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Nov. 15, 2018


“A judiciary independent of a king or executive alone, is a good thing; but independence of the will of the nation is a solecism, at least in a republican government.” —Thomas Jefferson (1820)

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  • Jeff Flake promises one last obstruction to Donald Trump.
  • Great news on the American energy front.
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  • Featured Analysis: Of course globalists hate nationalists.


Flake’s Final Anti-Trump Virtue Signal

Thomas Gallatin

The outgoing “Republican” senator from Arizona, Jeff Flake, decided to pander once again to the wishes of Democrats and the Left. On Wednesday, Flake announced that he will not vote to advance or confirm any of the current 53 pending judicial nominees until the Senate votes on legislation aimed at preventing President Donald Trump from firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller. “The president now has this investigation in his sights, and we all know it,” Flake warned.

Flake drew his line in the sand following Senate Leader Mitch McConnell’s refusal to bring forward legislation protecting the Mueller investigation. The Kentucky Republican subsequently dispelled Flake’s fears: “I don’t think any legislation’s necessary.”

CNN commentator Jeffrey Toobin rebuked Flake’s futile move: “Is there anything more empty in American politics than a threat from Jeff Flake? … The idea that Jeff Flake is going to hold up anything to protect Robert Mueller is, in my opinion, absurd. Mitch McConnell has said we don’t need a law to protect Robert Mueller, and that means there’s not going to be a law to protect Robert Mueller. … Mitch McConnell is in charge. … I mean, this is not a fair fight. Mitch McConnell and a 98-pound weakling named Jeff Flake is just … not going to happen.”

As for Flake’s line in the sand, thus far only one other Republican senator has expressed “concern” and a desire for legislation to protect the special counsel — Maine’s Susan Collins. That said, she has not stated whether she will stand with Flake in refusing to vote on judiciary nominations. And even Flake himself has not said that he will vote against nominees — just that he will not vote in favor — meaning he could simply vote present.

Flake’s problem is that he has continued to allow his personal dislike of Trump to cloud his vision. He seems unable or unwilling to see the many good decisions Trump has made, some of the best of which have been Trump’s judiciary nominees. In fact, one of the main reasons so many conservatives voted for Trump in the first place was concern over the judiciary. Conservatives have long bemoaned Democrats filling the courts with activist judges who legislate from the bench. They saw Trump’s promise to nominate constitutionally committed judges as important enough to look past his glaring personal failures. And their vote has been rewarded, as Trump has more than lived up to that promise.

Now Flake, mere weeks away from complete political irrelevancy, raises a lame-duck virtue signal on a bill that is likely unconstitutional and he expects what … accolades? He should do himself and the nation a favor and serve out his remaining days in office by voting in the country’s best interest, not according to some fallacious two-year-old Russia-collusion, anti-Trump narrative.

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Contrary to Predictions, U.S. Nears Energy Independence

Jordan Candler

Prognosticators have long warned that the world is on the verge of oil depletion — i.e., we’ve reached “peak oil” — while at the same time Democrats have torpedoed the idea of U.S. energy independence. Fortunately, oil forecasts have been just as unimpressively inaccurate as climate change predictions. Energy innovation has stimulated this effect while also bringing America to the brink of genuine energy independence.

According to Investor’s Business Daily, “The International Energy Agency forecasts that the U.S. will account for 75% of the growth in global oil production through 2025.” This growth is coming on the heels of already impressive gains. “Crude oil production in the U.S. has climbed more than 67% in just the past six years,” Investor’s reports, adding that “the Department of Energy expects it will climb an additional 11% next year.” Keep in mind that U.S. oil production is already second to none. Our current daily yield of 11 million barrels is higher than both Saudi Arabia and Russia.

The chief catalyst? Fracking. Yet as Investor’s notes, “It was never supposed to happen.” Recall back in 2008 when Obama asserted, “If we opened up and drilled on every single square inch of our land and our shores, we would still find only 3% of the world’s oil reserves — 3% for a country that uses 25% of the world’s oil.” This claim — which was regurgitated in slightly different forms all through Obama’s tenure — was obviously fabricated. Investor’s says that true U.S. oil reserves are sixtyfold higher than Obama’s estimate.

“Not all of that was recoverable at current prices,” Investor’s acknowledges. “But ‘recoverable’ is a highly flexible term. It’s based on oil prices and the cost of getting it out of the ground. The fracking revolution dramatically redefined the term recoverable because it made vast oil supplies accessible that once were once economically off-limits. So why would Obama mislead the country throughout his presidency? Because he was determined to force the country to dump billions of taxpayer subsidies on ‘renewable’ energy, and needed a reason to justify it.”

