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Nov. 26, 2019


“If by the liberty of the press were understood merely the liberty of discussing the propriety of public measures and political opinions, let us have as much of it as you please: But if it means the liberty of affronting, calumniating and defaming one another, I, for my part, own myself willing to part with my share of it, whenever our legislators shall please so to alter the law and shall chearfully consent to exchange my liberty of abusing others for the privilege of not being abused myself.” —Benjamin Franklin (1789)

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Bloomberg ‘News’ Propagandists

It’s no secret that the mainstream media leans heavily to the left — a reality that has been even more fully exposed since President Donald Trump won the election. Still, the MSM continues to almost comically feign political independence and objectivity. See, for example, CNN’s hard-leftist host Don Lemon laughably claiming to be an independent. Well, now Bloomberg News has decided to go ahead and pull off its mask of “independent journalism.”

In an internal memo, Bloomberg News Chief Editor John Micklethwait explained that following the entry of the company’s billionaire owner, Michael Bloomberg, into the 2020 Democrat primary, the news outlet would cease doing any investigative journalism into the current crop of Democrat candidates, including Mr. Bloomberg himself. “We will continue our tradition of not investigating Mike (and his family and foundation) and we will extend the same policy to his rivals in the Democratic primaries,” Micklethwait wrote. And will the same courtesy be afforded to Trump? Of course not, as Micklethwait lamely contends that Bloomberg will continue to investigate Trump because his is “the government of the day.” Furthermore, several current members of Bloomberg News’ editorial team will be moved over to Mr. Bloomberg’s 2020 campaign.

Former Bloomberg BusinessWeek editor Megan Murphy blasted the decision, pointedly noting, “This is not journalism.” Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell wondered, “Bloomberg ‘News’ declares it will not investigate Bloomberg or his fellow Democrats, but WILL investigate Trump. If that isn’t a massively illegal in-kind campaign contribution, what is?” And David Martosko, political editor for The Daily Mail, insightfully postulated, “I predict Trump rallies will include this: ‘Is there a Bloomberg reporter back there in the fake news section? They fly on Air Force One every day and chase me around but Little Mike won’t let them investigate ANY Democrats. It’s crooked as hell.’”

In one sense Bloomberg “News” is doing Americans a service. The activists at the outlet just let everyone know that they are not objective reporters but are Democrat Party propagandists. But it’s also worth noting that this is no great deviation from the rest of the media. It’s not as if other Leftmedia outlets are doing anything different from Bloomberg News. They’re just not saying so.

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Warren’s Phony Bio, Continued

File another story under the Tall Tales of Elizabeth Warren’s Phony Biography. This time, she says her son went to public school when in fact he attended private school.

“The 2020 Democratic candidate last week appeared to deny that she sent either of her two children to a private school,” writes the Washington Examiner’s Becket Adams. “The problem is that Warren did indeed send her son, Alex, to a private school in Texas starting at about 5th grade.”

Warren, like most Democrats, opposes school choice because she’s backed by teachers’ unions. But Warren also wants blacks to vote for her, and school choice is popular among the black community because it is their kids who suffer most in failing urban schools. A black school-choice proponent confronted Warren, saying, “We are going to have the same choice that you had for your kids, because I read that your children went to private schools.” Warren replied simply, “My children went to public schools.”

The lie was one of omission. Her son did attend public school … until he didn’t. Yet, like her handmaid’s tale of being let go from a teaching job because she was pregnant, this lie was meant to bolster her “street cred” with the desired constituency group.

Warren’s lies about her supposed Cherokee ancestry advanced her academic career. She’s now fibbing about her biography in other ways for political gain. But we’re supposed to trust her to manage our healthcare and our taxes and our schools and our entitlements and every other thing under the sun for which she has “a plan”? Hard pass.

