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A Warning to Democrats

Michael Oberndorf · Apr. 8, 2011

Democrats seem ever-so-confident that a) the general public is stoopid; and b) all federal government employees will always vote for them. Wake up call, O Brilliant Ones: most government employees went to work for the federal government, not to jump on the Democrat entitlement gravy train, but to have a job the pays a regular salary and that just might be useful to the country. Some changed over time, but the majority take pride in what they do, and, especially those not in management, work hard to give the taxpayers their money’s worth. I realize this is not the politically correct line amongst conservatives, but I can testify from personal experience that it is true.

Most of them are not stoopid, either. They are very aware that the Democrats in both the House and the Senate flat-out refused to pass a budget – or even submit one – last year, even though they totally controlled Congress and the presidency. They refused for purely political reasons, and even the liberals in federal employ are aware of this. And now, through no fault of their own, these workers are going to be kicked out of their jobs for who knows how long, because the elitist Democrats in Congress still refuse, again, for patently political reasons, to pass a budget.

They are keenly aware, too, that while they are classified as “non-essential”, and are cut loose with no income, congressmen and senators, who arguably produce absolutely nothing of use or value to the general public, will continue to receive their grossly inflated salaries, which they ever-so-generously vote to raise every year. Unlike social security for our old folks. Come next election, many of these government employees are angry and will remember how they were tossed into the cold and will vote accordingly.

As for the rest of us, we are being treated to the spectacle of the Fool in the White House insulting the public – again – and then taking off for another lavish little vacation at taxpayer expense. Interestingly, he sanctimoniously called on congress to grow up and act like adults. In response, Smarmy Harry Reid and Mad Nancy Pelosi and their lackeys immediately began to do just the opposite. Like ten year-olds, they began to out-do each other, seeing who could make the most egregious and totally unbelievable charges about what the Republican’s proposed budget cuts would result in.

“I say, if the Republicans are allowed to make their extreme 0.3 percent cuts, 70,000 children will die!” “Well, I say, if the Republicans are allowed to make their extreme 0.3 percent cuts, 500,000 old people will eat dog food and be homeless!” “And I say, if the Republicans are allowed to make their extreme 0.3 percent cuts, it’s because they want to stop all medical research and have everyone get cancer!” Wow! Sure sound like grown-ups to me…

The simple truth is that the budget cuts being proposed are minuscule and insignificant and will make symbolic rather than substantive differences. If the moronic charges of the Democrats are true, and that $61 billion less will cause the world as we know it to end, why didn’t it happen back in 2008, or 2007, or at any time in the past, when we were spending about $1 trillion less?

These Democrats are out to spend the country into bankruptcy, hoping to bring about a collapse that will force us to accept the global socialism they so fervently desire. The reality is that if we collapse economically, we may never recover and will find that we have willed to our children and their children, a lifestyle comparable to that of a Bolivian tin miner.

Our government is broken, not because the Constitution no longer works, but because of rampant corruption and sedition from the left. Election fraud is SOP for today’s Democrats, as evidenced by the most recent sham election in Wisconsin, the “election” of the drunken buffoon, Al Franken to the Senate, and elections in California, Nevada, and Louisiana, just to name the more obvious ones. And of course, there is the Fool in the White House, who still refuses, with the complicity of a raft of Democrat judges and an expenditure of some $2 million, to produce documentation to back up his claim to be a natural born American citizen.

Public “officials” who intentionally try to damage our country must be impeached, tried, convicted and severely punished. Time to take out the trash…

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