The issue here is not that renewable energy as a primary resource isn’t an admirable goal; it’s that Obama’s idea of how to properly nurture it was terribly misplaced. And his lying about the facts as a means to an end only added insult to injury. The solar company Solyndra alone squandered half a billion taxpayer dollars. Not only has oil always been far more abundant than naysayers claim, but taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to prop up whatever industry a president decides should be cultivated using powerful government levers.

Similar to how oil extraction evolved into fracking, the private sector will eventually find its game-changing renewable energy breakthrough. In the meantime, more oil production means more government revenue. Shouldn’t Democrats, who want to roll out a plethora of very expensive, government-paid-for initiatives, be for that?

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At this time each year, as we kick off the two most critical months in which we raise about half of The Patriot Post’s annual operations budget, my staff tends to receive a few complaints (some of them not very pleasant to read) about our fundraising efforts. Don’t get me wrong — I’m very aware that we do a lot of “asking” in order to meet our operations budget. As anyone in fundraising will tell you, it’s not easy and we appreciate your patience with these requests. But as a donor-based organization, without the asking, we wouldn’t be here. Even if we do meet our budget goal, we depend on a great deal of volunteer efforts to keep The Patriot Post running. If you aren’t in a position to help, we understand. But for those who can and haven’t already, please make your donation today. We are approaching the half-way point of our goal, with just a few short weeks left. Every penny of your support goes directly toward our daily operations budget into 2019. Our deepest thanks to those of you who have already made your gift; we couldn’t do it without you.



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Batkid Is Now Cancer Free

Miles Scott, who stole everyone’s heart as a 5-year-old leukemia patient when he took over San Francisco as Batkid in 2013, has been in remission for five years, the Make-A-Wish Foundation announced. Scott is now 10 years old and has reached the important milestone, which for many is the point when someone can be considered cancer-free.

Read more at Buzz Feed News.

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Nationalism Is Despised — By Multinationalists

Arnold Ahlert

When did “nationalism” become a dirty word? When it became clear that it resonated with millions of people around the world who have finally recognized the globalist agenda for what it truly is: something that overwhelmingly benefits the few at the expense of the many.

“Anywhere industries based on muscular labor could be outsourced, they often were,” writes Victor Davis Hanson. “Anywhere they could not be so easily outsourced — such as Wall Street, Silicon Valley, the entertainment industry, the media, and academia — consumer markets grew from 300 million to 7 billion. The two coasts with cosmopolitan ports on Asia and Europe thrived.”

Hanson further asserts that “thrived” is putting it far too mildly, noting the rapid accumulation of global wealth by private entities and individuals is historically unprecedented. “The result has been the creation of a new class of millions of coastal hyper-wealthy professionals with salaries five and more times higher than those of affluent counterparts in traditional America,” he explains. “The old working-class Democrat ethos was insidiously superseded by a novel affluent progressivism.”

The rest of America? In a refreshing but nauseating display of candor, the last two Democrat Party standard-bearers referred to us as “bitter clingers” to guns, God, and religion, and a “basket of deplorables,” respectively.

Such arrogance and conceit should surprise no one. It is emblematic of globalists for whom the “net plus” of international trade, unfettered immigration, and open borders, is a reasonable price to pay for the diminution of national identity and democracy — and the evisceration of patriotism.

French President Emmanuel Macron epitomizes their twisted priorities. “Patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism. Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism,” he asserted. “In saying ‘Our interests first, whatever happens to the others,’ you erase the most precious thing a nation can have, that which makes it live, that which causes it to be great and that which is most important: its moral values.”

Macron has a convenient memory. It was American Patriots, the overwhelming majority of whom believed in the greatness of their own nation, who liberated France — twice — at a considerable cost of blood and treasure — twice. That’s as moral as it gets.

Moreover, there is nothing remotely wrong with promoting national self-interest, and it is extremely telling that globalists like Macron believe those interests are nothing more than zero-sum selfishness.

Nothing is more profoundly selfish and self-serving than globalism. Thus when its adherents, such as the artists and intellectuals promoting a “European Republic,” insist “the sovereignty of states is hereby replaced by the sovereignty of citizens,” we are approaching the heights of intellectual bankruptcy.

Sovereignty of citizens — according to which precepts? The Constitution or Shariah Law? Those that treasure individual liberty, or those that abet the totalitarian collective?

How about sheer practicality? If one wanted a stoplight erected at a dangerous intersection in one’s town, it would be far more practical if the person empowered to do so was the local alderman, not one’s congressional representative in Washington, DC — or if the one-worlders had their way, some extra-national bureaucrat in Brussels. Top-down government is the antithesis of citizen sovereignty and empowerment, which is why the Constitution put severe limitations on it.

