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“There is no vice so mean, so pitiful, so contemptible; and he who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and a third time, till at length it becomes habitual.” —Thomas Jefferson (1785)



Absurd Anti-Trump ‘Watergate’ Show Continues

Democrats pressed forward Monday into new levels of absurdity in their political crusade to label President Donald Trump a criminal deserving not only impeachment but prison. Sitting before the House Judiciary Committee to offer his obviously politically biased opinion on the Robert Mueller report was former lawyer to Richard Nixon and current CNN contributor John Dean. Why did the Democrats bring him to testify? He has absolutely no connection to Trump, Mueller, “collusion,” or anything else in government since his criminal conviction as a figure in the Watergate scandal back in the ‘70s.

Trump offered his answer: “Can’t believe they are bringing in John Dean, the disgraced Nixon White House Counsel who is a paid CNN contributor. No Collusion — No Obstruction! Democrats just want a [2016] do-over which they’ll never get!”

Republicans had a field day, blasting Dean and Democrats for their clear attempt to paint Trump as Nixon. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-GA) noted, “Dean has made a cottage industry out of accusing presidents of acting like Richard Nixon.” He also asked committee chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY), who interrupted and stopped his questioning of Dean, “I would like to know how much money he makes based on making these accusations and exploiting them for his own economic benefit and you’re saying that’s out of line?”

But it was Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) who hit the nail on the head, observing, “There are similarities … with regard to Watergate. In both, an administration was seeking to illegally spy on another candidate. In both, people were hired to attempt to gather evidence that could be used against a candidate. In Watergate, the Committee to Reelect the president hired burglars to break into the DNC headquarters. In Watergate, administration officials tried to find ways to use federal dollars to pay for their criminal spying.”

Gohmert continued, “In Russiagate, members of the federal government used the intel, DOJ, and FBI communities to attempt to defeat a presidential candidate, then when that failed to have him removed from office. In Russiagate, the Clinton campaign and the FBI paid a foreign agent to collude with Russians to produce opposition research — that turned out completely false, as the Mueller report indicated — that could be used to commit a fraud on the FISA court and get multiple warrants to spy on opposition campaigns.”

The Democrats’ aim in this ridiculous show trial is to accomplish two things. First, tar Trump as an illegitimately elected criminal so as to damage his reelection prospects, and second, distract Americans from following the actual scandal that is unfolding as the Justice Department investigates those government officials involved in initiating and coordinating Russiagate.

The SCOTUS Suppressor Decision

The Supreme Court declined to take up an interesting gun case on Monday, and the Leftmedia, as usual, is peddling fake news about it.

More on that in a minute. But first, this was not exactly the best case for any gun-rights proponent to push to the level of the Supreme Court. National Review reports the details: “The appeal came from Shane Cox, who owns a military-surplus store in Kansas, and Jeremy Kettler, who purchased a gun suppressor from him. The men were convicted under the [1934] National Firearms Act of failing to register the device but appealed the decision, saying the law infringes on their Second Amendment rights. The appeals court then ruled that a suppressor is not a ‘bearable’ weapon protected under the Second Amendment.”

However, the specifics are a bit murkier: “Kettler said he bought the suppressor to avoid further harm to his hearing, which was damaged while he served in the military. He said Cox had led him to believe that suppressors made and sold in the same state were not required to be registered.”

Now, we’d be the first to agree with Justice Clarence Thomas, who has in recent years complained that SCOTUS has ignored Second Amendment jurisprudence to the point of making it a second-class right. But breaking the law and then demanding it be overturned by the courts is not the strongest approach. Moreover, this is about accessories, not the firearms themselves, which makes it less than an airtight case. (To be clear, we absolutely oppose any ban on suppressors.)

The better and more fundamental case SCOTUS did agree to hear is one challenging a New York City law governing transport of firearms outside the home, so stay tuned.

Now, back to the media misinformation. Leftmedia outlets (and some conservative ones that should know better) insist on referring to suppressors as “silencers.” While these devices do attach to a gun barrel and slightly muffle the sound of a shot, they are a far cry from the fantasy fiction in Hollywood movies. You cannot attach a “silencer” to a gun and shoot another person in the next room without anyone hearing it. But by reminding people that the murderer in Virginia Beach last month used a firearm with a suppressor, the Leftmedia lead the ignorant to think a gun with a suppressor is somehow more deadly. That’s a lie.

It’s akin to the mendacious misnaming of semiautomatic rifles as “assault weapons.” Beware the Left’s manipulation of language.

On a final note, Virginia Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam wiped off his black face long enough to propose a ban on suppressors and “high-capacity” magazines (another leftist misnomer) after the Virginia Beach attack. And even President Donald Trump said last week that he will “seriously look at” a ban on “silencers” (his word) because “I don’t like them at all.” Maybe he should talk to his son, Don Jr., an advocate of the Hearing Protection Act to ease restrictions on suppressors.