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WRAPPING UP: Trump impeachment report could drop next week, though summoning additional witnesses isn’t being ruled out (AFP)

GOP RETORT: House Republicans drafting rebuttal to counter Democrats’ impeachment report (Washington Examiner)

MUST COMPLY: Former White House counsel Donald McGahn must testify to Congress, judge rules; administration will appeal (The New York Times)

TRUMP FINANCIALS SHIELDED: Supreme Court blocks House committee from immediately reviewing Trump’s financial records (The Washington Post)

SILENCE SPEAKS VOLUMES: Ex-Pentagon aide Guy Snodgrass evades answering if he’s anonymous author of anti-Trump book A Warning (Fox News)

OBSTRUCTIONISTS AT THE HELM: Three years into Trump administration, a quarter of embassy slots are vacant, leaving State Department bureaucrats in charge (The Daily Caller)

AN AFFRONT TO FREE SPEECH: Justice Samuel Alito pens fiery dissent after Supreme Court declines to hear dispute between climate professor Michael Mann and National Review (Fox News)

ON CROSS-EXAMINATION: Four big questions about the inspector general report on FBI surveillance of the Trump campaign (The Daily Signal)

MOVING ON: Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher to retire from active duty, will not take part in a review board (Fox News)

REVENUE BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY: California Department of Motor Vehicles makes $50 million a year selling drivers’ info to private companies (National Review)

POLICY: Disaster looms for Democrats as Trump goes “bigly” with blacks (Roger L. Simon)

POLICY: In 2020, the world should pay more attention to the South China Sea (The Economist)

HUMOR: Local man who’s never given a dollar to charity mad Jeff Bezos only donated $98.5 million to homeless (Genesius Times)

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Cal Thomas: “If articles of impeachment are passed by the House, it could take the Senate at least until the beginning of primary election season in February to hold a trial. The process might drag on even further should Majority Leader Mitch McConnell decide to do so, and Republicans call witnesses of their own, including the Bidens. While impeachment is a constitutional process, democracy is a greater one. The phrase ‘We the people’ in the Preamble was critical to the Founders. It separated America from the notion that the state and its leader, whether kings, queens, or dictators, and testimony from unelected bureaucrats is supreme. It says the people possess ultimate power. That is why it should be up to voters this close to the next election. Wait for the people who voted Trump in either to re-elect him or vote him out. Impeaching him will likely alienate half the country and could damage faith in our electoral process.”


For the record: “The concern among senior naval officers is that Chief [Petty Officer Edward] Gallagher’s behavior is symptomatic of a larger cultural problem of ill-discipline that they say has developed in some SEAL units. This includes episodes of substance abuse, sexual harassment or assault, mistreating detainees and generally bending the rules. Our sources say military leaders want to clean this up, and they are worried about a message of tolerance for misbehavior that Mr. Trump’s intervention into Chief Gallagher’s case might send.” —The Wall Street Journal

Point: “Since 2013, more than 150 trans people have been murdered in the U.S., the majority Black transgender women. On #TDoR2019, we remember and honor the lives lost, hold their loved ones in our hearts and must commit to doing all we can to end this epidemic of violence and hate.” —Chelsea Clinton

Counterpoint: “The US is one of the safest countries for trans people. The murder rate of trans victims is actually lower than that for cis population. Also, who is behind the murders? Mostly black men.” —Andy Ngo, whose account was suspended by Twitter for telling this truth

Changed mind: “You can censure. You don’t have to remove the president. We are so close to an election. I will tell you, sitting here, knowing how divided this country is, I don’t see the value of kicking him out of office, but I do see the value of putting down a marker saying his behavior is not acceptable.” —Rep. Brenda Lawrence (D-MI)

Infighting: “Elections should not be for sale. Not to billionaires. Not to corporate executives. We need to build a grassroots movement. We have a country that works great for billionaires. Works great for corporate executives. But it’s not working for the rest of America. And if the only way that Democrats can pick a nominee is to go to the billionaires and corporate executives, then we’re going to have a country that keeps working better and better for those at the top.” —Elizabeth Warren on Michael Bloomberg

Thanks Obama: “In 2008, middle-class workers spent about 7.8% of household income on premiums and deductibles. By 2018, that figure had climbed to 11.5%.” —ABC News (“Virtually every single Democrat candidate for president wants to take his costly, broken promise and raise the stakes times ten.” —Peter Heck)

And last… “The Washington Post published a story claiming Barack Obama is a ‘Conservative.’ Which makes sense considering they also believe: Biological men can be women. President Trump is a Russian puppet. And ISIS terrorists are ‘Austere religious scholars.’” —Charlie Kirk

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