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Nov. 27, 2019


“I do recommend and assign Thursday … next to be devoted by the People of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being, who is the beneficent Author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be.” —George Washington (1789)

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Be Thankful for America

President Donald Trump promised yesterday at a rally in Florida that he won’t allow the “radical Left” to change the name of that uniquely American holiday, Thanksgiving. “People have different ideas why it shouldn’t be call Thanksgiving,” Trump observed. “But everybody in this room, I know, loves the name Thanksgiving. And we’re not changing [it],” he stated to a round of cheers.

Obviously, there’s no legitimate reason to change Thanksgiving’s name, as we Americans have much to be thankful for. This year marks the 398th year since those first Pilgrims came together with their Native American neighbors to feast and offer thanks to God for blessing and sustaining them through to their first harvest in the New World. How much more do we, living in this free, beautiful, strong, and most prosperous nation in the world, have reason to give thanks?

Take the opportunity this Thanksgiving to turn away from the rampant and unending cavalcade of negative news and look with fresh eyes on the mind-boggling abundance and blessings we all enjoy living in America. Honestly embrace the reality; it’s a great time to be alive.

Economically speaking, unemployment is at its lowest level since 1969. Hourly wages are up across the board by 5.6% since 2009, and full-time workers are earning 3% more this year than last. Poverty is down to the lowest rate since 2001, with the real poverty rate at 2.8%. These are all things to be thankful for.

And with all this abundance, Americans continue to lead the world in generosity. Last year, $427 billion was donated to charity, while 63 million Americans volunteered their time in helping others, totaling over eight billion hours of service.

While it might not appear to be so with all the media coverage, the rate of violent crime continues to decline and is down 51% since 1993. And less crime equates to fewer numbers of people in prison. The number of those incarcerated has decreased by 100,000 from 10 years ago.

Americans, believe it or not, are also healthier than ever. Since 2000, the number of those dying from cancer has decreased from 168 per 100,000 to 146 per 100,000. The number of Americans smoking is at its lowest level since 1965, and the infant mortality rate has dropped by 14% since 2007.

Finally, that taboo subject not to bring up while passing the mashed potatoes to your Uncle Lou: politics. Watching the news, one gets the sense that politics is all that matters, but the reality is that of the 327 million people living in the U.S. today, 99% of them didn’t bother watching the news yesterday. That’s a lot of people who realize there is much more to life than concerning themselves with the circus of Washington. We can all be thankful for that.

We here at The Patriot Post wish all our readers a Happy Thanksgiving!

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‘Schiff Show’ Roundup: Thanksgiving News Dump

Today is the most traveled day of the year, which is why so much news on impeachment dropped last night. It was the proverbial holiday news dump. Here’s a quick rundown.

Timeline updates:

We now have some key information on the timeline of events regarding Ukraine aid. Primarily these two things:

First, NBC News reports, “The White House Office of Management and Budget made its first official move to withhold military aid to Ukraine on July 25, the same day President Donald Trump spoke to Ukrainian President [Volodymyr Zelensky] by phone.”

Second, “President Trump was briefed about the whistleblower complaint prompted by his dealings with Kyiv before the White House lifted a hold on more than $391 million in aid to Ukraine,” according to The Wall Street Journal. That’s important because if Trump released the funds because of the whistleblower complaint, it looks more like a coverup. The Journal explains, “The White House has defended the president’s actions, in part by saying there was no link between suspending the aid and the president’s request for investigations because the hold on the money was lifted in September.” And, “Mr. Trump said at an Oct. 2 news conference that he lifted the aid after a request from Sen. Rob Portman (R., Ohio).”

Trump needs to do a better job of keeping the story straight.

Meanwhile, “The House committees released interviews with the acting assistant secretary of state in charge of European and Eurasian Affairs Philip Reeker and senior Office of Management and Budget official Mark Sandy,” reports The Daily Caller. “The committees also released several short transcripts of people who did not comply with subpoenas, including acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney.” Those transcripts shed light on the aforementioned timeline.


“The anonymous whistleblower reached out to the intelligence community watchdog on October 8 to clarify the nature of his or her contact with Democratic majority staff of the House Intelligence Committee before the complaint was filed,” CBS News reports. “The whistleblower acknowledged reaching out to the committee, but claimed that nothing substantial was discussed and that the staff member directed them to go through official channels.”

What else happened Oct. 8? We learned that the whistleblower had contact with a 2020 Democrat who turned out to be Joe Biden.

No wonder Adam Schiff changed his mind on having the whistleblower testify. That may change when impeachment reaches the upper chamber and Senate Republicans seek testimony from Eric Ciaramella, the CIA analyst widely believed to be the whistleblower.


Did Trump send his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, to Ukraine or specifically direct him? “I didn’t direct him,” Trump said on Tuesday. “I don’t even know. I know he was going to go to Ukraine, and I think he canceled a trip, but you know Rudy has other clients other than me. He’s done a lot of work in Ukraine over the years.”

