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Grassroots Commentary

Missing, Inaction

Michael Oberndorf · Mar. 22, 2011

We really, really, need, more than just about anything else, to impeach Barak Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro. As the world has spun out-of-control over the past few weeks, Soetoro/Obama has been conspicuously missing. It’s as if he thinks he was elected just to play golf, throw lavish parties, take extravagant vacations, and go on foreign junkets, all at taxpayer expense, but not to soil his dainty hands by actually doing the work of a president. The Middle East is exploding, but B. Hussein is more interested in the NCAA basketball playoffs than the skyrocketing price of oil and gasoline. In Japan, economic and physical disaster rule, so the Man Who Would Be King high-tails it to Rio. The world burns and the Fool in the White House fiddles.

The impeachable part of all this is that this in not simply incompetence, though Obama clearly is. This is willful destruction of the country’s domestic and global economic stability and well-being, it’s foreign relations and alliances, it’s national security, both at home and abroad. This is willful trampling of his oath of office, sworn before a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, and the American people. And it is in addition to a massive and growing list of unconstitutional acts, perpetrated by him, and by his subordinates at his direction, that are clearly illegal.

Back in August of 2010, Darrell Issa’s Oversight and Government Reform Committee published a 36 page report listing impeachable, criminal acts by Obama, yet no action was ever taken ( More recently, clearly in violation of the Constitution, and therefore an illegal act, he has sued a sovereign state – Arizona – taking the side of a foreign nation against American citizens being overrun and grievously harmed by people entering the country in flagrant violation of federal law. In addition, he has ordered his Attorney General not to prosecute a blatant voter intimidation case, because the thugs doing the intimidating were black and the voters were white. He has also refused to uphold the duly passed Defense of Marriage Act. Moreover, he has supported government union workers taking part in illegal actions in Wisconsin, rather than supporting the lawfully elected state government, in a clear act of unconstitutional federal interference in state matters. And then there’s the fact that he and his administration have been held in contempt by a federal court for ignoring the ruling that halting oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico was illegal.

So. What does this puppet president have to do before the supposed constitutionalists in the Republican Party move to end the Usurper’s criminal rampage and impeach him? Are they waiting for terrorists to cross our still-open border and set off a dirty nuke in a major city? Or are they waiting for the Pals of Tax-Cheat Geihtner to finish looting the Treasury under the guise of “stimulus” and for the economy to collapse completely? Or perhaps they are simply waiting for party “leaders” like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Orin Hatch, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Dick Lugar, and Mitch McConnell to make the first move. Or not.

So far, over in the House, where the first move needs to happen, only Trent Franks (R-AZ) has had the guts to publicly say that he’d support impeachment. The rest of ‘em are quiet as atheists at a prayer meeting. Obama’s party – believe it or not, this clown is indeed the leader of his party – in the meantime, is still spending like drunken Democrats. Though they talk big on lowering our nation-destroying debt, their actions make it clear that they intend to do business as usual, damage to America be damned.

The simple fact is that Obama and the Democrats are out to wreck the country. This is the strategy at the heart of the New Left philosophy, epitomized by the ideas of Obama’s holy role model, Saul Alinsky. The plan was to use whatever means necessary to completely and utterly destroy capitalist society. It was then assumed that communism would be the natural replacement, although no one ever had, as they don’t today, any ideas of what the new system would look like, or how it would be structured, or how it would be put in place, or how people would be fed, clothed, and housed while the Communist (Godless) Miracle evolved. Brutal, violent, uncaring, and wildly naїve.

With union thugs running amok, egged on by the president and the Democrats and abetted by activist Democrat judges legislating from the bench, with Congress, including far too many supposed conservatives, still spending like there’s no tomorrow, with the world in economic and political uproar, the American people are in serious danger. We are a leaderless country, and we need to make it official. Impeach Obama. And then Biden, Pelosi, Reid, and any other oath-breaking, Constitution-trampling, self-serving, and/or corrupt elected official who refuses to resign. It would be a good start toward a return to sanity.

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