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Jun. 17, 2019


“No morn ever dawned more favorable than ours did; and no day was every more clouded than the present! Wisdom, and good examples are necessary at this time to rescue the political machine from the impending storm.” —George Washington (1786)

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Why Trump’s Latest Polling Numbers Matter

We are 17 months out from the 2020 presidential election, so why should anyone care that recent polling (including from President Donald Trump’s own pollsters) shows him far behind his Democrat opponents in several key states? Because pollaganda is real and effective. It’s how the Leftmedia shapes and moves public opinion, all while gauging its success. In other words, polling more often than not is a reflection of the effectiveness of the media’s messaging as people simply report back what they’ve been fed.

For the entirety of Trump’s presidency, 90% of the mainstream media’s reporting on him has been negative. No previous president has had to contend with such an onslaught of media antagonism on a daily basis, and yet in spite of this Trump has seen remarkable success in implementing his America First agenda. The question is, how many Americans are aware of this? How many realize that the strong economy they are now enjoying is largely due to Trump’s policies?

But there are also important caveats regarding the White House’s internal polling. Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale explained, “These leaked numbers are ancient, in campaign terms, from months-old polling that began in March before two major events had occurred: the release of the summary of the Mueller report exonerating the President, and the beginning of the Democrat candidates defining themselves with the far-left policy message.”

Yet, as everyone knows and as the 2016 election proved, the only real poll that ultimately matters is on Election Day. And 2020 Election Day is still a long way off, with Trump just this week set to formally announce his reelection bid in Orlando, Florida. Moreover, Trump’s Democrat challenger has yet to be determined, with that challenger sure to be bloodied by the time they face off against Trump. Speaking of the Democrat field, the current frontrunner, Joe Biden, has seen his big lead weaken while a new CBS poll shows hard-leftist Elizabeth Warren moving into second, overtaking the fast-fading socialist Bernie Sanders.

One final note: At this same point in his presidency, Ronald Reagan polled nationally at 35% favorability; Trump is currently at 37%. Reagan went on to win the 1984 election in a 49-state landslide. Why? Many historians point to Reagan’s economic turnaround, which likewise may prove to be the trump card that gets Trump reelected. However, Democrats and the Leftmedia will do everything in their power to convince Americans that voting for Trump will bring about the end of the country, and they’re pushing a recession to make their predictions come “true.”

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United Auto Workers Defeated Again

For the second time, workers at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, rejected a vote to unionize workers under the United Auto Workers (UAW). The first vote failed in 2014, but the UAW promptly challenged the vote before dropping the challenge at the last minute two months later. We predicted at the time the UAW would be back for a rematch.

The UAW spent heavily advertising in the local market and had the backing of Democrat Mayor Andy Berke. And yet the result the second time wasn’t all that different from the first. In 2014, the vote was 712-626 against unionizing. This time, it was 883-776 — more total votes, but the same 53%-47% margin.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board summed it up: “The UAW couldn’t overcome Volkswagen’s pitch that workers are better off without a union dunning their paychecks for dues and perhaps making the plant less competitive. Wages and benefits for production workers can add up to $23.50 an hour, which is well above the median in Chattanooga.”

The same failure has been true of UAW efforts to unionize foreign-owed auto plants in other southern right-to-work states. In fact, not a single plant in the South is unionized. Workers region-wide know this is the 21st century, not the early 20th, and they’ve got it pretty good without donating some of their pay to Big Labor and the Democrat Party.

On that note, the Journal observes, “The union was also hurt by federal corruption charges against prominent UAW officials, including misuse of union dues for lavish personal spending — which isn’t a good look when you’re trying to convince workers to commit a chunk of their hard-earned wages for union purposes.”

In any case, we’d say the UAW won’t let this fight be over just yet and Chattanooga better prepare for the inevitable Round Three. Why? Because since 1979, when UAW membership peaked at 1.5 million workers, the rolls have plummeted to just 400,000. The UAW is desperate. But plants that aren’t unionized provide American jobs. Plants that are unionized see jobs outsourced to Mexico.

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Part of our core mission here at The Patriot Post is to expose the Left’s blatant hypocrisy. We are dedicated to exposing the lies and deception in the statist strategy to destroy the groundswell of grassroots support nationwide that led to Donald Trump’s victory over their shoo-in favorite, Hillary Clinton, and her crime family syndicate. For nearly 23 years, our work has been made possible thanks solely to the financial generosity of Patriots like you. Please help us continue the fight and support our mission today. Thank you for your support, and for all you do for Liberty. —Nate Jackson, Managing Editor



