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Aug. 9, 2017


  • Trump issues a stern warning after more North Korean threats.
  • Deregulation is benefitting businesses and consumers bigly.
  • Leftmedia hammer Christians about poverty, but who’s the most generous?
  • Daily Features: Top Headlines, Cartoons, Columnists and Short Cuts.


“Energy in the executive is a leading character in the definition of good government. It is essential to the protection of the community against foreign attacks; it is not less essential to the steady administration of the laws; to the protection of property against those irregular and high-handed combinations which sometimes interrupt the ordinary course of justice; to the security of liberty against the enterprises and assaults of ambition, of faction, and of anarchy.” —Alexander Hamilton (1788)


‘Fire and Fury’ Over North Korean Threats

North Korea ramped up its saber-rattling in the wake of the UN’s significant sanctions move over the weekend. Kim Jong Un’s regime threatened “thousands-fold” vengeance and a “severe lesson” for the U.S., in addition to vowing that “under no circumstances” will the North negotiate its nuclear weapons program. North Korea insists its nuclear program is for self-defense “in the face of a clear and real nuclear threat posed by the U.S.” Only the U.S., at this point, faces a nuclear strike, the hermit kingdom warned. And, apparently, self-defense includes threatening the U.S. territory of Guam.

The U.S. is indeed at risk — not only Guam or West Coast cities like Los Angeles, but interior cities such as Denver and Chicago are in range of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) tested by the North in recent weeks. And now U.S. intelligence concludes that North Korea has already produced a miniaturized nuclear warhead to fit inside those ICBMs. And if North Korea can do it, so can Iran, another member of what George W. Bush accurately called the Axis of Evil. Some estimate that Kim has up to 60 nuclear weapons at his disposal, though others say it’s closer to 20 or 30.

As for North Korean threats, President Donald Trump had one of his own: “North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.” It’s important to remember that everything Trump says and everything we’re doing strategically is aimed at China. North Korea is China’s pawn and Beijing’s play to divert attention from trade battles with the Trump administration. It’s also worth reiterating that Trump is faced with cleaning up Barack Obama’s mess worldwide, and Bill Clinton’s in North Korea. The destructive approach both administrations took to foreign policy is still yielding consequences.

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Trump Regulatory Cuts Saving Consumers Billions, Tax Cuts Next

A new study released on Tuesday shows that Donald Trump’s aggressive rollback of federal regulations will save businesses nearly $4 billion per year — which means he’s saving you, the consumer, $4 billion. Regulations are a massive hidden tax on the American people because businesses pass on those expenses in the price of goods and services. The good news is that we’re only eight months into Trump’s presidency. Trump campaigned on cutting 70% of Washington’s regulatory state, and he is on pace to keep that commitment. Dan Goldbeck, an analyst at the American Action Forum, said, “Both the volume and impact of new regulatory burdens have slowed dramatically. Beyond these first six months, the administration’s ambition is clearly to go even farther and deeper.”

The impact of Trump’s regulation-cutting crusade has been most clearly evidenced by the positive growth of the U.S. economy. Since January businesses have added more than one million new jobs and the stock market has witnessed a dramatic rise. Americans’ favorable view on the state of the economy has risen to 69%. Juanita Duggan, president of the National Federation of Independent Business, stated, “Strong consumer demand is boosting small business optimism. Small business owners are feeling better about the economy because their customers are feeling better about the economy.”

Trump’s aggressive regulatory cuts have also encouraged Republican lawmakers to get in on the act as well. Congress has used the Congressional Review Act to overturn 14 significant Obama-era regulations. This law was seldom used prior to Trump’s inauguration, but it’s starting to get a badly needed workout.

Trump deserves credit for calling out Washington on its regulation addiction and for sticking with his plans to drain the swamp. Americans can now enjoy watching the economy continue to grow as more regulations and taxes are cut. The result will be more economic opportunity for more Americans as well as more money in the pockets of Americans. It’s simple economics.

