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Sep. 5, 2019


“The powers of the general government will be, and indeed must be, principally employed upon external objects, such as war, peace, negotiations with foreign powers, and foreign commerce. In its internal operations it can touch but few objects.” —Joseph Story (1833)

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Democrats Turn Up the Heat on Climate

“CNN’s marathon town hall Wednesday night put the climate crisis closer to the center of a presidential election than ever before,” boasted CNN. Fortuitously timed to coincide with Hurricane Dorian’s sweep of the East Coast (the town hall was scheduled long before the hurricane), 10 Democrats took the opportunity of CNN’s seven-hour in-kind campaign contribution to make the case that the planet’s relatively slight warming justifies their real climate agenda: fundamentally transforming the U.S. economy into a socialist enterprise.

In the days leading up to the town hall, several of the candidates released their “moderate” versions of the Green New Deal (GND). We say “moderate” because while the GND carries a staggering price tag of $93 trillion, plans offered by the clown car of Democrat candidates range anywhere from $1 trillion to $16 trillioncompletely reasonable by comparison, right?

Wrong. Every Democrat who participated last night either endorsed or cosponsored the outrageous Green New Deal, and their comparatively less expensive individual plans are still totalitarian. Here are just a few platform planks:

  • Onerous taxes on emissions
  • “Social justice” remedies for the supposedly racially disparate impact of climate
  • Expanded abortion for population control
  • Restrictions on consumption of red meat
  • Buy-back programs for gasoline-powered vehicles
  • The complete elimination of fossil fuels and even nuclear power in the near future

Those are radical proposals, which is precisely why Democrats and their Leftmedia super PAC continue screaming that climate is truly a crisis. “We are fighting for the survival of the planet Earth, our only planet,” Bernie Sanders declared. Elizabeth Warren likewise warned, “This is an emergency, and without rapid and widespread change, we will soon be unable to prevent the worst harms.” She also claims, “The future of our planet depends on it.”

No crisis, no need for radical transformation.

Yet that radical transformation wouldn’t even achieve the goal Democrats claim. “One hundred percent renewable energy defies the laws of physics,” said Tom Pyle, president of the Institute for Energy Research. “It would be impossible to achieve.” A study by the National Academy of Sciences three years ago agreed: “It is extremely difficult to achieve complete decarbonization of the energy system, even when using every current technology and tool available, including energy efficiency and wind, hydroelectric, and solar energy as well as carbon capture and storage, bioenergy, and nuclear energy.”

But, again, saving the planet isn’t the Democrats’ real objective. By their own admission, Democrats are fomenting panic to justify a socialist power grab.

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Labeling Law-Abiding Gun Owners ‘Terrorists’

Ever since the 2017 school attack in Parkland, Florida, the anti-gun lobby has repeatedly called the nation’s oldest Second Amendment advocate and defender — the National Rifle Association — a “terrorist organization.” Well, on Tuesday the San Francisco Board of Supervisors sought to make this fallacious designation official, unanimously passing a resolution declaring the five-million-member NRA to be a “domestic terrorist organization.” The resolution states, “All countries have violent and hateful people, but only in America do we give the ready access to assault weapons and large-capacity magazines thanks, in large part, to the National Rifle Association’s influence.” The resolution aims to “limit those entities who do business with the City and County of San Francisco from doing business with this domestic terrorist organization.”

But its real intention goes far beyond one city or one organization, weakened as the NRA is by fratricidal infighting. This is the Left’s direct assault against all law-abiding gun owners and Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

The resolution’s nonsensical claim that the NRA promotes terror because it supposedly incites “gun owners to acts of violence” is patently false, and the framer of this resolution, Supervisor Catherine Stefani, knows it. This is akin to blaming silverware manufactures for America’s obesity problem.

By labeling the NRA and by extension all law-abiding gun owners as terrorists who present a “threat to public safety,” the anti-gun Left hopes to so demonize the NRA that anyone associated with it is effectively labeled a danger to society. It’s not hard to imagine companies feeling pressured into refusing to do business with anyone who is an NRA member and eventually anyone who is a firearm owner. Look no further than Walmart’s recent decision to stop selling most ammunition. Such totalitarian results are what the anti-Second Amendment Left is really aiming for.

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TERROR WATCH LIST TAKES A BLOW: “The government’s watchlist of more than 1 million people identified as ‘known or suspected terrorists’ violates the constitutional rights of those placed on it, a federal judge ruled Wednesday,” according to The Washington Times. “The ruling from U.S. District Judge Anthony Trenga grants summary judgment to nearly two dozen Muslim U.S. citizens who had challenged the watchlist with the help of a Muslim civil-rights group, the Council on American-Islamic Relations. But the judge is seeking additional legal briefs before deciding what remedy to impose.”

CAROLINAS BATTERED: The Weather Channel reports, “Hurricane Dorian is now unleashing its siege of storm surge flooding, rainfall flooding, high winds and tornadoes as it tracks near the coasts of South Carolina, North Carolina and southeast Virginia through Friday. Dorian’s maximum sustained winds increased to the 115-mph threshold required to regain Category 3 status. Despite that, its damaging impacts are likely to remain the same as it hammers this part of the Southeast coast.” Meanwhile, at least 20 deaths are being attributed to Dorian in the Bahamas.

