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Mid-Day Digest

Nov. 25, 2019


“Republics are created by the virtue, public spirit, and intelligence of the citizens. They fall, when the wise are banished from the public councils, because they dare to be honest, and the profligate are rewarded, because they flatter the people, in order to betray them.” —Joseph Story (1833)

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‘Schiff Show’ Roundup: Dems Get Cold Feet?

President Donald Trump blasted Democrats and Rep. Adam Schiff in particular for their partisan impeachment charade in an interview Friday. “I want a trial,” Trump insisted. “There should never be an impeachment. But assuming these people [Democrats] are as sleazy as they are … I want to see Adam Schiff testify about the whistleblower — who’s a fake whistleblower. The one who I want to testify most is ‘Shifty Schiff.’” The president added, “It’s very hard for them to impeach me when they have absolutely nothing.”

On Sunday, Schiff responded to Trump’s call, asking, “What would I offer in terms of testimony?” Hilariously, he then claimed that if the Republicans were to “go down this road” it would demonstrate their “fundamental lack of seriousness,” making impeachment a “circus like the president would like.” Of course, there’s good reason for Schiff to testify — namely that his office coordinated with the “whistleblower” prior to the complaint being filed. Schiff needs to be questioned regarding his role in this whole sordid affair. When asked if he would be willing to testify if he were called, Schiff predictably demurred, “I don’t want to comment on it.”

So, where does the impeachment play go from here? Recent polling shows that Democrats aren’t winning over Americans, as a clear majority of voters are now opposed to impeaching Trump. It has become clear to most Americans that the Democrats are engaged in a purely partisan effort, no matter how loudly they claim otherwise. Democrats’ repeated calls for Trump’s impeachment began before he was even sworn into office, totally undercutting their insistence that their intention is anything but a calculated hit job aimed at damaging Trump’s reelection bid.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi now must scramble to keep Democrats from abandoning the impeachment ship. There are rumors that Pelosi maybe considering backing off holding an impeachment vote, as a trial in the Senate would serve to further expose Democrat shenanigans that are responsible for orchestrating this whole ridiculous affair. The trouble for Pelosi is that if she doesn’t hold a vote, she risks angering her party’s leftist base. It would look exactly like what it would be — a win for Trump.

Next up, the impeachment ball moves to the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY), where there will likely be more witnesses called to testify. Pelosi and company will have to move fast if she still intends to hold an impeachment vote before Christmas.

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Kaepernick ‘Canceled’? Please.

The incredibly tiresome Colin Kaepernick kneeling saga has been going on since 2016. (Does it sometimes seem to anyone else that we’re caught in a time loop and 2016 never really ended?) This week’s update is that the mediocre quarterback who kneeled himself out of a job by 2017 remains jobless because no NFL team has made an offer after last week’s pathetic sham of a workout.

We call it a sham because the NFL set up a tryout of sorts for him, which he canceled at the last minute and replaced with his own workout and camera crew. Who cancels a job interview, holds an “alternate” one because of the employer’s bias or other supposed wrongdoing, and then complains when he isn’t hired? A social-justice warrior, that’s who.

So that’s the background. Now for the “news.”

New York Times columnist Ta-Nehisi Coates says Kaepernick is a victim of — get this — “cancel culture.” Coates argues that Kaepernick isn’t getting job offers because he’s been “canceled” by an NFL with “suddenly delicate sensibilities” over the national anthem. Coates makes a fair point about the NFL’s double standard of employing “domestic abusers, child abusers and open racists” but not Kaepernick. But other kneelers still have jobs. It’s obvious that Coates is deliberately fumbling the ball on Kaepernick to tell an overarching leftist narrative — one that places blame for the Left’s cancel culture everywhere but on the Left.

Kaepernick doesn’t have a job in the NFL for a simple reason: He’s not good enough to justify the inevitable media circus. The same could be said of Tim Tebow, who often kneeled to pray on the field and who leftists couldn’t wait to “cancel.”

Well, actually, there’s another reason: Kaepernick doesn’t want a job. We’ve argued before that the whole kneeling thing began virtually by accident. Kaepernick was benched for poor play, pouted about it by sitting on the bench during the national anthem, and, when asked about it, decided to make a cause out of his “victim” status by making it some kind of statement against police “racism” or something. If Kaepernick wanted a job, he’d work to earn one. Instead, he’s living high on the hog after his lucrative — and disgraceful — deal with Nike. Why get banged up playing football when he can make a fortune off of martyrdom?