Limitations the globalists would like to obliterate. Thus it is no surprise that they and their media allies seek to paint anyone who resists their agenda as racist, tribalist, and xenophobic.

And if all else fails, anti-Semitic. Thus globalist is “often understood as code for ‘Jews,’ so this language is activating and traumatizing for a lot of Jews,” asserts Rabbi Rachel Barenblat. Columnist Gideon Rachman concurs. “Mr Trump and his European equivalents have also talked up the myth that dastardly globalists, like [George] Soros, are encouraging and funding illegal migration,” he writes. “In doing so, they fan the paranoid fantasies that led to attacks like the mass killing that took place at a synagogue in Pittsburgh. … For many anti-Semites, ‘globalist’ has become a synonym for Jew.”

For many nationalists, the anti-Semite trope is the last refuge of globalist scoundrels. And while globalists insist nationalism fueled both world wars, the truth is exactly the opposite. “Instead, cross-border multilateral security guarantees became the tripwires that detonated global strife,” explains columnist Steve Cortes, with regard to WWI.

WWII? Directly attributable to the globalist-oriented League of Nations and its utopian, one world vision that ultimately became untenable. “Great nations will not allow the claims or commands of multinational institutions to take precedence over vital interests,” Pat Buchanan explains. “The crucial choice — of non-intervention, sanctions, or war — will ultimately be dictated by national interests alone.”

National interests that are anathema to the globalist agenda. Thus, a United Nations dominated by thugs, dictators, communists, and socialists has released a report calling for the silencing of anyone who objects to the globalist agenda. According to the UN, nationalism poses a “sobering threat to racial equality by fueling discrimination, intolerance and the creation of institutions and structures that will have enduring legacies of racial exclusion.”

Such nonsense dovetails quite nicely with the globalist quest for open borders. Any American opposing a de facto invasion isn’t concerned with the depression of wages, unlawful job competition, or aspirations of permanent power already evinced by allowing illegals to vote. One is merely a racist xenophobe.

“In our country, many elites in corporate C-suites and coastal newsrooms bristle at the notion of American nationalism because they identify far more with Paris, France than with Paris, Illinois,” writes Cortes. “But no matter how loudly the Davos crowd complains, President Trump was elected with a clear mandate to govern America for Americans.”

Make that Americans who still want to be Americans. Going forward, how many Americans, long taught to be contemptuous of their own nation, will prefer to be “citizens of the world?”

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Cal Thomas: “Pope Francis recently said climate change and nuclear war are the greatest threats to the world. The greatest threats to the Catholic Church are the sexual abuse of children and the church’s failure to adequately address that abuse and hold those responsible accountable. Some of Pope Francis’ critics suggest he resign. Though, according to canon law, no Pope can be forced out, perhaps he can be sufficiently shamed for his unwillingness to cleanse the church of the filth that has stained it. In a recent comment, the Pope said the attacks on the Catholic Church were the work of the devil, and he called on angels to help. Maybe he needs to go higher? His church, according to Scripture, was created by and belongs to a much Higher Authority. God cannot be pleased with the derision heaped upon it or with those who have mismanaged it.”


Insight: “We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty. We will not be driven by fear into an age of unreason if we remember that we are not descended from fearful men, not from men who feared to write, to speak, to associate and to defend causes which were, for the moment, unpopular.” —Edward R. Murrow (1908-1965)

The bottom line: “I … could not help but note that this was another chapter in a phenomenon that has taken complete control of the national discourse: outrage culture. It seems like every not-so-carefully-worded public misstep must be punished to the fullest extent, replete with soapbox lectures and demands for apologies. Anyone who doesn’t show the expected level of outrage will be labeled a coward or an apologist for bad behavior. I get the feeling that regular, hard-working, generally unoffended Americans sigh with exhaustion — daily.” —Dan Crenshaw on his “Saturday Night Live” adventure

For the record: “I think what [Democrats are] doing is testing what they can get away with. … This is about stress-testing the integrity of our election system.” —Rep. Matt Gaetz

Braying Jackass: “If Stacey Abrams doesn’t win in Georgia, they stole it.” —Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH)

Her too: “For the first time in more than 15 years, Bill Clinton was being asked directly about what transpired. If you want to know what power looks like, watch a man safely, even smugly, do interviews for decades, without ever worrying whether he will be asked the questions he doesn’t want to answer.” —Monica Lewinsky

Alpha Jackass: “I just get so upset with that jerk—f in the White House. … Down with this motherf—er!” —actor Robert De Niro

And last… “Unlike Brett Kavanaugh, who Avenatti tried to ruin, @MichaelAvenatti will get the due process he is [entitled to]. But sadly, the irony will be lost on him.” —Greg Gutfeld

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