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Jun. 27, 2019


“The same prudence which in private life would forbid our paying our own money for unexplained projects, forbids it in the dispensation of the public moneys.” —Thomas Jefferson (1808)

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Demo Debate 1: How Far Left Can They Go?

The Democrat field of 25 announced candidates is, on the one hand, a clown car full of people who can’t possibly be serious about being president along with a few who have a legitimate shot. But the amalgam, as on display in last night’s Part I of II debate featuring 10 of those candidates, reveals that the party strategy is to cultivate a constituency of dunces around various issues and offers of “free” stuff — all to be brought together under one Hate Trump banner in time for 2020.

The candidates on stage: Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Amy Klobuchar, Julian Castro, Beto O'Rourke, Bill de Blasio, Tulsi Gabbard, Jay Inslee, Tim Ryan, and John Delaney. Ten more will debate tonight.

As for last night, we’ll focus on three examples of the effort to push the envelope as far to the left as possible, testing messaging for the general election and bringing Democrat voters together.


Warren led the charge on this one, revealing the party’s strategy. If Democrats can’t get the recession they want, they’ll go with their bread-and-butter standby: envy.

“Who is this economy really working for?” Warren asked in a common theme for the debate. “It’s doing great for a thinner and thinner slice at the top.” Warren pointed to Big Pharma and Big Oil, as well as the prison system, as examples. She’s not entirely unfounded in diagnosing the problems, but she is grossly wrong about the solutions. “When you’ve got a government, when you’ve got an economy that does great for those with money and isn’t doing great for everyone else, that is corruption, pure and simple,” she thundered. The economy, she insists, is “rigged.” Warren’s solution? More government — telling business how and what to sell and consumers what they’re allowed to buy. Her real gripe is merely one of who’s doing the “rigging.”

De Blasio made this plain, saying there’s “plenty of money,” but “it’s just in the wrong hands.”

In any case, it’s rather hilarious to hear Warren talking about anything being “rigged” when she parlayed her phony minority ancestry into a posh Harvard job. Moreover, she and her husband have an estimated net worth of as much as $10 million, which puts even millionaire socialist Bernie Sanders to shame. Must be hard being that “thinner slice at the top.”

Health Care

Warren and de Blasio were the only two candidates on stage to raise their hands when asked if they’d be willing to abolish private insurance. De Blasio, who never saw a private enterprise he didn’t want to destroy, even rebuked former Leftmedia heartthrob Beto O'Rourke for “defending the private insurance industry.”

Again, Democrats are testing the waters to see how voters react to the idea of losing their private insurance. Medicare for All is popular … until people realize the implications.


This time it was Castro offering up the most “progressive” proposition. He has called for repealing the federal law that makes illegally crossing the border a crime, and he demanded the others on stage line up behind him.

We’ve all seen the very real border crisis fomented by Democrats’ invasion invitation, marked by 144,000 apprehended or rejected migrants in May alone. Castro’s policy is to inject that with steroids.

Democrat pandering peaked with O'Rourke, Booker, and Castro each breaking into Spanish.

In summary, in addition to testing leftist messaging, every Democrat on stage, to varying degrees, thinks they can be more generous with your money, smarter with your decisions, and wiser with … well, everything than you can. Do Americans really want to put someone like that in the White House?

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The True Story of Two Dead Migrants

“Photo of drowned migrants triggers fight over Trump asylum clampdown.” That’s how Reuters headlined the fallout following this week’s revelation that two Salvadorans, a father and his two-year-old child, failed in their attempt to traverse the Rio Grande. The photo is unequivocally heartbreaking. It’s the kind of picture that makes one sick to his stomach. But like most things in life, emotional incidents without proper context inevitably result in irrational knee-jerk reactions.

According to The Daily Mail, the family’s journey began on April 3, when they departed El Salvador. For the next two months, the family — which was seeking asylum in the U.S. — was lodged in a migrant camp in southern Mexico. Restless and intent on engineering a more expeditious asylum process, they jumped onto a bus that took them to the U.S. border this past weekend. “When they arrived, the consulate was closed but they also learned they were far down a list of hundreds of migrants in line for interviews,” the Mail reports. “They decided to make the crossing illegally rather than wait — a decision that led to their deaths.”

