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Partisanship Must Go! A Call for a Political Revolution

Murray T. Bass · Mar. 28, 2011

I believe it is time for the nation to take action against partisanship. There may be a better name for it. Partisanship to me means politicians and political parties represent themselves instead of their constituents. Judges ignore original intent. They make their own rules rather than follow the Rule of Law and protect the Ethics Free Legal Profession.

The plague of partisanship feeds on itself. Partisanship generates defensive partisanship. Politicians do what the party thinks is necessary without regard to the will of the people or what is right or wrong. Afraid not to. It’s a game of power chicken. The losers? The losers are the citizens. They are just confused and angry observers. Confused by the lies of both sides. Angry because neither side listens. It is a plague which has infected our nation at both federal and state levels. In all branches – Executive, Legislative and Judicial. We have abandoned the Rule of Law for the Rule of Man. The Executive creates laws by regulation. The Legislative creates laws that are far outside its “enumerated powers.” All pay lip service to the Constitution. The Judicial ignores original intent and rewrites the constitution with its decisions based on its personal biases. I have been one of those observer-critics who has complained and tried to fix things at the ballot box. The choices have seldom if ever been there to really move our nation back in the direction of the Rule of Law. Choices have been between professional politicians who first serve their parties and then themselves. The system is designed to favor incumbent politicians who may never serve the people. They serve them empty promises and lies. A system that rewards “seniority ” rather than ability or values. The problem just can’t be fixed at the ballot box. The political parties and politicians are too strong and too rich. The partisans cooperate with each other to protect the “Royal” system they have created for themselves. A cultural revolution is required. The seeds of revolutionary changes can be found in the efforts of Tea Party Patriots. A good beginning. What do I see as being involved? I am certain that we must start from scratch. There is no apparent value system in either party except, perhaps, “the price is right.” We must find “New Founders” to serve for limited periods to formulate and draft changes. People for whom the art of compromise is the kiss of death. Destroy the structure of political royalty. Eliminate seniority. Rewrite all rules of operation. Adopt real term limits. Assemble a constitutional convention which restores the original intent and essential checks and balances. Senators must represent the states with respect to states rights rather than money or earmarks as they do now (Harry Reid about earmarks, “that’s what we’re here for.”) Retire Justices who are inclined to substitute personal opinion for original intent. Establish a commission on judicial review. Consider banning all partisan organizations at a national level, consistent with first amendment rights. All representatives are elected in states by citizens in local district elections. National influences should be excluded as being counter to the interests of local citizens.

An essential product of the “revolution” should be establishing a list of national priorities with an action plan and schedule for each priority item. Energy independence and a nation building immigration program might be on the list.

That’s a partial agenda at the federal level. I have no particular pride in authorship since I am only an observer. I don’t really know all things that might be possible. The list does not include necessary changes to the bureaucracy which must occur. Many of those changes will be byproducts of changes in the political system. The bureaucracy may be more resistant to change than the political side. They teach politicians how the system really works. Nothing will be easy.

Similar changes must occur at the state level in all states. Partisanship reigns there to an even greater degree than at the Federal level. At the state level there tends to be even less transparency and blatant service of special interests. In California, for example, every Politically Correct Interest appears to take precedence over citizen interests because of big money support. New money for illegal immigrants is being proposed in spite of a $26 billion budget shortfall. The Governor proposes to “steal” money from the Children and Families Commission Trust Fund which was established under the provisions of a Constitutional Amendment. The Repeal of that amendment has twice been rejected by the people. Brown says that he’ll take it anyway in spite of specific language in the amendment prohibiting such a taking. He has the bloc support of Democrats even though the illegal “taking would harm legislators’ constituents.” In the process they address only the deficit symptom rather than the overspending cause. Similar problems exist in many if not most other states.

Not all politicians are bad. But to paraphrase the old lawyer joke, the 99% make the other 1% look bad.

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