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Mar. 8, 2019


“When Men are employ’d they are best contented. For on the Days they work’d they were good-natur’d and chearful; and with the consciousness of having done a good Days work they spent the Evenings jollily.” —Benjamin Franklin (1771)

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The Unemployment Rate Can Only Go So Low

The jobs numbers for February came in at a startlingly low number of only 20,000 jobs added, well below the 180,000 jobs many economists had expected. However, the headline employment rate dropped further than anticipated, down to 3.8%, while real unemployment (the U-6 rate) plunged from 8.1% to 7.3%. The really good news is wage numbers. CNBC reports, “Average hourly earnings increased by 3.4 percent on year over year, easily the best of the economic recovery that began nearly 10 years ago. That compares with a 1.5 percent increase in the consumer price index for all urban consumers from January 2018 to January 2019. Economists had been expecting a wage increase of 3.2 percent.”

So, what does this all mean? For one thing, it appears that as more and more Americans find gainful employment, the overall number of new jobs being filled will naturally decrease. Second, a lower unemployment rate means that employers will be competing for employees, which in turn drives up wages.

The low jobs-created number is somewhat concerning as it may indicate a slight slowing of economic growth, which Democrats are hoping turns into a recession they will then blame on President Donald Trump. As Mark Alexander wrote in December, “Caught in the Democrats’ political crossfire are tens of millions of American workers and their families whose jobs and income prospects will fall victim to the Demos’ politically induced recession — the direct result of having thrown economic confidence under the bus in order to attack Trump.”

Finally, this is only one month’s numbers, and a seeming anomaly at that. It will be more informative to see where everything stands at the end of the first quarter.

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Fascist Democrats Won’t Condemn Anti-Semitism

The whole point of the Democrats’ originally planned resolution this week was to rebuke the repeated and specific anti-Semitic remarks of a sitting member of Congress. The actual resolution they passed Thursday did not do that. Worse, but predictably, the 23 Republicans who declined to participate in what became a generic “anti-hate” charade are now being vilified for daring to vote against “condemning hatred and bigotry.”

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has been the source of much consternation since winning a seat in Congress last November, showing her true hateful colors on multiple occasions. Nevertheless, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) protested that Omar’s “words are not based on any anti-Semitic attitude” but are instead because “she didn’t have a full appreciation of how they landed on other people.” Translation: Omar is dumb, not racist. As for the resolution, Pelosi insisted, “It’s not about her. It’s about these forms of hatred.”

The resolution was so watered down to include “Islamophobia,” anti-Hispanic sentiment, and even law-enforcement profiling that Hamas-supporting Omar herself voted for it. Again, given that its original purpose was indeed, contra Pelosi, a rebuke of Omar, that should tell you all you need to know about the radicals who now run the Democrat Party.

Now, the resolution didn’t cover every kind of hate — just those flavors Democrats wanted to highlight. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) said he was “shocked” that the measure “refused to similarly condemn discrimination against Caucasian Americans and Christians.” We’re sure he meant “shocked” about as facetiously as Captain Renault in “Casablanca.”

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) opposed the resolution, calling it a “sham” that was actually “designed to protect anti-Semitic bigotry.” Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) added, “By refusing to mention Rep. Ilhan Omar by name and allowing her to keep her seat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Democrats have sent a message that anti-Semitism is less serious than other types of hate.” Indeed, House Minority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-SC) said as much, dismissing families of Holocaust survivors as not truly understanding how the former refugee Omar is the one “living through a lot of pain.”

Why has anti-Semitism been legitimized by Democrats? Because they are increasingly becoming fascist — a bastardized socialist philosophy in which anti-Semitism is deeply rooted. Their 2020 platform is one of authoritarian government control of private industry, class warfare, and a race-based hierarchy of victim groups. That’s fascism in a nutshell, despite the fashionable leftist historical lie that puts 20th-century fascists and their ideological descendants on the Right. After all, as Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels is attributed to have said, “Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.”

And if anyone knows how to repeat a lie often enough, it’s Democrats.

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Miserable Military Housing but Billions for Illegals

After a growing number of complaints sparked a Reuter’s investigative story, the Senate Armed Services Committee held a hearing recently to determine the degree and scope of unsafe living conditions many military families had experienced while residing in on-base housing units.

