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May 29, 2019


“[The Judicial Branch] may truly be said to have neither FORCE nor WILL, but merely judgment; and must ultimately depend upon the aid of the executive arm even for the efficacy of its judgments.” —Alexander Hamilton (1788)

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McConnell’s Strategy: Ensure SCOTUS Protects the Constitution

One of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s greatest triumphs was holding the line against Barack Obama’s choice of Merrick Garland to succeed the late Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court in 2016. McConnell refused to even hold hearings on Garland’s nomination, arguing that voters should weigh in on whether to utterly change the Court’s make-up when the White House and Senate were held by different parties. It was the same argument Democrats had made in presidential elections past. But now the Democrat-Leftmedia Complex is in hysterics over McConnell’s supposed hypocrisy after he announced Tuesday that he would fill any SCOTUS vacancy in 2020 despite it being an election year because the same party controls the Senate and White House.

It is true that the Republican calculation in 2016 was hardball politics. Almost no one thought Donald Trump would actually defeat Hillary Clinton, but McConnell’s big gamble paid off, big time. Instead of Obama substantively changing the Supreme Court with Garland, or Clinton picking him or someone else, Trump chose Neil Gorsuch, an originalist who would follow in Scalia’s large footsteps and take seriously his oath to “support and defend” the U.S. Constitution.

“What can’t be undone,” McConnell said, “is a lifetime appointment to a young man or woman who believes in the quaint notion that the job of the judge is to follow the law.”

And that’s the whole point here. Ultimately, this isn’t just “political.” It’s the essence of the struggle between Rule of Law and rule of men; of Liberty and tyranny. Democrats want justices who will rule according to a “living” Constitution that just happens to comport with current “progressive” sensibilities. Republicans want justices who will uphold the Constitution as written. McConnell’s move in 2016 and his pledge for 2020 are borne of the same strategy — to ensure constitutionalists join the Supreme Court.

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Trump to Replace Alarmist Climate Models With Sound Science

Given the fact that extremist climate-change-prognostication models have been wildly inaccurate, it would be wise to avoid basing any serious environmental policy on them. In fact, anyone interested in following the sound and time-tested scientific method would demand nothing less, and yet the Leftmedia is up in arms over President Donald Trump’s recent decision to do just that. The New York Times blows its climate alarmist’s dog whistle with the headline, “Trump Administration Hardens Its Attack on Climate Science.” Hardly.

The Times fallaciously asserts that “the attack on science is underway,” supposedly evidenced by Trump’s appointment of geologist and former astronaut James Reilly as the director of the United States Geological Survey. And how is Reilly “attacking science”? By insisting upon the practice of sound science. The Times huffs, “Reilly … has ordered that scientific assessments produced by that office use only computer-generated climate models that project impact of climate change through 2040, rather than through the end of the century, as had been done previously.”

In reality, Trump is pushing for the government to return to adhering to sound scientific practice for informing policy decisions, rather than agenda-driven hysterics. James Hewitt, a spokesman for the Environmental Protection Agency, explained, “The previous use of inaccurate modeling that focuses on worst-case emissions scenarios [and] that does not reflect real-world conditions needs to be thoroughly reexamined and tested if such information is going to serve as the scientific foundation of nationwide decision-making now and in the future.”

The Trump administration is also creating a new climate-review panel to be headed by respected Princeton University scientist William Happer. Long an outspoken critic of the alarmism surrounding rising CO2 levels, Happer has argued, “The public in general doesn’t realize that from the point of view of geological history, we are in a CO2 famine. … There is no problem from CO2. The world has lots and lots of problems, but increasing CO2 is not one of the problems. So [the Paris accord] dignifies it by getting all these yahoos who don’t know a damn thing about climate saying, ‘This is a problem, and we’re going to solve it.’ All this virtue signaling.”

No more Chicken Little climate alarmism dictating policy. It’s time to return to sound, verifiable scientific practices that don’t elevate worst-case predictions as a means of pushing for ever-more government regulation.