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  • MEDAL OF HONOR: “The White House announced on Monday that former Army Staff Sgt. David G. Bellavia will become the first living Medal of Honor recipient for the war in Iraq for his heroism during the second battle of Fallujah in November 2004. … President Trump will present the award to Bellavia at a White House ceremony on June 25.” (ABC News)
  • RELIGIOUS LIBERTY ATTACKED AGAIN: “Masterpiece Cakeshop is again under fire, now the subject of a third discrimination lawsuit alleging that owner Jack Phillips ‘discriminated’ against a customer by refusing to make a cake for an unspecified event.” (The Daily Wire)
  • IN GOD WE STILL TRUST: “The Supreme Court declined Monday to take up a legal dispute targeting the inscription of ‘In God We Trust’ on coins and currency from the Department of Treasury,” reports the (Washington Examiner. The challenge was brought by perennial anti-Christian atheist Michael Newdow, who also famously sued to have “under God” removed from the Pledge of Allegiance, as well as to purge “So help me God” from presidential inauguration oaths.
  • AMASH BREAKS WITH FREEDOM CAUCUS: “Michigan Republican Rep. Justin Amash announced Monday evening he was leaving the influential conservative House Freedom Caucus, just weeks after he attracted the ire of his colleagues by arguing in Twitter posts that President Trump had committed impeachable offenses.” (Fox News)
  • ASSANGE EXTRADITION: “The Justice Department has delivered to officials in the United Kingdom a formal extradition request for Julian Assange, making further U.S. charges against the WikiLeaks founder unlikely.” (The Washington Post)
  • CIA INFORMANT: “Kim Jong Nam, the slain half brother of North Korea’s leader, was a Central Intelligence Agency source who met on several occasions with agency operatives,” says The Wall Street Journal. “Mr. Kim, the half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, was killed in Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia in February 2017, when two women smeared his face with the nerve agent VX.”
  • POLICY: Don’t Minimize Conservative Concerns About Big Tech Censorship (The Federalist)
  • POLICY: The wrong fight over fighters: understanding the F-15X purchase (American Enterprise Institute)
  • HUMOR: Sanders vows to bypass snowballing hyperinflation phase of socialism, go directly to brutal government crackdown on public gatherings protesting food shortages (IMAO)

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Ken Blackwell: “The stock market is rebounding on the news that the Federal Reserve is considering an interest rate decrease, but some commentators are spinning this as a sign of economic calamity. Experts widely interpreted this as an indication that the Fed may soon implement a rate cut after raising rates steadily over the entire course of Donald Trump’s presidency. President Trump has repeatedly encouraged such a move, pointing out that his policies have secured the robust economic growth, historically strong job market, and low inflation that the Fed is tasked with supporting. Why, then, is the media wallowing in preposterous talk of impending economic devastation from ‘trade wars?’ These are the same people, remember, who insisted that President Trump’s election would tank the stock market, then spent the first two years of his presidency predicting that a recession was right around the corner even as the economy soared to record-breaking heights. To these ‘experts,’ any piece of economic news, no matter how encouraging, is an opportunity to claim that Donald Trump will ruin the economy.”


Free speech fight: “Internet activists hear about people like Steven Crowder. What you don’t hear about is the local realtor who put a Trump sign in their lawn, and because of that, the neighborhood listserv and Nextdoor app filled up with people campaigning to nuke their Google mentions, respond to their Facebook page with constant harassment, and deface their ads in the neighborhood, calling them a white supremacist. That is not a major story. It is not even a minor story. But it is the sort of story that radicalizes a church, a community, a group of likeminded people… and then you start looking for politicians who take this issue on.” —Ben Domenech

Braying Jenny: “[I have] absolutely no doubt that [President Trump] has committed high crimes and misdemeanors. … [But] I think there may be just a bit more that we can do to make sure that we are traveling with the American people to that destination.” —Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL)

Demo-gogues: “[Illegal immigration] is a serious problem, but it is not the kind of crisis that requires demonization of desperate people who in some cases have walked a thousand miles with their children. … The issue of climate change, the issue of tens of millions of Americans not having any health insurance, the fact that half of our people are living paycheck to paycheck — those are more serious crises.” —Sen. Bernie Sanders

Delusions of grandeur: “We [2020 Democrat candidates] are all a part of being The Avengers. The Republicans in 2016, that was ‘The Hunger Games.’” —Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA)

And last… “The same people who insist against Jack Phillips’ right to refuse service are condemning YouTube for refusing to ban [Stephen] Crowder. Businesses have the right to make these decisions for themselves, except when they don’t. That’s the great thing about authoritarianism. You don’t need principles when you can just silence anybody who disagrees with you. Hypocrisy is… well, it’s baked into the cake.” —Jim Treacher

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