Bad choices have consequences. Furthermore, as The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh observes, “This was not a family turned coldly away as it fled violence and oppression. They were not turned away at all. They simply grew impatient waiting for the bureaucratic wheels to turn. Indeed, family members confirm that the family was not being persecuted in its home country.”

Which gets us to the other half of the story. The Mail goes on to reveal that the father had been employed at Papa John’s Pizza. Granted, his income of $350 per month was paltry, but seeking entry based on low or insufficient income, as Walsh explains, “isn’t how the asylum program is traditionally meant to be used.”

Yet Democrats are hell-bent on hanging the incident around President Donald Trump’s neck. Sen. Bernie Sanders bellowed, “Trump’s policy of making it harder and harder to seek asylum — and separating families who do — is cruel, inhumane and leads to tragedies like this.” And according to NBC News, presidential candidate Julian Castro “pointed to the Trump administration’s metering policy as what ‘prompted’ the father and daughter who were found dead Monday to cross the Rio Grande illegally.” (Side note: An NBC “fact check” absurdly labeled this assertion as “true.”)

Actually, to Sanders’s point, other countries’ failure to enforce their own borders is what leads to tragedies like this. And to Castro’s point, Democrats are prompting this behavior — both with open-borders advocacy and legislative malfeasance. As Trump put it, “If they fixed the laws you wouldn’t have that. People are coming up, they’re running through the Rio Grande. They can change it very easily so people don’t come up, and people won’t get killed.”

But that would mean losing an important narrative leading up to the 2020 elections. Can’t have that.

Part of the Democrat effort to push Trump out of the Oval Office and to take over both chambers of Congress is to suggest that “Republicans don’t care about kids.” They point to this week’s photo of two drowned people as proof. Yet it’s Democrats who won’t budge on fixing the laws. And that’s to say nothing of the people who really don’t care about kids — the ones trafficking them. The Department of Homeland Security has so far flagged 316 fraudulent families. Sadly, our lawmakers have also perpetuated this fraud.

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  • CITIZENSHIP QUESTION ANNULLED: “The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that the Trump administration’s explanation for asking about citizenship on the 2020 census didn’t hold water, sending the matter back to the Commerce Department to try again. But the timing of the ruling — just days before the department must finalize the questionnaire for the 2020 count — likely means the administration won’t be able to ask.” (The Washington Times)
  • GERRYMANDERING VERDICT: “The Supreme Court’s conservatives decided Thursday that federal courts do not have a role to play in deciding whether partisan gerrymandering goes too far. The 5 to 4 decision was written by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. and joined by the court’s other conservatives.” (The Washington Post)
  • ‘AUER DEFERENCE’ UPHELD: “The Supreme Court on Wednesday refused to overturn a precedent that strengthens the power of government regulators in a closely watched case that could have broad ramifications for federal agencies. The precedent is known as ‘Auer deference,’ after the 1997 case Auer v. Robbins. Since Auer, the Supreme Court has held that courts should defer to agencies’ interpretations of their own rules if those rules are ambiguous. Though the top court retained the precedent, it did so while imposing limitations.” (CNBC)
  • PELOSI’S PARTISAN PLOY: “House Democrats cannot accept the bipartisan border crisis compromise bill the Senate passed Wednesday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said, and will demand changes to limit how long children can be held in some facilities.” (The Washington Times)
  • TERRORISTS EYE THE BORDER: “Law enforcement officials in Nicaragua have arrested four ISIS terror suspects — two from Iraq and two from Egypt — who reportedly entered the country with Costa Rican travel documents as part of a migrant group that U.S. officials say was headed north to the U.S.-Mexico border.” (The Daily Wire)
  • G-20 UNDERWAY: “Trade and geopolitical tensions, and the looming threat of climate change, are on the agenda as the presidents of the United States and China and other world leaders gather in Osaka, Japan, for a summit of the Group of 20 major economies.” (The Associated Press)
  • NOKO SUMMIT #3: “North Korean and U.S. officials are holding ‘behind-the-scenes talks’ to arrange a third summit between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on the fate of the North’s expanding nuclear arsenal, South Korea’s president said, four months after a second meeting between the leaders in Vietnam collapsed without any agreement.” (ABC News)
  • CHRIS COX OUT: According to ABC News, “Chris Cox has stepped down from his post as the NRA’s chief lobbyist and principal political strategist for the Institute for Legislative Action — the lobbying arm for the NRA, according to Andrew Arulanandum, the NRA’s managing director for public affairs.” Be sure to read Mark Alexander’s warning concerning the NRA’s fratricidal fire.
  • MORE PARKLAND FALLOUT: “Over a year after the deadly school shooting in Parkland, Fla., two more Broward County sheriff’s deputies have been fired for failing to act to stop the massacre. Deputies Edward Eason and Josh Stambaugh were terminated Tuesday after an internal investigation of the department’s response to the shooting showed they’d failed to act, Broward County sheriff Gregory Tony said.” (National Review)
  • POLICY: Sure, cancel student debt. Then cancel college. Higher education has been massively devalued over the past decade. (Spectator)
  • POLICY: Why college costs are out of control (The Heritage Foundation)
  • HUMOR: In emergency bill, House dems vote to send more fake tears to address border crisis (The Babylon Bee)

