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Stop the Bleating

Thom Sudol · May 12, 2011

The bleeding heart chorus of the liberal camp (ah, but I repeat myself) has been out in full throat since the efficient dispatching of Osama Bin Laden to 20,000 leagues under the sea. From the likes of Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, and Rosie O'Donnell, the “America Sucks” brigade continues their verbal assault. Chomsky bemoans Obama as a victim of American imperialism. Somehow, I don’t get the idea we are planning to occupy Pakistan; we conducted a raid with a specific purpose and target. Moore continues to bleat about how Osama was executed by the US, no trial, no due process. Michael – he is, er, was an enemy combatant, a guerilla fighter and is now a statistic in the dead column. He started it, we finished him.

These self-righteous hypocrites proclaim that due process and a trial would have demonstrated the triumph of American values and the preservation of law and order. We’re different than the terrorists so we should act differently. So where, pray tell, should such a trial have been held? In New York, at the federal courthouse close to Ground Zero where AG Holder wanted to try KSM? Oh the sensitivity of this Administration! It is approaching the ten year anniversary of 9/11, and those suffering families and survivors have finally achieved a small measure of satisfaction and relief with Osama’s ride down the river Styx. To even consider conducting a trial in NY would be an injustice of the highest order to those who cannot “get over it.” I don’t believe closure is not a real possibility for them and a trial would certainly not promote healing.

It is difficult to imagine how the whiners condemn the money spent on “unjust” wars and yet they want to spend millions more to prosecute one of the architects of global jihad? Jihadis around the world would be hanging on Osama’s every word at such a trial and you know he would be preaching it to the faithful. Perhaps, we get a guilty verdict and a death sentence? Such an emotion-laden, media-saturated trial would have been Osama’s ticket to martyrdom. Fortunately, the summary justice of close combat has closed the door on this possibility. And we saved some money.

Another thought comes to mind: liberals worship at the altar of Roe vs. Wade, while the body count of immoral infanticide grows ever larger and yet, you cringe about the US sending Bin Laden down the highway to Hell without legal representation? It’s okay to slaughter babies but not eliminate a terrorist mass murderer? Consider again those almost 3,000 innocent victims of bin Laden’s fundamentalist fervor…were they armed and a threat to him? Did he provide due process before he incinerated, pulverized and otherwise pushed people out the windows of the World Trade Center on 9/11? There is simply too much hypocrisy going on from these born-again American exceptionalists to be believed.

I reject the idea that we lower ourselves to the level of the enemy’s animal hatred in punishing our enemy. That somehow we are forsaking our values of justice and the rule of law, all to fulfill our bloodlust. If you believe mistakenly, that America has done more bad than good in this world, then those are logical conclusions. I believe otherwise: this nation was founded on Judeo-Christian principals and faith in God. The Bible tells us that vengeance is the Lord’s; yet on this earth, are we not called to be like Christ? While He doesn’t really need us to serve his ends, I believe He used us (U.S.) in this case to carry out His sentence on Bin Laden. I would argue that we have not forsaken our values but thankfully, our timidity in rendering the punishment which Bin Laden deserved.

Michael, Noam, Rosie and others: Take your holier-than-thou pronouncements elsewhere. You’ve never professed any belief in American exceptionalism up till now; and this is the time, this is the issue you pick? Be gone, whiners and phonies and spout your self-righteous blather elsewhere. You might get a hearing in Gaza, or Tehran, or with Hamas…just before they parade you in front of a video camera and behead you for being such weak and useful idiots.

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