As Reuter’s reported, the unsafe living conditions included some bad stuff: “Lead paint hazards threaten children; rampant mold sickens others; ceilings leak or collapse into bedrooms, and rodents soil cribs and carpets. Even some new homes are riddled with defects, and the housing often isn’t accessible to state or county inspectors. Families have limited tenant rights and can be left penniless or powerless to challenge property managers in business with their military employers.”

While the Leftmedia has sought to place blame for the problem on the government’s decision to contract out on-base housing to private companies rather than on the actual issue of poor program oversight, what we find more disturbing and frustrating is how U.S. military personnel and their families are treated versus illegal aliens.

The U.S. has been catering to the welfare of illegal aliens, costing taxpayers billions annually. In fact, as we’ve previously noted, the Center for Immigration Studies found that “63% of noncitizen-headed households got some form of welfare benefit in 2014, compared with 35% for citizens.” How many of these noncitizens are paying taxes? Or to put it into context, how many noncitizens are actively serving the U.S. by defending her to the point of giving up their lives, as do members of America’s military? It’s indeed a shame that those who serve our nation to preserve our freedom should be subjected to such poor living conditions.

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  • Rupturing the Democrat narrative: “The IRS released statistics Thursday showing that the average refund size in the first five weeks of the filing season was up $22 compared to a similar period last year. The average refund through March 1 was $3,068, which is 0.7 percent more than the average refund of $3,046 through March 2, 2018. … The new batch of IRS data is the second batch in a row showing the average refund size up slightly for the year.” (The Hill)
  • “Slowing global growth and trade friction may cloud the economic horizon, but U.S. small businesses in February went on an historic hiring binge. That’s according to the latest employment report from the National Federation of Independent Business… The organization’s chief economist William Dunkelberg reports that they’ve never seen results like these: ‘Job creation broke the 45-year record in February with a net addition of 0.52 workers per firm (including those making no change in employment), up from 0.25 in December and 0.33 in January. The previous record was 0.51 reached in May 1998.’ NFIB also found a historic low in the percentage of business owners reducing employment — just 3% of survey respondents.” (The Wall Street Journal)
  • “At an economic forum at the White House [Wednesday], CEOs of a number of companies told President Trump that they are hiring an increasing percentage of workers who do not have college degrees. Apple and Lockheed Martin both stated that about half their hires last year did not have degrees, while IBM noted that there are strong opportunities for people without degrees. This is good news for people who choose paths other than college, such as training and employment in the skilled trades.” (The Resurgent)
  • “A federal judge known for his impatience in court sentenced former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort on Thursday to less than four years behind bars, defying a requested prison term of 19 to 24 years by special counsel Robert Mueller. T.S. Ellis III, who was appointed by President Ronald Reagan and serves on the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, called Mueller’s recommended sentence ‘excessive.’ Instead, the former U.S. Navy aviator … handed down a 47-month sentence.” (Washington Examiner)
  • “A federal judge on Thursday dismissed Stormy Daniels’ lawsuit against President Trump that sought to end a hush-money settlement agreement between her and the president. The Los Angeles judge ruled that because Trump and his former lawyer have agreed not to hold Daniels to their non-disclosure agreement, the suit was inapplicable.” (New York Post)
  • “Freshman Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib appeared to clash with party leadership on Wednesday after joining protesters to say she’d introduce a resolution this month urging the Judiciary Committee to move forward with impeachment proceedings against President Trump. … Tlaib faced backlash early this year after she was captured on video, just hours after being sworn in, recalling a conversation with her son where she told him, ‘We’re gonna impeach the motherf—r.’” (Fox News)
  • “The last injunction blocking President Trump’s transgender military ban from taking effect was lifted by a federal judge Thursday, moving the administration closer to being able to enforce the policy. In a six-page order issued on Thursday, U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland Judge George Russell III wrote that he was lifting his injunction because ‘the court is bound by the Supreme Court’s decision to stay the preliminary injunctions in their entirety.’” (The Hill)
  • Humor: Ilhan Omar withdraws support from bill to save the earth after learning that’s where Israel is (The Babylon Bee)
  • Policy: Writing in The Daily Signal, Derrick Hollie argues: “The ‘Green New Deal’ will fail for many reasons. One is that the people pushing it seem oblivious to the needs of poor and minorities families, who would be directly hurt by the plan.”
  • Policy: “As Americans work to file their taxes, Congress is setting to work on a package of expired tax credits this spring to enrich a few energy technologies at the expense of federal taxpayers,” reports The Heritage Foundation’s Katie Tubb, who adds: “Congress … does no service to these energy technologies and companies in the long run by subsidizing them.”