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  • HEALTH-CARE CHECKUP: “President Trump said he’ll be rolling out a new health care plan in a couple of months, saying it will be a key focus in his 2020 reelection campaign,” according to The Hill. Republicans failed to pass health-care reform even with congressional majorities, so this plan will be geared toward rallying the troops for the 2020 elections. If successful, we can only hope that Republicans have finally learned their lesson.
  • FUNDING FIGHT RESUMES: “House Democrats are set to move funding for most of the federal government this week, even as lawmakers have struggled to reach a budget caps deal. The two packages, known as ‘minibuses,’ will cover nine of the 12 individual appropriations bills that Congress needs to pass by Oct. 1 in order to avoid the second government shutdown of the year.” (The Hill)
  • IRAN DEFIES: “Amid increased brinksmanship with the United States, Iran announced Monday its intention to exceed the low-enriched uranium stockpile limit it agreed to in the 2015 nuke deal — unless certain demands are met by the pact’s remaining signatories within the next 10 days. More provocatively, the Islamic Republic’s Atomic Energy Organization spokesman warned Iran could enrich uranium up to 20 percent — just a step below weapons-grade level.” (Fox News)
  • ALLIES TAKE NOTE: “The United Kingdom will send elite forces to the Gulf of Oman to protect its warships amid rising tensions with Iran, according to the Sunday Times. The planned deployment follows Thursday’s attacks on two oil tankers, which the U.S. has blamed on Iran.” (Politico)
  • COLLUSION DELUSION: “The United States is stepping up digital incursions into Russia’s electric power grid in a warning to President Vladimir V. Putin and a demonstration of how the Trump administration is using new authorities to deploy cybertools more aggressively, current and former government officials said.” (The New York Times)
  • IMPEACHMENT LETDOWN: “MoveOn.org kicked off a nationwide campaign to impeach President Donald Trump Saturday with a series of ‘#ImpeachTrump’ rallies and a ‘Day of Action’ meant to inspire the far left to pressure Congressional legislators to undertake impeachment proceedings. … But if their intent was to create the impression that hundreds of thousands of Americans stood at the ready to impeach President Donald Trump, the effort failed miserably. Across the country, turnout was sparse, even in dedicated leftist strongholds.” (The Daily Wire)
  • AFRICAN MIGRANTS: According to the Associated Press, African migrants are a burgeoning source of illegal immigration. They are emigrating from places like the Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola, and Cameroon. “The explosion in immigration to the United States from sub-Saharan Africa coincides with a steep drop in the migration flow across the Mediterranean to Europe after European countries and two main embarkation points — Turkey and Libya — decided to crack down.”
  • DIVINE JUSTICE: “An atheist group has dropped its attempt to strip American pastors of their tax exemption for housing. The Freedom from Religion Foundation will not appeal an appeals court decision that said the federal government is allowed to exempt priests, pastors, rabbis, and other religious instructors from paying taxes on the housing they receive, ending an eight-year legal battle.” (The Washington Free Beacon)
  • POLICY: Trump is expanding ObamaCare … in a good way (National Review)
  • POLICY: Building the new privacy and security layers of the Internet (American Enterprise Institute)
  • HUMOR: Elizabeth Warren promises to cure smallpox (The Babylon Bee)

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Gary Bauer: “Candace Owens, a black conservative, was penalized by Facebook as a ‘hate agent.’ Why? Because she speaks out against what liberalism has done to minority communities. My friend Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese Christian, regularly speaks out against radical Islamism. She has been labeled a hate agent. Pinterest banned a leading pro-life site as ‘pornography.’ As we have reported, leading progressive politicians are routinely labeling normal conservative views as ‘hate,’ beyond the pale of public debate and discourse. The latest example was Kirsten Gillibrand, who compared believing in the sanctity of life to Holocaust denial or the advocacy of slavery. Virtually no mainstream conservative can speak on university campuses without a social justice mob labeling them a hater and trying to shut them down. Well guess what? That social justice mob now dominates Big Tech workplaces like Facebook, Google and Twitter.”


The Gipper: “How do you tell a Communist? Well, it’s someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It’s someone who understands Marx and Lenin.” —Ronald Reagan

Speaking of which… “I believe in community ownership of land, labor, resources, and distribution of those resources. And so whatever that morphs into I think is … the best and I’m excited to usher it in by any means necessary.” —Denver councilwoman Candi CdeBaca

For the record: “Presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway stands accused of violating the Hatch Act. … One of Conway’s important duties is to do media appearances, a demand not placed on presidential advisers in the entirely different media environment of 1939 when the Hatch Act was passed. The notion that during such interviews she can’t talk candidly about the likes of Joe Biden and Cory Booker is goofy. Democracy would be ill-served by such a bar.” —Paul Mirengoff

Tongue firmly in cheek: “It’s only fair: If Democrats want to kill the Hyde amendment and stick pro-life taxpayers with the tab for the constitutionally protected abortions that the Left loves so much, then Republicans should enact Guns for All and force pro-gun-control taxpayers to underwrite the constitutionally protected firearms that the Right loves so much.” —Deroy Murdock, who in all seriousness concludes, “If you want an abortion or a gun, pay for it yourself.”

Braying Jackass: “This is an administration that is gunning for war in Iran.” —Beto O'Rourke

Banging the impeachment drum: “I think we are clearly there with the results of the special counsel team. There are so many witnesses who could provide important, essential testimony to Congress that can only be done in the scope of an impeachment inquiry. Action should be taken immediately.” —former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe

And last… “What conservatives have to understand is that this [free speech itself] is the central fight we’re in. This is where the battle for the soul of the future is taking place. We have to remember that we are not just on the right, we are in the right. And if we allow ourselves to be silenced — if we allow ourselves to be frightened — if we start to watch our words or apologize for faked misunderstandings or dial back our humor or throw our friends overboard when they misspeak, we lose. We lose because we have allowed the left to set the terms of the debate.” —Andrew Klavan

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