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  • MUELLER’S SAYONARA: “Special Counsel Robert Mueller said he found ‘insufficient evidence to charge a broader conspiracy’ involving the Trump campaign but didn’t reach a conclusion on whether President Donald Trump obstructed justice. ‘If we had had confidence the president clearly did not commit a crime we would have said so,’ Mueller said in a statement Wednesday at the Justice Department, where he announced he was ending his Russia probe and shutting down his office. As Democrats in Congress demand that he testify, Mueller said he won’t provide any information not already in his report.” (Bloomberg)
  • FAKE NEWS: “Controversial author Michael Wolff’s upcoming book, ‘Siege: Trump Under Fire,’ reportedly claims that Robert Mueller drew up an obstruction of justice indictment against President Trump — but a spokesman for Mueller says the claim is wildly inaccurate.” (Fox News)
  • TRADE WAR CLOUT: “Speculation that China could use its dominance in rare earth minerals as a weapon in the trade war intensified after a Chinese official warned that products made from the materials should not be used against China’s development.” (CNBC)
  • JUDICIAL INDEPENDENCE: “A spate of decisions handed down by the nation’s high court on Tuesday left room for cheers — and jeers — from both the right and the left, continuing a trend of judicial independence that flies in the face of expectations that Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment tipped the scales of justice firmly to the right.” (Fox News)
  • BORDER WALL HICCUP: “A New Mexico town issued a cease-and-desist order Tuesday telling a private group building a half-mile of border wall to stop construction, saying We Build the Wall’s permits weren’t in order. The group, which was 80% of the way done with the section of wall, has stopped work in order to solve the snafu.” (The Washington Times)
  • AMAZON SHOPS AROUND AOC: “In a stinging reproach to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her cohorts who scuttled the deal by which Amazon would have built a headquarters in Queens, Ocasio-Cortez’s district, Amazon is reputedly going to place its headquarters in Manhattan instead.” (The Daily Wire)
  • ACADEMIC RACISM: “In controversial ‘implicit bias’ training, New York City’s public-school educators have been told to focus on black children over white ones.” (New York Post)
  • INMATES RUNNING THE ASYLUM: “The World Health Organization (WHO) will no longer categorize being transgender as a ‘mental disorder’, after a major resolution to amend its health guidelines was approved May 25.” (TIME)
  • THE RAMIFICATIONS: “A biological male who identifies as a transgender woman won an NCAA national championship over Memorial Day weekend.” (The Daily Signal)
  • POLICY: Netflix will have to pay to punish Georgia (National Review)
  • POLICY: Does the Constitution mandate universal birthright citizenship? (The Daily Signal)
  • HUMOR: Trump to sign border wall compromise: 2,000 miles in exchange for a study to determine the wall’s gender (IMAO)

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Walter Williams: “Northern delegates to the [1787 Constitutional] Convention, and others who opposed slavery, wanted to count only free people of each state to determine representation in the House of Representatives and the Electoral College. Southern delegates wanted to count slaves just as any other person. That would have given slave states greater representation in the House and the Electoral College. If slaveholding states could not have counted slaves at all, the Constitution would not have been ratified and there would not be a union. The compromise was for slaves to be counted as three-fifths of a person when deciding representation in the House of Representatives and Electoral College. My question for those who condemn the Three-Fifths Compromise is: Would blacks have been better off if northern convention delegates stuck to their guns, not compromising, and a union had never been formed? … Here’s my hypothesis about people who use slavery to trash the founders: They have contempt for our constitutional guarantees of liberty. Slavery is merely a convenient moral posturing tool they use in their attempt to reduce respect for our Constitution.”


Upright: “Socialism is in vogue because no one is sure what it is. The classic definition of abolishing private property, a planned economy, and collective ownership of the means of production no longer applies. More people today believe that socialism means ‘equality’ than ‘government control.’ … The same Gallup poll that found 40 percent of the public has a positive view of socialism, however you define it, also discovered large majorities in favor of the free market leading the way on innovation, the distribution of wealth, the economy overall, and wages, and smaller majorities for free-market approaches to higher education and health care. Americans are very bad socialists.” —Matthew Continetti

For the record: “As the son of a Cuban immigrant whose Dad came to get a math degree & become a computer programmer, I’m troubled that Dems seem to believe Hispanic immigrants can’t qualify for skills-based legal immigration. Bringing in more scientists, engineers & doctors is good for US jobs.” —Ted Cruz

Inevitable: “Given the potential for abortion to become a tool of eugenic manipulation, the court will soon need to confront the constitutionality of laws like Indiana’s. So long as the Supreme Court forces a policy of unfettered elective abortion on the entire country, it ought to at least allow for states to protect babies from unjust discrimination. … Having created the constitutional right to an abortion, this court is dutybound to address its scope.” —Justice Clarence Thomas

Denying reality: “A woman who exercises her constitutionally protected right to terminate a pregnancy is not a ‘mother.’” —Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Belly laugh of the week: “Go ahead, investigate the investigators, if you must. When those investigations are over, you will find the work was done appropriately and focused only on discerning the truth of very serious allegations. There was no corruption. There was no treason. There was no attempted coup. Those are lies, and dumb lies at that.” —James Comey

And last… “A whole lot of journalists are lazy progressive hipsters who hang out around the same people who think the same things and are, as a result, easily manipulated and played. … An unfortunate number of journalists at most news organizations will gladly and repeatedly take pre-packaged stories from progressive interest groups and turn them into big stories.” —Erick Erickson

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