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Top Headlines

  • Miami-Dade complied with Trump to change its “sanctuary” status. It worked. (Miami Herald)

  • Grassley seeks immigration files for House IT probe suspects. (The Daily Signal)

  • Army shoots down demands to scrub Confederate names from Fort Hamilton. (The Washington Times)

  • The ACLU is suing two CIA contractors for saving American lives. (Washington Examiner)

  • Life expectancy indicates U.S. health care outcomes actually outpace international peers. (The Federalist)

  • $15 minimum wage would wreak havoc on one of America’s richest counties. (The Daily Signal)

  • Study finds that charter schools boost performance of nearby schools. (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • Rise in concealed-carry permits biggest among black women. (CNS News)

  • K-12 school agrees to gender inclusion policy with no notice or “opt out” for parents. (The Daily Signal)

  • Humor: New Google technology autocorrects users’ thoughts. (The Babylon Bee)

  • Policy: Did Google just choke on its woke? (Investor’s Business Daily)

  • Policy: The free market is the greatest force for conservation. (Capital Research Center)

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Regardless of Poverty’s Cause, Christians Most Generous to Poor

By Louis DeBroux

Progressive Democrats and the media love to paint conservative Christians as mean-spirited Bible-thumpers, and a recent poll from The Washington Post/Kaiser Family Foundation is the latest tool to justify such slanderous claims. According to the poll, which gauged opinions on the root causes of poverty, 46% of Christians (and 53% of white evangelical Protestants) blame poverty on a lack of effort, compared to 29% of non-Christians who feel this way. Conversely, of the atheist/agnostic/non-religious polled, 65% blamed circumstances for poverty.

The poll was the impetus for “journalists” like Newsweek’s Jason Le Miere to take Christians to task for allegedly being un-Christian. Le Miere quotes the Bible, where Christ commands His followers to care for the poor — though, one wonders, if he would have quoted the Bible in an article on, say, abortion or marriage.

Le Miere makes but a single reference to the biblical commandment to labor before going on to cite the passages about caring for the poor. However, therein lies the critical distinction. In Genesis 3:19, the Lord declared to Adam, “By the sweat of your face you shall eat bread,” and in Exodus 20, the Lord commands us to labor for six days before resting on the Sabbath. The Apostle Paul instructed, “If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat” (2 Thessalonians 3:6-13).

Because leftists generally use the Bible only to criticize Christians, they don’t grasp that the two commandments — that a man labor for his daily bread, and give to the poor — are not exclusive but rather work in conjunction with one another. Yes, we must help the poor, but the poor also have an obligation to first labor in their own behalf.

Furthermore, charity is an individual, voluntary act. If we see a person in need and give to him of the fruits of our labor, of our own free will, that is charity. If we see someone in need and hire a government agent to put a gun to someone else’s head and force them to give, that’s not charity but legalized extortion. When the rich young ruler asked Christ how to obtain heaven, beyond keeping the commandments, he was told to sell all he possessed and give to the poor. When the ruler left discouraged, desiring heaven but unwilling to part with his riches, we can note that Christ did not send his apostles, or Roman centurions, to attack the young prince, rob him, and give his treasure to the poor.

The poll sets up a false dichotomy, as The Federalist’s Jessica Burke points out: “Poverty is too complex to easily isolate one cause. There are some decisions and behaviors that can lead to a person being poor, and there are some circumstances that lead to it as well. When it comes to poverty, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to what is causing it and what will alleviate it.”

It is undeniable that behavior plays an enormous role in avoiding or escaping poverty. Certain behaviors almost guarantee a life of poverty. As even the left-leaning Brookings Institute notes, the vast majority of Americans can avoid poverty by finishing high school, getting a job, and waiting until age 21 to get married and have children — in that order.

To those in poverty, and especially those working to escape poverty, Christians have a religious and moral imperative to be charitable, and all accounts show they do just that.

Despite the portrayal by Le Miere and other leftists of Christians as judgmental and miserly, the truth is conservative Christians are the most charitable people to be found.

