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Mid-Day Digest

Oct. 11, 2019


“It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself. Subject opinion to coercion: whom will you make your inquisitors?” —Thomas Jefferson (1781)

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‘Whistleblower’ Has Ties to Biden

Earlier this week, political observer David Harsanyi questioned the Ukraine phone call “whistleblower’s” motives, asking, “What if the whistleblower had once worked for Biden? That would be wild.” Well, it now appears things are about to get wild. On Thursday, the Washington Examiner reported that “Joe Biden worked with the whistleblower when he was vice president.” Digging into Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson’s comments that the whistleblower had a “professional tie” to a 2020 Democrat candidate and that the whistleblower had expressed “some indicia of an arguable political bias … in favor of a rival political candidate,” the Examiner concluded that the candidate in question is Biden.

“From everything we know about the whistleblower and his work in the executive branch then, there is absolutely no doubt he would have been working with Biden when he was vice president,” a former CIA officer told the Examiner. “This person, after working with Biden, may feel defensive toward him because he feels [Biden] is being falsely attacked. Maybe he is even talking to Biden’s staff. Maybe it is innocent, maybe not.”

From the very beginning this “whistleblower” complaint reeked the stench of a partisan hit job, and that stench hasn’t dissipated — it has only gotten stronger, no matter how vigorously the Leftmedia seeks to waft it away. Early on, we raised the question of who this “whistleblower” was. While concerns raised over protecting whistleblowers are valid when the issue in question is a clear violation of the law, those protections shouldn’t be used as cover for initiating a clear politically motivated hit job. That’s when the so-called “whistleblower” is anything but a real whistleblower.

The “whistleblower’s” complaint was not corroborated by the phone call in question. It relied on secondhand information that would not have triggered an “urgent concern” designation but for a mysterious form change after its original submittal, and it was submitted by a politically biased individual who communicated with Rep. Adam Schiff prior to lodging the complaint, about which Schiff subsequently lied. Now we’re learning this individual had worked with Biden. President Donald Trump is correct when he asserts, “This is no Whistleblower.” We hope the member of this Democrat-orchestrated charade is unmasked soon.

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Democrats Embrace Cultural Devolution

CNN’s forum for 2020 Democrat presidential candidates to opine on “LGBTQ” issues was yet another in-kind campaign contribution to the DNC. The primacy and promotion of people with various types of gender disorientation in family entertainment is about emotion-based indoctrination. In politics, it’s about appealing to women voters.

So what did the Democrats talk about on CNN? Space won’t permit us to dissect every tendentious twisting of fact or tyrannical policy pronouncement. But here are a few key moments.

Elizabeth Warren literally applauded child abuse. After being introduced along with her mother, billed as “an advocate for transgender youth,” a young girl dressed up as a boy announced, “My name’s Jacob, and I’m a nine-year-old transgender American.” Warren immediately applauded and cheered, “All right, Jacob!” The girl then asked Warren a softball question about her issues in school — a question fed to her by her adult handlers.

A couple of things. First, and again, enabling and encouraging a kid to embrace gender dysphoria — to the point of dressing and “identifying” as the opposite sex, taking hormone-altering drugs that can do permanent damage, or sometimes even having body-altering surgery — is child abuse, plain and simple. If a child identified as a fire truck and wanted to play in the street, running through busy intersections while screaming like a siren, no one would tolerate it. Yet when it comes to innate biology, these “advocates” aid and abet fantasy, including deeply wounding self-harm, in the name of “tolerance.” With incredibly rare exception, all people are born with the “hardware” for one of two genders. That’s the way God made them. “Transgender” is a phony alternate reality that should not be encouraged, especially in kids who haven’t even hit puberty yet, and Warren and every other Democrat should be ashamed for exploiting these kids.

Warren wasn’t done. She also declared that “people who are transgender” — even inmates — are “entitled to medical care,” including sex-reassignment surgery. And of course, “entitled” means American taxpayers would be forced to foot the bill.

Other moments included blatant attacks on Christians who actually believe what the Bible teaches about sex and marriage. Warren bemoaned the “hatefulness” of such Christians. Pete Buttigieg sermonized that Christians who hold to biblical teaching actually make “God smaller.” Says the man who seemingly will only “worship” a god created in his image. Cory Booker complained that people “use religion as a justification for discrimination.” And Beto O'Rourke, who claims to be Catholic, declared that he’d be the one doing the discriminating: “Yes,” he would strip churches of their tax-exempt status for holding to millennia of biblically based Christian doctrine on marriage. We’re just surprised he didn’t say, “Hell yes.”

On a final note, Warren was asked what her response would be to “a supporter [who] says, ‘Senator, I’m old-fashioned, and my faith teaches me that marriage is between one man and one woman.’” Warren gave a very misandrist response: “Well, I’m going to assume it’s a guy who said that. And I’m gonna say, ‘Then just marry one woman. … Assuming you can find one.’”

