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Nov. 8, 2019


“When we are planning for posterity, we ought to remember that virtue is not hereditary.” —Thomas Paine (1776)

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Trump Whistleblower Good, Media Whistleblower Bad

Nobody circles the wagons like the Leftmedia. As every mainstream-media outlet trumpets the latest churn on the Democrats’ impeachment charade — the first version over supposed “collusion” and the second fueled by the complaint from a “whistleblower” whose identity the Leftmedia assiduously protects — two networks were busy colluding to punish their own whistleblower.

First, how much have CBS and ABC contributed to the impeachment churn? The Wall Street Journal’s James Freeman asked and answered: “In the 50 days since news consumers were told that a federal whistleblower was expressing his disapproval of a presidential phone call, CBS News has aired or published more than 100 stories on President Donald Trump and Ukraine. Counting stories from local affiliates, the number rises above 200. That’s according to the Dow Jones Factiva news archive. But CBS hasn’t come close to the wall-to-wall coverage offered by rival ABC News. A Factiva search of ABC stories about Mr. Trump and Ukraine yields 687 results for the last 50 days. More than 300 of the ABC stories specifically include the term ‘whistleblower.’”

Well, some whistleblowers are more equal than others.

Earlier this week, we noted the story of how ABC spiked a 2016 story about Jeffrey Epstein, likely because noting the serial pedophile’s connections to Bill Clinton would have hurt Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. The fact that the story was spiked was revealed by someone from ABC you might call a whistleblower — she leaked the video of ABC’s Amy Robach complaining about the network’s decision on the well-researched story.

But the whistleblower now works for CBS. Correction: She worked for CBS. Once ABC figured out who the whistleblower was, the network pressured its rival and she was fired.

While NBC wasn’t involved in this particular fiasco, that network is no better, having covered up stories on Harvey Weinstein and defended Matt Lauer for years. The #MeToo movement was supposed to be about giving voice to women abused by powerful men. And journalists are supposed to simply follow the facts and report the story, let the chips fall where they may. Yet the media’s primary mission is to cover for the offending men if doing so benefits Democrats and to punish those who speak out. Funny that these same media outlets complain when President Donald Trump accurately calls them the “enemy of the people.”

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Clinton Throws Cold Water on Elizabeth Warren

At the New York Times DealBook Conference on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton criticized Democrat presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s $52 trillion Medicare for All plan as being unrealistic. “I don’t believe we should be in the midst of a big disruption while we are trying to get to 100% coverage and deal with costs and face some tough issues about competitiveness and other kinds of innovation in healthcare,” Clinton argued.

However, Clinton acknowledged that she was fully in agreement with Warren’s aim of government-run healthcare, as she asserted that Medicare for All was the “right goal.” Clinton merely believes that an incremental approach toward the government takeover of Americans’ healthcare is more politically feasible than Warren’s blatant socialist power grab. As with Barack Obama’s lecture about “cancel culture” or Nancy Pelosi’s warning about Democrats moving too far left, Clinton’s criticism rings hollow. Remember, this is the woman who got the healthcare ball rolling in 1993 with her proposal of HillaryCare.

But Clinton’s criticism of Warren didn’t stop with Medicare for All, as she then conveyed disapproval of Warren’s planned wealth tax. “I just don’t understand how that could work,” Clinton noted. “I don’t see other examples anywhere else in the world where it has actually worked over a long period of time.” Clinton then argued, “If you were going to do a wealth tax and it was on assets … how you would value it is, I think, complicated to start with. But, assuming you can get some system of evaluation, people would literally have to sell assets to pay the tax on the assets that they owned before the wealth tax was levied. That would be incredibly disruptive, so I think there are other ways to raise the revenues.”

Why is Clinton now coming out against Warren? Is she still contemplating jumping into the Democrat primary? Possibly. With Joe Biden — the only leading non-hardcore leftist in the crowded field of Democrats — limping along amidst growing questions surrounding his involvement with Ukraine, Clinton may see an opening to exploit. If Hillary did jump in, it might spell the end for Biden, leaving her with the support of moderate Democrats. With socialist Democrats split between Warren and Bernie Sanders, Clinton may see a path for winning the nomination. It still would be a long shot, but not as long as many assume.

