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Nov. 7, 2018


“It behooves you, therefore, to think and act for yourself and your people. The great principles of right and wrong are legible to every reader; to pursue them requires not the aid of many counselors. The whole art of government consists in the art of being honest. Only aim to do your duty, and mankind will give you credit where you fail.” —Thomas Jefferson (1775)

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  • Republicans lost the House and yet increased their Senate control.
  • A Democrat House provides just the foil Trump needs.
  • The GOP hung on to a majority of governorships.
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So Much for the Blue Wave — GOP Expands Senate Majority

Thomas Gallatin

More history was made yesterday in the era of Donald Trump. As USA Today reports, this midterm election result “was the first time since the nation started directly electing senators in 1914 that a party has won control of the House without gaining seats in the Senate.” That’s right — not only did Democrats fail to gain in the Senate but they actually lost ground. Republicans picked up at least two seats and likely four or five; we’re still waiting for the final results in Arizona, Montana, and a special election in Mississippi, as well as Bill Nelson’s futile call for a recount in Florida. So what are the takeaways for Trump and Senate Republicans going forward?

First, any Democrat fever dreams of removing Trump from office are gone. He’s here to stay. We’ll see if Nancy Pelosi and the House Dems are foolish enough to follow through on their impeachment threats, as doing so would only prove to be futile.

Second, Democrats’ vile attack on Justice Brett Kavanaugh proved disastrous. If Sen. Jon Tester (D) loses in Montana, then every single red state Democrat who voted against Kavanaugh will have been defeated. That is about as thorough a repudiation as it gets.

Third, with the Senate now more firmly in Republican hands, Trump will have even less trouble getting Cabinet and judicial nominees confirmed. The implications for Trump’s lasting impact on the nation’s judiciary into the future are huge, including the Supreme Court with the possibility of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat coming open before 2020.

Fourth, Trump vs. Obama. Once again Barack Obama proved to be more of a liability than an asset to his party. In three of the most hotly contested races, (the governorships of Florida and Georgia, and Florida’s Senate seat) Trump and Obama essentially went head to head in stumping for their respective candidates — and in all three instances the Republican appears to have won. Tiana Lowe of the Washington Examiner notes, “[Obama] still suffers from fatal hubris. In a campaign speech just two days before the midterm elections, for other candidates, Obama said ‘I’ 73 times, ‘me’ nine times, and ‘my’ seven times.” That sums up his narcissistic personality disorder.

Finally, whether they like it or not, Republicans are now the party of Trump. Both he and the Left insisted this election was a referendum about him, and his focus on and victory in the Senate only solidified his leadership.

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Democrats’ House Win Provides Trump a Foil

Nate Jackson

Get ready for subpoenas, investigations, obstruction, and maybe impeachment in 2019, as the one thing the underwhelming “blue wave” did manage to accomplish yesterday was flipping the House to Democrat control. Democrats needed to pick up 23 seats and they’ve gained at least 27. For perspective, however, Bill Clinton lost 52 House seats in 1994 and Barack Obama lost 63 House seats in 2010. By comparison then, 2018 GOP losses are what former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer called “in line with the historical average” and what Demo cheerleaders in the Leftmedia consider a “heartbreaking” disappointment.

In fact, despite not being on the ballot and his party losing the House, President Donald Trump might be the night’s biggest winner. Yes, likely incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans to push legislation antithetical to the Trump agenda — new gun laws, Demo-friendly changes to ObamaCare, expanded special protections for “LGBTQ” Americans, and legal status for “Dreamers” and no border wall — but those bills will die in the Senate, while Trump will find a willing partner for his desired infrastructure spending.

Most importantly, however, Trump does best when he has a “foil” — an enemy to run against. The #Resistance House Democrats, suffering as they do with Trump Derangement Syndrome, will fill that role perfectly. Pelosi even mused recently that “subpoena power is interesting … in terms of negotiating other subjects.” She claimed Tuesday night that the midterms were about “restoring the Constitution’s checks and balances on the Trump administration,” as well as that the House’s job will be “stopping the [Senate] GOP.”

Trump didn’t wait to fire back, declaring this morning, “If the Democrats think they are going to waste Taxpayer Money investigating us at the House level, then we will likewise be forced to consider investigating them for all of the leaks of Classified Information, and much else, at the Senate level. Two can play that game!”

That Trump did so little to shore up GOP prospects in the House lends credence to the idea that he’s setting up just the foil he needs for reelection.

Notably, women favored Democrats by 19 points. Democrats were strong in the suburbs with more moderate candidates, though the leadership is still moving ever more to the extreme left. And Democrat Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may remain the “new face” of the party after her landslide win. Thus, the Demo majority may be difficult to maintain in 2020 — if the GOP narrows the gap with women.

Footnote: One Leftmedia list of “first” female House victors excluded Young Kim, the first Korean-American woman elected to Congress. Why? She’s a Republican.

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Republicans Maintain Majority of Governorships

Nate Jackson

All told, Tuesday featured 36 gubernatorial contests across the nation. All but a handful were relatively perfunctory affairs. It was the exceptions that are of particular interest, as is the fact that Democrats netted an overall pickup of at least seven governorships. Still not bad considering that Republicans were defending 26 of 36 posts.

In perhaps the most-watched race in the country, Democrat Socialist Andrew Gillum lost to Republican Ron DeSantis. Florida is a critical bellwether state, and DeSantis’s victory — combined with outgoing Republican Gov. Rick Scott’s win over incumbent Democrat Sen. Bill Nelson — is a welcome sign. And yet there’s a cloud. Also on Tuesday, Florida restored voting rights to 1.5 million felons, who vote overwhelmingly Democrat. Donald Trump won Florida in 2016 by a little over 100,000 votes.

