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Jul. 23, 2019


“A wise and frugal government … shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government.” —Thomas Jefferson (1801)

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Promise Exceeded: Trump’s Deregulatory Record

The national debt will continue to rise under the new deal struck by President Donald Trump and congressional leaders Monday. No one in Washington cares about the debt, and too many voters are in the same boat. But the U.S. economy is still growing in spite of this massive burden, and one big reason for that is another part of Trump’s agenda: deregulation.

The Republican tax cuts — which every single Democrat opposed and has spent two years lying about — spurred economic growth not seen during the doldrums of the Barack Obama years. Regulation is a form of taxation, adding hidden costs to nearly everything Americans produce, buy, and do. Thus, when Trump cuts regulations, he is again cutting taxes, and that helps the economy.

Better yet, he’s been doing it even faster than he promised he would. On the campaign trail, Trump pledged to cut two Obama-era regulations for every new one imposed. “We’ve hit 13 to 1,” said Russ Vought, deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget. And doing so has saved American taxpayers $33 billion, as well as spurring a projected rise in household income of $3,100 over the next few years.

Every Democrat presidential candidate promises to undo that progress.

According to Mick Mulvaney, acting White House chief of staff, it’s the president’s “real-world experience” in business that formed his deregulatory worldview. Unlike Obama, Trump actually had a job in the private sector, where he had to contend with onerous regulations. “The president has it because he had to go and pull a permit to build a building and deal with bureaucracy and doesn’t like that and knows why that impedes growth and impedes development, impedes creativity,” said Mulvaney. “It’s an extraordinarily commonsense approach.” An approach every American should appreciate from the central government.

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Warren Hopes for Economic Doom

Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (MA) warned on Monday that an “economic crash” is coming. She then touted her prophetic abilities by claiming, “I warned about an economic crash years before the 2008 crisis, but the people in power wouldn’t listen.” She continued, “Now I’m seeing serious warning signs in the economy again — and I’m calling on regulators and Congress to act before another crisis costs America’s families their homes, jobs, and savings.”

Warren begrudgingly acknowledges that the economy is currently doing well (darn it, she might add), but she repeated her phony debate line that most people aren’t feeling it. She insists, “For most people, wages haven’t gone up in a generation,” while at the same time the cost of housing, health care (thanks to ObamaCare), child care, and higher education has “gone through the roof.”

“Warning lights are flashing. Whether it’s this year or next year, the odds of another economic downturn are high — and growing,” Warren predicts. And what is Warren’s solution to this impending economic crisis? Well, like any good socialist, it’s a recipe chock-full of increases in Big Government programs and centralized control with the promised outcome of ever more “free” stuff. Warren derides the free-market economy for supposedly failing to provide for the middle class, while at the same time promoting a litany of high-cost policies such as a $15 minimum wage, forgiving billions in student loans, and her so-called Green Manufacturing Plan, all of which would bring about increased taxation and regulation. And the dirty little secret is that none of the ostensible benefits will ever be realized.

Warren and her fellow Democrats want a bad economy because they want to win in 2020 and beyond thanks to the votes of as many government dependents as possible. Democrats devise a system in which they are the “benevolent” plutocrats ruling over the rest of us who cannot be trusted to provide for our own welfare or trusted with freedom to make our own decisions apart from their “guiding” hands. What Warren preaches and presents is the antithesis of the American Dream, and she’s playing on fear and envy to convince people to drink the poison she’s offering.

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POLITICS AND MONEY: “The Trump administration and congressional leaders, including Democrats, have reached a critical debt and budget agreement that all but eliminates the risk of another government shut down this fall — but that has already drawn fierce blowback from fiscal conservatives worried about overspending, as well as progressives unhappy with where the money could go,” Fox News reports. Assuming Congress passes the budget agreement, spending caps will climb by $320 billion and the debt ceiling will be shelved through July 31, 2021. From Sen. Rand Paul’s point of view, “It scraps the sequester, which is a huge mistake. It would be a huge mistake if the Republican leadership agrees to this.”

COMEY’S COVERT OPERATION: “According to RealClearInvestigations, a soon-to-be-filed report by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz alleges that former FBI Director James Comey ‘was secretly trying to build a conspiracy case against the president, while at times acting as an investigative agent.’ … [Paul] Sperry cites two U.S. officials briefed on the IG’s investigation into possible FBI misconduct who say the former director was effectively ‘running a covert operation against’ Trump, which started with a ‘defensive briefing’ he privately gave Trump a few weeks before his inauguration.” (The Daily Wire)

FOOD-STAMP REFORM: “The Trump administration on Tuesday proposed a rule to tighten food stamp eligibility that would cut about 3.1 million people from the program, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) officials said.” (Reuters)