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PERJURY? Obama’s Ukraine ambassador allegedly lied under oath in impeachment inquiry, congressman suggests (The Daily Wire)

CHASING AFTER OLD SEAT: Fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions announces run for Senate — while affirming Trump (Fox News)

WEAK FIELD: Mike Bloomberg is preparing to enter the Democrat presidential primary (CNBC)

DELVING DEEPER: Republican senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson call on the State Department to release documents pertaining to Hunter Biden and Burisma (National Review)

WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG? Bernie Sanders proposes to “break up” ICE and halt deportations in immigration plan (The Washington Times)

TRUMP FOUNDATION SETTLEMENT: Judge orders Trump to pay $2 million for misusing his foundation for political leverage (NBC News)

ON SECOND THOUGHT… Stocks fall after Trump says U.S. has not agreed to roll back China tariffs (CNBC)

INTERESTING TIMING: Chicago top cop Eddie Johnson retiring amid internal investigation — and just shortly after Trump chastised him (Fox News)

GLOBAL LYING: “11,000 scientists” climate emergency petition includes a bunch of fake names (Watts Up With That?)

POLICY: Why drug legalization and hugs for terrorists won’t solve the border crisis (The Federalist)

POLICY: Hold the shame — red meat is not bad for you or climate change (USA Today)

HUMOR: Whistleblower revealed to be recently hired White House janitor Hillarita Clintonez (The Babylon Bee)

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Mona Charen: “When so much of our budget goes to debt service, we are misgoverned. The federal government currently spends more to pay interest on the debt than it does on the State Department, transportation, employment, training and social services. And because 40% of our debt is held by foreigners, we are sending money overseas rather than spending it at home. Interest rates are low, but there is no guarantee that they will remain so — and history suggests that interest rates fluctuate. Any emergency — fiscal, political, environmental or military — could place us in a situation in which lenders will demand much higher returns on bonds. There is simply no excuse for being so heavily indebted when the economy is strong and we are at peace. The larger the share of the economy that is taken up by government, the less efficient we become as a society and the more slowly the economy grows. A larger government also means more important life choices — like whether you can get a hip replacement at age 85 — are decided by politics. More politics translates to less freedom. Today, the Republicans are the fiscally irresponsible party and the Democrats are the fiscally insane party.”


Political futures: “Since Trump’s shocking upset win in November 2016, the story of politics in America has been pretty simple: Democrats win, Republicans lose. The explanation is pretty simple, too: Trump has made Trump voters, but not Republicans, out of working-class independents and Democrats, and he has made Democratic voters out of independents and Republicans. Trump has also motivated Democrats to unprecedented levels. The net effect is a massive shift of the electorate towards Democrats.” —Tim Carney

For the record: “When you put the word ‘social’ in front of another word, you’ve created the opposite of what that word originally meant.” —Steve Green

Upright: “No amount of textual contortions can land you in a place where God affirms same-sex marriage because in scripture (and law), marriage is connected to parenting. Redefining marriage, in a Christian or cultural context, redefines parenthood in a way that makes mothers or fathers optional in the life of a child. That’s a problem because Christians are repeatedly commanded to protect the fatherless, not create them.” —Katy Faust

Friendly fire: “Bernie Sanders’s and Elizabeth Warren’s health-care plans sound too good to be true. They are.” —Washington Post editorial board

Friendly fire II: “[Elizabeth Warren] uses some pretty harsh words. You know, some would say [she] vilifies successful people. I don’t like vilifying anybody. I think we should applaud successful people.” —JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon

Lacking self-awareness: “Can Republicans relearn how to accept political outcomes they don’t like?” —Paul Waldman in The Washington Post

Grand delusions: “By 2028, what I plan is that all … new buildings will have zero carbon footprint. … By 2030, all new cars and light-duty trucks, zero carbon footprint. And by 2035, the production of electricity, zero carbon footprint.” —Elizabeth Warren

More grand delusions: “My plan understands the severity of the crisis and acts boldly. And in the process, when we make a fundamental transition away from fossil fuel, to energy efficiency and sustainable energy, we create 20 million new jobs.” —Bernie Sanders

And last… “Elizabeth Warren is the Sheriff of Nottingham in a Robin Hood mask, self-justified in her robbery because it victimizes only the richest of the rich, all the while playing the part of the tax tyrant who endlessly oppresses all the peasants.” —Kylee Zempel

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