TRADE TALKS CONTINUE: “The Chinese Commerce Ministry announced Wednesday that the next round of trade talks with the U.S. will begin in October in Washington, D.C. ‘Both sides agreed that they should work together and take practical actions to create good conditions for consultations,’ the ministry announced.” (Washington Examiner)

BE EVIL: “Google agreed Wednesday to pay a $170 million fine to settled claims that its subsidiary, YouTube, violated children’s privacy by illegally gathering their personal information and selling it to advertisers without their consent or that of their parents. The fine, which is the largest civil penalty ever leveled for a such a privacy violation, was part of a settlement reached by the Federal Trade Commission and New York’s attorney general in response to Google’s violation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).” (National Review)

CVS-AETNA MERGER APPROVED: “A federal judge reviewing a Justice Department decision to allow U.S. pharmacy chain and benefits manager CVS Health Corp (CVS.N) to merge with health insurer Aetna said on Wednesday that the agreement was in fact legal under antitrust law.” (Reuters)

THE SMOKING GUN? “The preliminary hearing for undercover journalist David Daleiden began Tuesday in California with Planned Parenthood admitting that it harvested aborted babies’ body parts and supplied them to human tissue procurement companies, according to the Center for Medical Progress. Daleiden and Sandra Merritt face 15 felony charges for invasion of privacy because they exposed the abortion chain’s gruesome baby body parts trade. Tuesday began a nine-day preliminary hearing about whether the case should go to trial.” (LifeNews.com)

AND NOT A MOMENT TOO SOON: According to The Daily Signal, “A city council in Texas has voted to stop renting out space at the local library to public organizations, essentially canceling the town’s ability to have a ‘Drag Queen Story Time’ for children, a move hailed by pro-family advocates. ‘These are people who are actually employed at adult nightclubs,’ Mary Elizabeth Castle, a policy adviser for Texas Values, a nonprofit organization that promotes faith, family, and freedom, said of the drag queens.” Unfortunately, for many children already exposed, the damage is already done.

LABOR AIDE REINSTATED: “The Department of Labor reinstated a political appointee Wednesday night who resigned under pressure after a Bloomberg Law reporter accused him of anti-Semitism for a Facebook post in which he was actually condemning anti-Semites in the alt-right,” The Daily Caller reveals. This is what happens in a trigger-happy society.

BREXIT HOOPLA CONTINUES: “In a major defeat for Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the British House of Commons on Wednesday passed a bill designed to prevent a so-called no-deal Brexit as the country’s October 31 deadline for leaving the European Union draws near,” National Review reports. “Members of Parliament voted 327 to 299 in favor of a bill that would force Johnson to ask the EU for a three-month extension of the October 31 deadline if the two sides can’t reach a deal outlining the terms of future relations and mitigating the economic disruption Brexit is expected to cause by October 19.” The Daily Signal presents the implications and the way forward.

POLICY: Medicare reform can no longer be ignored: Warnings from the 2019 Medicare trustees report (American Enterprise Institute)

POLICY: Why the China trade war is justified (The Hill)

HUMOR: U.S. Treasury honors Ocasio-Cortez with new “zero cents” AOC coin (Genesius Times)

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Cal Thomas: “All of the remaining Democratic presidential candidates and their advisers seem united in their belief that the federal income tax is inadequate to meet their increasingly voracious spending needs, despite the fact that Washington regularly collects record amounts of tax revenue. The Wall Street Journal reports on what may be coming should a Democrat win the White House in next year’s election: ‘For the richest Americans, Democrats want to shift toward taxing their wealth, instead of just their salaries and the income their assets generate. The personal income tax indirectly touches wealth, but only when assets are sold and become income.’ … If raiding retirement funds occurs, it will start at the extremes, as most outrages do. … After socking it to the rich, Democrats won’t stop there. Having established a precedent and again raising taxes on capital gains, they will ultimately find a way to come after your IRA and 401K accounts, which harbor money you have earned for your retirement and pay taxes on as the funds are withdrawn. … Irresponsible spending by both parties is sufficient reason not to give politicians more of our money. Who will stop them from coming after our retirement funds? Since a majority in both parties seems unwilling to restrain themselves, we the people must do it for them.”


Annals of the absurd: “You know, we had a ban on military assault-style weapons in this country in the ‘90s and it was successful. And when that ban stopped being in existence because of pressure from the NRA and other gun supporters, that flooded those weapons back into the country.” —former U.S. attorney Joyce Vance

The BIG lie: “The truth is that the storms that are hitting the Caribbean with this intense magnitude are historic, unprecedented, and these storms are manmade storms.” —Emory College professor Tiphanie Yanique

Non compos mentis: “I guarantee you, if it was a Muslim radical firing these AR-15s instead of white Americans, they would be figuring out something to do other than offering bland statements.” —MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough

Grand delusions: “I must say that in my view, Donald Trump is the most dangerous president probably in the history of this country.” — Sen. Bernie Sanders

Letting the cat out of the bag: “I believe that Christine [Ford]’s testimony brought about more good than the harm the misogynist Republicans caused by allowing [Brett] Kavanuagh on the [Supreme] Court. He will always have an asterisk next to his name. When he takes a scalpel to Roe v. Wade we will know who he is, we know his character and we know what motivates him. It’s important that we know and that’s part of what motivated Christine.” —Christine Blasey-Ford attorney Debra Katz

Village idiots: “It’s not like [Elizabeth Warren’s] campaign is making these crazy, outlandish promises that seem impossible to reach. There’s a strategy there.” —Scarlett Johansson

Braying jackass: “You think Mike Pence would eat dog food if Trump told him to? I bet he would. But the vice president’s visit to Doonbeg is historic. It is the first time a Trump property has ever stayed at a Trump property.” —Jimmy Kimmel

And last… “The funny thing about people who advocate reducing the population to save the planet is that they always want to start by killing babies. They never seem to see themselves as members of the surplus population in need of extermination. What a strange coincidence.” —Matt Walsh

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