THE GOOD… “Homeland Security announced an aggressive new policy Monday to fast-track deportations of recent immigrants caught living in the U.S. illegally, looking to expand a tool that’s been used successfully at the border for years. Expedited removal allows immigration officers to order a deportation without the extensive immigration court proceedings and appeals that accompany other removals.” (The Washington Times)

THE BAD… “The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday ruled against the Trump administration’s policy allowing for the indefinite detention of certain asylum-seekers, saying a lower court ruling temporarily blocking it can remain in place.” (The Hill)

AND THE UGLY: “As of April 16, 2019, nine states including California, Illinois, and New Jersey claim to be Sanctuary States, while numerous counties and cities in other states also say they will protect illegal immigrants by refusing to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. On Monday, Montgomery County, Maryland’s largest county, officially joins the list. County Executive Marc Elrich will sign an executive order … that will keep the area from cooperating with ICE, even though the policy has been unofficially on the books for some time.” (The Daily Wire)

TRUMP APPROVAL IMPROVES: “Trump’s approval rating hit 44 percent in the new NPR/NewsHour/Marist poll, the highest level at which it’s been recorded in any mainstream opinion poll with the exception of a July 7 Washington Post poll that recorded 47 percent approval.” (National Review)

OPEN-BORDERS BUZZKILL: Even most Democrats don’t support decriminalizing border crossings, poll finds (The Week)

JOHNSON WINS: “Britain’s next Prime Minister will be Boris Johnson after he won a ballot vote of Conservative Party members against Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, it was announced Tuesday. … He will replace outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May Wednesday after she announced her resignation last month amid failure to lead the nation out of the European Union.” (Fox News)

POLICY: New budget deal puts final nail in the Tea Party coffin (National Review)

POLICY: Contrary to the popular narrative, most American prisoners belong behind bars (City Journal)

SATIRE: New York Times praises Soviet Union for unprecedented gender equality in labor camps (The Babylon Bee)

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Cal Thomas: “During the administrations of Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge, immigration was reduced to a trickle. After leaving office, Coolidge wrote in a December 13, 1930 newspaper column that most immigrants had come to demonstrate loyalty to America, but they must come ‘slowly’ and avoid ‘city colonies while spreading across the county.’ He then explained why, which ought to resonate today: ‘We have certain standards of life that we believe are best for us. We do not ask other nations to discard theirs, but we do wish to preserve ours. … We reflect on no one in wanting immigrants who will be assimilated into our ways of thinking and living.’ … If Congress continues to fail in its responsibility to protect our borders … then President Trump should follow the example of two of his predecessors and the law to shut off the human tidal wave until we can deal with those already here.”


From the “Incredible Shrinking Surplus” Department: “The tea party burst into Washington pledging spending restraint, balanced budgets, and accountable government. Even the possibility of defaulting on the national debt was an acceptable price of reform. Roughly a decade later, budget deficits are again reaching $1 trillion, spending is soaring, Obamacare remains on the books, and Republicans are raising the debt limit and eviscerating their lead accomplishment, the Budget Control Act. With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?” –Brian Riedl

An unfortunate reality: “Republicans have ceded any and all credibility on fiscal responsibility.” —Erick Erickson

For the record: “The ‘Squad’ is a very Racist group of troublemakers who are young, inexperienced, and not very smart.” —Donald Trump

“Purple Face” Award: “I’m not going nowhere! Not until I impeach this president.” —Rep. Rashida Tlaib

Non Compos Mentis: “I can’t allow people to be living off tips, you know, relying on tips for wages. It’s just not enough to support our families. … By the way, when we started it, it should have been $15. Now I think it should be $20 [an hour].” —Rashida Tlaib (“They should make it $1,000 an hour and cure income inequality inside of a month, obviously.” —Ben Shapiro)

Braying Jenny: “Too many of our children languish in inadequate, ill-equipped schools. Thank you, Betsy DeVos. I really wish she was not from Michigan. I think we should send her back.” —Sen. Debbie Stabenow

Alpha Jackass: “[Assassination] is Trump’s goal when he uses targeted language & threatens elected officials who don’t agree w/ his political agenda. It’s authoritarian behavior. The President is sowing violence. He’s creating an environment where people can get hurt & he claims plausible deniability.” —Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Non sequitur: “Where I live in El Paso, Texas, could be the Ellis Island of today. Perhaps millions of people who become Americans coming from Mexico and El Salvador and the Western hemisphere first set foot in the United States in my hometown. So, though we’re about 2,000 miles apart, El Paso and New York, we’re connected in that common story of America.” —Beto O'Rourke

And last… “Lee Payne from Stephen Austin University has said before that parties vote with their platforms 82 percent of the time. It’s a shame that spending, for some Republicans, is the exception.” —Tony Perkins

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