The Patriot Post® · Anything But Peaceful

By Michael Oberndorf ·

I was going to write about the fact that, of late, many conservatives have cried foul at the betrayal of us by the Republican Party. Very justifiable, in my never humble opinion. But we must never forget that while most of the Republicans in congress are duplicitous phonies, they are wimpy schoolboys, compared to the lying, corrupt, bullying, radical leftist traitors who are the Democrat Party. And it is we, the working people of America, and America as a sovereign nation, who are their targets.

However, events elsewhere during the past few days need to take precedence for a while, for to ignore them is to invite death and destruction to our shores.

It seems that the Dove Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, carried out its stated intention of burning a copy of the Qur'an. In response, the Religion of Peace has reacted, not unpredictably, with days of rioting and the killings of 80 people. Such behavior has come to be expected, and cannot be blamed on extremists, since it is claimed that extremists are a tiny minority of Muslims, and the murderous, rioting crowds are, as always, huge.

Well, the liberals say, even though the crowds were massive, the moderates way outnumber the extremists. And I say, if this is true why is it that zip, zero, nada, nunca, goose egg moderates have spoken out publicly, during this rampage or any of the past ones, denouncing the violence and the “extremists” who commit it? It seems they don’t speak out for a couple of reasons: 1) they don’t think there is anything wrong with murders committed to avenge a perceived insult to Islam; and 2) if they spoke out publicly, a peace-loving Imam would place a fatwa on them in a heartbeat, and the ever-so-tolerant members of a nearby Mosque would kill them. If this were not so, why is arch political opportunist, Harry Reid, in a panic over the Qur'an burning?

The Democrat traitors who refuse to close our borders and issue lie after lie, claiming the borders are more secure than ever, fail to mention that last year alone, over 3,000 OTMs – Other Than Mexicans – were apprehended by the Border Patrol. Since best estimates put apprehensions at 10 percent of actual entries, this means that it’s likely that over 30,000 OTMs, many from Islamic, terrorist-sponsoring nations, are now safely ensconced inside America, awaiting orders from their peace-loving, ever-so-tolerant masters. Can you say, “Multiple dirty nukes?”

These Democrats are the same people who shortly after taking power, issued an alert on domestic terrorism that named supporters of presidential Republican candidate Ron Paul and Constitution Party candidate Chuck Baldwin, Iraq and Afghanistan military veterans, and pro-lifers as high-risk potential terrorists. These are the same people who tried to avoid calling the massacre at Fort Hood and the killing of a military recruiter in Nashville Islamic terrorist acts. And these are people appointed by Barak Hussein Obama, a man who in his official capacity as president, bowed low before the king of the Islamic state of Saudi Arabia, a man who always refers to the book in question as the “Holy Qur'an,” but the Holy Bible as simply the Bible, a man who stated that the Islamic call to prayer is the most beautiful sound in the world, a man whose father and step-father were Muslims, and who attended a Madrassa until the age of ten.

We have recently seen a rash of rulings by leftist, activist judges, placing Sharia law on an equal or superior footing with American law. Taken to its logical conclusion, “honor” killings of female family members, death by stoning of rape victims, chopping off of appendages for minor crimes, and clitoral mutilation will all become legal in America. And since it is Sharia law that that governs Islam, it is Sharia law that makes exploding bombs in crowds of innocent people, the hacking off of the heads of non-Muslims, and the slaughter of non-Muslim children, especially Jewish ones, just AOK, we can expect to see more and more of this happening in America, approved by the Democrat-appointed judiciary.

It has been said that Islam is an ideology, not a religion, and as long as murderous intolerance, codified in Sharia law, are at the heart of it, I have to agree. Indeed, Muslims first loyalty is to Islam, and loyalty to everything else, including country and family, is a distant second. To ignore this fact is to invite bloody disaster.