Neighboring Georgia remains uncalled, as Democrat Socialist Stacey Abrams refuses to concede until “every vote gets counted,” but as we go to press, Republican Brian Kemp leads by nearly 100,000 votes out of almost four million cast. Two factors are at play in the race remaining uncalled. First, Georgia law requires the winner to exceed 50%, which Kemp currently does at 50.5%. Abrams is hoping that absentee and provisional ballots will pull Kemp under that 50% threshold and put the two in a December runoff. Second, and maybe more to the point, Abrams’s entire campaign was built on painting Kemp as a racist vote suppressor. As executive director of the New Georgia Project, she worked to flood Secretary of State Kemp’s office with voter registrations and then insisted he was racist for working to weed out the fraudulent ones. She’s dedicated to keeping that message going.

Notably, Barack Obama hit the trail for both Gillum and Abrams and appears to have come up empty.

Other notable races include Scott Walker’s defeat in Wisconsin. He won two terms and a recall, but he couldn’t keep the streak alive in a state that isn’t as red as Republicans once hoped. Likewise, Kansas turned blue, as incumbent Republican Kris Kobach couldn’t overcome the negative baggage of Sam Brownback’s administration, and Illinois ousted the worst Republican in the country, Bruce Rauner, opting for unified Democrat control under governor-elect J. B. Pritzker. Yet in the Northeast, Republicans held on in Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont, meaning they still hold four of 10 governorships in the region. And Republican Mike Dunleavy flipped Alaska, even after the incumbent independent dropped out and endorsed Democrat Mark Begich.

Much of the nation’s economic progress depends on state administrations, and Republicans will still control a majority of governorships.

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Editor’s Note:

Last night certainly wasn’t the “blue wave” Democrats predicted. Their gains in the House were offset by Republican Senate gains, and losses in the House don’t begin to touch the number of seats Democrats lost under Barack Obama in 2010, or Bill Clinton in 1994. There were key conservative victories, including here in The Patriot Post’s home state of Tennessee, where Marsha Blackburn became the state’s first female senator — in spite of Taylor Swift’s celebrity endorsement of Phil Bredesen. While Democrats will most certainly use their House gains to stir the pot, last night wasn’t a blue landslide, and conservatives have much to celebrate.

As we’ve noted before, the future of Liberty does not rest on one political campaign or cycle. It will depend on those few and proud Patriots who remain steadfast in defense of the Unalienable Rights of Man. Your Patriot Post team endeavors tirelessly and sacrifices much to honor our Forefathers’ legacy of Liberty. Our mission and operation budgets are funded solely by the voluntary financial generosity of American Patriots like you. We need your vote of confidence to advance Liberty beyond the current political cycle.

If you can help, please click here to make your donation.

Thank you for all you do for Liberty.

Nate Jackson
Managing Editor at The Patriot Post



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Star Parker: “Trump has made it fashionable again to be a patriot, to feel proud to be an American because our nation is indeed unique and exceptional. The other side has distorted this message of nationalism, claiming it disrespects our diversity and individual differences. Nothing could be further from the truth. The fact that I am a black Christian woman does not contradict my patriotism. I am an American who needs the freedom that only this nation can provide to realize my full potential. This is true for every American. And it is only possible in a nation that is free and informed by eternal truths. The changes we see in realizing the MAGA goals are tangible and palpable. Internationally, Trump’s idea that the best way to influence the world is to recapture our national greatness is working. … Economically, the economy is back on the path to growth. … Constitutionally, the GOP Senate has confirmed 68 conservative judges, with 125 left to go. Fiscally, every federal department getting anti-poverty money (one-fourth of the federal budget) is under Executive Order to cut spending and strike new efficiencies. … The bottom line is we must stay the course and continue to help this president get the nation’s work done. We must continue the fight for freedom and personal responsibility and national destiny through MAGA.”


Troll master: “In all fairness, Nancy Pelosi deserves to be chosen Speaker of the House by the Democrats. If they give her a hard time, perhaps we will add some Republican votes. She has earned this great honor!” —Donald Trump

For the record: “How can last night be considered anything but a failure for Democrats? They took the House which was inevitable, but lost seats in the Senate and watched most of their new ‘stars’ — Abrams, O'Rourke, Gillum — lose. Paltry success for the opposing party in a midterm election.” —Matt Walsh

Rubbish: “By winning the House, Democrats can now serve as a bulwark against a White House that has shown no respect for the rule of law — and no interest in bringing the country together. The Democrats’ gains demonstrate that the American people want Congress to stand up to a reckless, divisive president — and to work across the aisle to tackle tough issues.” —Michael Bloomberg

A wave of the blues: “This is heartbreaking. … It’s not a blue wave.” —CNN’s Van Jones

“This is not a blue wave.” —NBC’s Savannah Guthrie

“It is not a blue wave.” —NBC’s Chuck Todd

“This is going to be very grim.” —New York Times columnist Paul Krugman

“Tonight is feeling horrifyingly familiar.” —CNN contributor Peter Beinart

Braying Jackass: “I feel the giant stirring. The awakening is slow, but it is underway. … Torches and death in Charlottesville. Children in cages at the border. The lying, misogyny, racism and attacks on the rule of law from our president. These things poke the giant. It takes time, but the American people are stirring. They always do. And when they awaken, these fevers break very quickly.” —James Comey

Alpha Jackass: “Juanita Broaddrick is full of s—t.” —former Hillary Clinton adviser Philippe Reines, who added, “I do not think she’s telling the truth.”

And last… “In case you wonder whether #Democrats truly care about the plight of women, Keith Ellison was elected chief law enforcement official of his state.” —James Woods

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