By and large it is radical, inhumane, anti-female, anti-American, anti-Israeli, anti all that is not in consonance with Islam. So, Muhammad, Achmed or Faisal, if you are too arrogant to adopt OUR ways, leave!