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BILLIONAIRE GOES ALL IN: Michael Bloomberg — one of the world’s richest men — launches Democrat presidential bid (Associated Press)

NAVY SECRETARY OUSTED: Navy Secretary Richard V. Spencer forced out by Pentagon chief over handling of Navy SEAL’s war-crimes case (The Washington Post)

CONSUMER FAITH: Confidence in Trump economy at record high, with no hit from impeachment (Washington Examiner)

EXPOSING CHICANERY: Senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson demand materials from FBI on Ukrainian DNC contractor in 2016 (The Federalist)

HOODWINKED: In less than a year, three-fourths of “The Squad” is under financial investigation (The Daily Caller)

FAKE NEWS: Devin Nunes taking swift legal action against CNN for “demonstrably false” story (The Daily Wire)

REASSURANCE: On Iraq visit, Mike Pence reassures Kurds and discusses protests with prime minister (Reuters)

SUCCESSFUL PROCEDURE: U.S. begins deporting asylum seekers back to Guatemala under new policy (Hot Air)

“POLITICAL ANNIHILATION”: Hong Kong elections seen as win for pro-democracy candidates after massive turnout (Fox News)

RAPE, BRAINWASHING, AND TORTURE: Secret documents reveal how China mass detention camps work (Associated Press)

POLICY: Why Big Business loves global warming (Capital Research Center)

POLICY: Modernized missile defense is vital to counter Iran, North Korea threats (Issues & Insights)

HUMOR: BREAKING: White House involved in stunning plot of murder and bribery — UPDATE: Never mind. It was during the Obama administration. Deleting. (The Babylon Bee)

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Gary Bauer: “Any time you hear something that demoralizes you, I want you to think about this: President Trump and the Republican Senate are making tremendous progress when it comes to restoring balance to the federal courts. [Last] week, the Senate confirmed Judge Barbara Logoa to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, flipping the court’s composition to a conservative majority. In recent weeks, Trump appointees have flipped the Second and Third Circuit Courts too! While it may seem at times that little is getting done in Washington, more than 160 Trump judges have been confirmed because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has made reforming the courts his top priority. If Donald Trump and Mike Pence get four more years, and if the GOP maintains control of the Senate, many more circuit courts will be flipped and our slim 5 to 4 majority on the Supreme Court could well become a 6 to 3 majority.”


Insight: “I’ve always believed that a lot of the trouble in the world would disappear if we were talking to each other instead of about each other.” —Ronald Reagan

Re: The Left: “The Democrats say they want a woman to be president, but they don’t mean it. When they have a woman [in Tulsi Gabbard] on the debate stage who shares their views but not their hateful attitudes toward America and non-leftist Americans, they treat her like a skunk at a garden party.” —John Hinderaker

Observations: “What the [impeachment] charge is keeps changing, of course. The whistleblower initially suggested a campaign finance violation arising from a call Trump had with the president of Ukraine. That morphed into a quid pro quo for military aid to Ukraine, then extortion, then bribery, then obstruction of justice, then back to a quid pro quo, but this time only a quid pro quo for a White House meeting. The lack of certainty among even Trump’s critics certainly worked in his favor.” —Mollie Hemingway

Non compos mentis I: “These hearings … are going to be much more like the O.J. trial, the great trial at the end of the 20th century, where people took sides very quickly. It wasn’t so much about the facts; it’s about your perspective, your history as a human being in this country.” —MSNBC’s Chris Matthews

Non compos mentis II: “I’m having a quick flashback to the O.J. trial, frankly, where the facts were damning, but it didn’t matter. And yet, he was innocent, but everybody knew he was guilty. Are we about to head into a situation like that where he’s going to get acquitted and yet everybody knew he’s guilty?” —MSNBC’s Chuck Todd

Alpha jackass: “Trump’s taken a lot of people down. He’s a piece of s—t who never should have been there in the first place. It’s a joke. You look at this fool and you say, what’s happening?” —actor Robert De Niro

Race bait: “Let’s be clear: It’s time for our government to have a full-blown national conversation about reparations. We must be honest about our history, and do what’s right so that our nation can begin to heal.” —Sen. Elizabeth Warren

And last… “The problem with our political system is you can only punish one party per election when what we need is a way to constantly punish both parties.” —Frank J. Fleming

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