Does anyone believe Trump’s denials on this? Back in May, Giuliani said of his efforts in Ukraine, “He basically knows what I’m doing … as his lawyer.” And, oh, by the way, in the infamous July 25 phone call, Trump told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to … talk to Giuliani. “Rudy very much knows what’s happening and he is a very capable guy,” Trump said. “If you could speak to him that would be great.”

Trump needs to do a better job of keeping the story straight.

So what if Rudy is thrown under the bus? “I do have very, very good insurance,” Giuliani said earlier this month, “so if he does, all my hospital bills will be paid.”

Nadler hearings:

Next up are hearings before the House Judiciary Committee, which Chairman Jerry Nadler has set for Wednesday, Dec. 4.


A final note of warning about pollaganda. Some polls show that support for impeachment — especially among independents — dropped during public hearings. Other polls say support has increased. Our advice is, as usual, don’t be swayed by polls that are meant to shape, rather than reflect, public opinion.

And forget all about impeachment over Thanksgiving.

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EXPLANATION: Trump: Here’s the real reason I held back money from Ukraine and blocked impeachment testimony (The Daily Wire)

I’LL SUE YA: House Democrats sue Attorney General Bill Barr and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross over “brazen obstruction” of census subpoenas (National Review)

MIGRANT REQUIREMENT STALLED: Federal judge blocks Trump health insurance rule for immigrants (Fox News)

ANTI-TRUMP HIT JOB: New Fusion GPS info confirms the special-counsel probe was a hit job (The Federalist)

HARDBALL: U.S. to designate Mexican drug cartels as terrorists (Reuters)

PLAYING RIGHT INTO HIS HANDS: Vladimir Putin endorses 2020 Democrats energy policy (Washington Examiner)

UNSUSTAINABLE: U.S. birth rate falls for fourth year in a row (NBC News)

PERPETUALLY GREAT: Dow scores 100th record close under Trump (Fox Business)

POLICY: Native American health scandal shows why government-run care can be deadly (The Federalist)

POLICY: Is armed security the solution to mass shootings? (RealClearPolicy)

HUMOR: Trump pardons racist turkey with bigoted ideologies and ties to Putin (NPC Daily)

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John Stossel: “Private property protects us from what economists call the tragedy of the commons. The ‘commons’ is a shared resource. That means it’s really owned by no one, and no one person has much incentive to protect it or develop it. The Pilgrims’ simple change to private ownership, wrote [William] Bradford, ‘made all hands very industrious, so as much more corn was planted than otherwise would have been.’ Soon they had so much plenty that they could share food with the natives. The Indians weren’t socialists, either. They had property rules of their own. That helped them grow enough so they had plenty, even during cold winters. When property rights are tossed aside, even for the sake of religious fellowship or in the name of the working class, people just don’t work as hard. Why farm all day — or invent new ways of farming — when everyone else will get an equal share? You may not intend to be a slacker, but suddenly, reasons to stay in bed seem more compelling than they did when your own livelihood and family were dependent on your own efforts. … At this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, if people start arguing about how society should be run, try being a peacemaker by suggesting that everyone should get to decide what to do with their own property.”


For the record: “At the end of 2009, the U.S. national debt was $12.3 trillion, and one of the nation’s two major parties at least claimed to care about it. Today, the debt is $23 trillion and neither party even pretends to care.” —Jim Geraghty

Upright: “The nation would be far better off if Americans were able to come together to address the issues tearing the very fabric of society apart. So please, talk politics at the Thanksgiving dinner table this year. Even if it’s just for a little bit.” —Tristan Justice

Never mind: “I was an early supporter for impeachment in 2017. The House Intelligence Committee followed a very thorough process in holding hearings these past two weeks. The information they revealed confirmed that this President has abused the power of his office, therefore I continue to support impeachment.” —Rep. Brenda Lawrence (D-MI), who a day earlier had said she didn’t “see the value in kicking him out of office”

Demo-gogues I: “We cannot afford four more years of President Trump’s and reckless and unethical actions. He is an existential threat to our country, to our values, and our national security.” —Michael Bloomberg

Demo-gogues II: “We have a president, a commander-in-chief, who has no respect for the rule of law and no concern whatsoever for ethics or honor, or for the values that truly make America great.” —Michael Bloomberg

Non compos mentis: “I know this is going to sound a little strange, kind of — I don’t want to be president, but I do want to do things as president.” —Tom Steyer

Village idiots I: “The President is a cancer and needs to be removed from office as soon as possible.” —John Legend

Village idiots II: “We’re up against a crisis I never thought I’d see in my lifetime: a dictator-like attack by President Donald Trump on everything this country stands for. … It’s time for Trump to go — along with those in Congress who have chosen party loyalty over their oath to ‘solemnly affirm’ their support for the Constitution of the United States. … This monarchy in disguise has been so exhausting and chaotic, it’s not in the least bit surprising so many citizens are disillusioned.” —Robert Redford

And last… “Difference between Mike Bloomberg and Elizabeth Warren/Bernie Sanders is that Bloomberg is trying to buy the election with his money and Warren/Sanders are trying to buy it with yours.” —Brit Hume

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