That insult is quite illustrative of how Democrats look at Americans who hold to traditional values: To them, we’re mouth-breathing Neanderthals who aren’t just wrong, we’re bigoted and hateful — all for holding positions they themselves maintained until the last few years. The hypocritical intolerance is astounding, even if it is par for the course with leftists.

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JUST TAKE MY WORD FOR IT: “Lawyers for the CIA officer whose whistleblower complaint helped ignite an impeachment inquiry into President Trump have asked Congress whether their client could submit testimony in writing instead of appearing in person.” (The Wall Street Journal)

FELON VOTES: The Hill reports that 22,000 felony convicts have had their voting rights restored by Gov. Ralph Northam, which Democrats hope will turn the state supremely blue.

MORE PLANNED PARENTHOOD DECEPTION: “An arson attack on a Planned Parenthood facility that was reported as a hate crime inspired by undercover videos was actually an incident of domestic violence, a senior executive of the organization has been forced to admit in a San Francisco court room.” (The Daily Wire)

PRIORITIES: California Gov. Gavin Newsom signs ban on small plastic bottles in hotels — as blackouts batter that state’s economy (National Review)

TEXAS SHOOTER DEFIANT: Suspected assailant in El Paso Walmart shooting pleads not guilty to attack that killed 22 (NBC News)

MIDDLE EAST AGGRESSION: Iranian oil tanker near Saudi Arabia coast hit by missiles (Fox News)

NANNY-STATE COURTS — COMING SOON TO AMERICA? Canadian court strips father of rights, allowing teen to transition against his wishes (The Daily Signal)

“NEXT!” “Democratic House committee chairmen Elijah Cummings, Eliot Engel, and Adam Schiff sent a letter Thursday to Energy Secretary Rick Perry alerting him to a subpoena demanding documents related to their impeachment inquiry into President Trump’s dealings in Ukraine — the ninth subpoena issued so far.” (National Review)

BIRDS OF A FEATHER: Ronan Farrow book claims Hillary Clinton pressured Farrow to drop Harvey Weinstein investigation (The Daily Wire)

POLICY: The electric grid in the digital age (National Review)

POLICY: Preparing for the next economic recession (InsideSources)

HUMOR: Nike updates Kaepernick slogan: “Believe in something, unless it upsets the Chinese government” (Genesius Times)

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Ben Shapiro: “If it takes kowtowing to the Chinese communist government to earn a quick dollar, corporations will do it. Ask Google. Or Hollywood studios. Or the NBA. All of which gives the lie to the bizarre notion that corporations are handmaidens for capitalist exploitation. They’re not. They simply follow dollars. If they can grab those dollars through cronyism with governments, they will. In fact, that’s easier than retaining a competitive advantage in a free and open marketplace. There’s another, more important point at stake. When corporations virtue signal to the left, they’re doing so for the same reason the NBA just bowed to China: dollars. The NBA understands that American leftists are far more censorious than conservatives — and that means that openly pandering to the American left earns product loyalty from that political contingent, without serious consequences from American conservatives. … It’s about the green. It always is.”


The Swamp: “The Left insists that organizations like the NRA are corrupting our politics and buying off politicians. Whether this is true or not (and I don’t think it is), at least Republicans aren’t appropriating hundreds of millions of dollars from our paychecks every year to put it directly into the NRA’s coffers — so that the money can eventually end up in their own coffers. One can only imagine the reaction from the Left if such a system were ever instated. Well, they simply wouldn’t allow it. And yet Republicans have allowed the Democrats to launder campaign funds through Planned Parenthood for decades. That is maybe the biggest outrage of all.” —Matt Walsh

All about the dollars: “Glad to see that the world’s most politically active sports league, the NBA, loses all of its nerve the moment dollars are on the line. The mark of true bravery is caving to a fascistic foreign government while proclaiming your bravery for whining about Trump.” —Ben Shapiro

For the record: “Democrats: We’re going to take away your guns and your church’s tax-exemption and if you don’t treat this [nine-year-old] girl like a boy, we’ll shame you. Also Democrats: Trump is undermining the norms of our society.” —Erick Erickson

Food for thought: “The great irony of the ‘no more endless wars’ camp’s argument is that removing our small and cost-effective force from Northern Syria is causing more war, not less. Our presence there was not meant to engage in endless wars, it was there to deter further warfare.” —Rep. Dan Crenshaw

Warning signs: “There can be no reward, no benefit, no tax break for anyone or any institution or organization in America that denies the full human rights, and the full civil rights, of everyone in America.” —Beto O'Rourke

Propaganda: “Gay couples are more likely to stay together longer than heterosexual couples.” —Joe Biden

Non compos mentis: “It’s becoming a challenge to keep up with the high crimes and misdemeanors.” —Hillary Clinton

And last… “Where are all of these same political and media elites, who care oh so very much about the byzantine border intricacies of the Turkish/Kurdish conflict, when it comes to the harrowingly lawless situation on our very own southern border with Mexico?” —Justin Hammer

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