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Michael Reagan: “Do you know whose needs no one in Washington or in the mainstream media is talking about? The immigrants who are already here in America — the legal ones. Most of these forgotten immigrants are Latino, and millions of them are U.S. citizens or green-card holders with low-skill, low-paying jobs. … As far as I can see, no big shots in Congress or in the media care in the least about how these hardworking people will be hurt by hundreds of thousands of new illegal immigrants storming across our southern border. The illegal immigrants are not going to take away the jobs of anyone you see on TV or listen to on radio. They’re not going to take anyone’s high-paying job at Google, Morgan Stanley or in the federal government. But they will take away the jobs of people who are washing dishes, cleaning houses, cooking food and nannying the kids of the wealthy and powerful. The working-class immigrants who are already here will be the first ones to lose their jobs or see their hourly wages go down — and they know it. … No one politically important or powerful is standing up for the country’s forgotten immigrants, and Latinos are afraid to say anything in support of a stronger wall, or in support of President Trump, for fear of being ostracized in their own community. But the reality is that many legal Latino immigrants, like my gardener, are scared to death of a flood of illegals coming across the border.”


Nailed it: “If you like the DMV, you’ll love Medicare for All.” —Rep. Andy Harris

Friendly fire: “The transition from what we have now to Medicare for All, it’s just hard to conceive how that would work. You have so many jobs attached to the health care industry. I think the $33 trillion price tag for Medicare for All is a little scary.” —Democrat Rep. Cheri Bustos

Braying Jenny: “Let’s keep speaking out until every single infant is out of detention in Texas and elsewhere. This cannot be who we are as a country.” —Kamala Harris, who just voted against a bill prohibiting infanticide

Obama’s fundamental transformation continued: “We are not only going to defeat Trump, we are going to transform the United States of America.” —Bernie Sanders

For the record: “Remember the left’s Victimization Flow Chart. It looks like this: white men > white women > non-white men > non-white women > gay men > lesbian women > transgenders. Victimization can only flow in that direction. … This is why they can’t condemn Ilhan Omar’s antisemitism. Jews are counted as ‘white’ on the flow chart and therefore cannot be victimized by a non-white woman. Victimization always flows downhill. It can never be reversed.” —Matt Walsh

Friendly fire II: “No one is questioning the right of members of Congress and others to criticize Israeli policies. But Omar is crossing a line that should not be crossed in political discourse. Her remarks are not anti-Israel; they are anti-Semitic.” —Rahm Emanuel

Holier than thou: “There are three things in life that are certain: death, taxes (unless you’re Donald Trump), and persistence of anti-Semitism. But only one brand of antisemitism scares me — and it’s not on the left.” —Paul Krugman

Race bait: “Hard to watch Rep. [Steve] Scalise demand that Rep. [Ilhan Omar] be removed from House Foreign Affairs w/o wondering if it’s steeped in Islamophobia. Ilhan is more than capable of sitting on the committee & making decisions that are in the best interests of her constituents & all Americans.” —Rashida Tlaib

Braying Jackass: “There are people who tell me, ‘Well, my parents are Holocaust survivors.’ ‘My parents did this.’ It’s more personal with [Omar]. I’ve talked to her, and I can tell you she is living through a lot of pain.” —James Clyburn

Non Compos Mentis: “Like some of my colleagues in the Congressional Black Caucus, I am concerned that the spotlight being put on Congresswoman Omar may put her at risk.” —Kamala Harris

And last… “Even if [Omar] isn’t embarrassed by her anti-Semitism, she should be embarrassed about how she’s being coddled. ‘She just didn’t know.’ ‘She’s from a different culture!’ ‘She needs education.’ So, basically, it’s not that she’s an anti-Semite, she’s just an idiot. Gotcha.” —Allie Beth Stuckey

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