Faith aside, nationally speaking, Americans in general are the most generous people on Earth, giving, as a percentage of income, more than twice as much as Canadians and Britons, and 20 times more than Germans or Italians. Additionally, with the exception of the lowest income bracket, more than half of all Americans of every single income bracket give to charity. This goes for the oft-vilified Top 1%, who account for more than a third of all charitable donations.

Further undermining the narrative of the heartless Christian is the fact that, according to the well-respected Philanthropy Chronicle, conservative and religious states are the most generous givers. Using data from 2012 and that year’s election map, 17 of the most generous states voted for Mitt Romney, while 15 of the least charitable 17 went for Barack Obama. Conservatives tend to be generous with their own money, while leftists are “generous” with other people’s money. From a religious standpoint, heavily Mormon Utah, with a giving rate of 6.56%, was the most charitable, while New Hampshire, where less than a third of residents even believe there is a God, gave away just 1.74% of income.

So what does it all mean? It means that poverty can be caused by laziness, circumstances or oppression (Venezuelan socialism, anyone?). It means Christians believe that hard work and making good choices will keep most people out of poverty. It also means that Christians are far more generous than their secular counterparts when it comes to personally sacrificing to meet the needs of the poor and downtrodden.

And despite leftists deliberately distorting biblical teachings, that is exactly what Christ taught.

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Ed Feulner: “U.S. tax rates, simply put, are too high. Combined marginal rates for some individuals and capital investments can exceed 50 percent, tax experts Romina Boccia and Adam Michel note in a recent paper. Our business tax system is particularly bad. American corporations face one of the highest tax rates in the world. They also must grapple with one of the worst systems for business deductions of investment expenses. Some Americans may hear that and think, well, big deal. Those big companies can afford it. And how does it really affect me? Very directly: 70 percent of all business taxes end up being paid by workers through lower wages. … We need, as the saying goes, a tax system that looks like it was designed on purpose. One that is as transparent and simple as possible. That is why I and other conservatives have often urged the adoption of a flat tax, which would enable Americans to figure out exactly what they owe in minutes and with confidence. … Yet some lawmakers object to major tax reform. They recoil at the very thought of tax cuts. They insist we can’t afford it — that cuts would have to be ‘paid for’ by finding new revenue streams for our deficit-laden federal government. Wrong. Deficits are the result of a spending problem, not a revenue problem.”


Insight: “The only proper purpose of a government is to protect man’s rights, which means: to protect him from physical violence. A proper government is only a policeman, acting as an agent of man’s self-defense, and, as such, may only resort to force only against those who start the use of force.” —Ayn Rand (1905-1982)

Observations: “Just as it would be irrational to predict that the United States will never again be hit by a major hurricane, it is also irrational to predict the federal government can continue borrowing money year after year and not face a debt crisis. But the difference between a major hurricane and the impending debt crisis is that the latter is indisputably man-made.” —Terence Jeffrey

For the record: “There’s no such thing as a lone wolf. … That was a phrase invented by the last administration to make Americans stupid.” —White House aide Sebastian Gorka

The BIG Lie: “Politics had absolutely nothing to do with [our canceling ‘Last Man Standing’].” —ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey

Braying Jackass: “You’ve got two bullies chiding each other with outrageous comments — and it doesn’t help the situation in terms of trying to resolve something that has to be resolved peacefully. … The question is: Does [Trump] get so frustrated with the North Korean leader — who’s yelling every other day — that he feels that somehow the North Korean leader is attacking his manhood?” — Leon Panetta

Alpha Jackass: “For some the word Trump is becoming a modern day swastika.” —Daily Beast columnist Dean Obeidallah

And last… “Google has a pair of leftist goggles on at all times. Its users shouldn’t have blinders on about it. Every search result should be scanned for algorithmic bias. After all, a company that will rip its own employee to shreds for defending its hiring practices on the basis of science and data will do anything to defend its leftist politics.” —Ben Shapiro

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