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Veronique de Rugy: “When I was pregnant with my first child 16 years ago, I asked my doctor how much it would cost to pay for the birth out-of-pocket. He had no clue. The truth of the matter is that in most cases, neither doctors nor their patients have any idea what their treatments cost. That’s because the health care market is not a real market. The prices that emerge in this ‘market’ aren’t the result of supply and demand, influenced by innovation and competition. Instead, they’re the product of a bunch of legislators who want to create a system where anyone but the consumers pay the costs of health care. … Real reform comes only when we untangle the many ways in which government interferes in the health care market. Instead of fighting markets, legislators ought to unleash them.”


Summing it up: “The short version: Elizabeth Warren treaded water, Cory Booker and Julian Castro found their grooves, Bill de Blasio vented his anger and may have created some buzz, Beto O'Rourke had a terrible night, and everybody else on the bottom stayed on the bottom.” —Jim Geraghty

Touché: “The NBC audio situation is just about as strong as the Democrat field.” —Charlie Kirk

For the record: “Boring!” —Donald Trump live tweeting the first Democrat debate

Horrifying thought: “What will happen Thursday night if former Vice President Joe Biden pulls his pants down onstage when it is finally his time to speak?” —R. Emmett Tyrrell

The bottom line: “For several generations, Congress — the branch of government closest to the people — has slowly but surely abdicated its role in American constitutional government even as the power of the federal government grew. The American people are increasingly divorced from an increasingly powerful national government.” —David French

Let’s hope so: “If we have two old white guys at the top of this ticket, we will lose.” —Howard Dean

Braying Jenny: “Wayfair workers couldn’t stomach they were making beds to cage children. They asked the company to stop. … This is what solidarity looks like — a reminder that everyday people have real power, as long as we’re brave enough to use it.” —Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (“Perhaps the Wayfair workers should think twice. The last time AOC inserted herself into a local issue, the freshman lawmaker cost 25,000 workers their jobs!” —Gary Bauer)

Friendly fire I: “I think that he’s not a pragmatic choice. … If you pick the perfect candidate like Joe Biden to win that guy in the diner, the cost will make you lose because you will depress turnout as well. And that’s exactly what happened to 2016. We picked the logically fitting candidate, but that candidate did not inspire the turnout that we needed.” —Ocasio-Cortez

Friendly fire II: “There is no comparison to the Holocaust, period, and to draw an equivalency suggests one does not understand what happened in the Holocaust.” —Gov. Andrew Cuomo scolding AOC

And last… “Look at Germany for what happens with ‘open borders.’ Insane costs. Violence. Sexual harassment. Nowhere to house migrants. The Democrats want to bring that HERE.” —Liz Wheeler

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