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May 5, 2020


“If by the liberty of the press were understood merely the liberty of discussing the propriety of public measures and political opinions, let us have as much of it as you please: But if it means the liberty of affronting, calumniating and defaming one another, I, for my part, own myself willing to part with my share of it.” —Benjamin Franklin (1789)

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NYT Wins Pulitzer for 1619’s Historical Farce

Lewis Morris

Nikole Hannah-Jones of The New York Times won a Pulitzer Prize for Commentary Monday for being the top mind behind the paper’s ugly revisionist history of America, the 1619 Project. This collection of essays about the (alleged) African American experience in America attempts to paint a picture of a nation founded on slavery and dominated by racism to this day. Obviously, like the Nobel Prize, Pulitzers have lost their luster. They’re nothing more than insider political affirmation. Thus, the Times was a shoe-in for this propaganda, not because it “adheres to the highest journalistic principles,” but because it checks all the right “social justice” boxes.

Hannah-Jones and the Times packaged the scheme as a new look at history, but it was an unabashed attempt to maliciously portray America as fundamentally racist to its core. It was drenched in leftist sentiment, proceeded from a false premise, and was riddled with historical errors. But its shortcomings didn’t matter to the paper’s editorial board — nor to the Pulitzer committee. Embracing the “woke” culture, the Times cast journalistic ethics to the wayside in favor of pushing its leftist political agenda. The 1619 Project perpetuates a culture of victimhood in the African American community by claiming that life for blacks in America is still predetermined by slavery and Jim Crow.

Despite the protests of many respected historians from all areas of academia, the paper and Hannah-Jones stood by their work. Sadly, it paid off. Since the 1619 Project launch last year, thousands of public schools have included it in their curriculum, turning over children’s education to a newspaper that is run, read, and loved by the Left.

Accolades from like-minded members of the media have also been heaped on the 1619 Project. Before winning her Pulitzer, Hannah-Jones received a “special award” earlier this year at the annual George Polk Awards in Journalism.

The Polk Awards are well known within journalism circles, but basically anyone who reads knows what the Pulitzer Prize means. It’s widely accepted as the seal of approval for the published written word. Many esteemed journalists have won Pulitzers for fantastic work in the past. Unfortunately, like many intellectual institutions, the Pulitzers have been absorbed and corrupted by leftists. Pulitzer Prizes these days are frequently given to those who carry the ideological torch for identity politics, big government, the end of capitalism, and other “woke” causes. So, while it should be unbelievable that Hannah-Jones won a Pulitzer, it’s totally believable.

There was a point briefly where it seemed as if the Times might finally buckle under the weight of criticism over its historical fiction. Now, that will never happen with a Pulitzer on the shelf. In fact, schools will feel vindicated in choosing to embrace the Times’s disinformation scheme, and the editorial team behind the whole farce will double down on intellectual dishonesty.

With the 1619 Project, The New York Times has once again pitched aside journalistic integrity and honesty, choosing to go a blatantly partisan route. The worst part is that the paper is still trying to convince us that this is journalism. Well, journalism isn’t what it used to be. And apparently, neither is the Pulitzer Prize.

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Former CIA Analyst Claims Brennan Cooked Books Against Trump

Thomas Gallatin

The Senate Intelligence Committee released its second report on Russia’s 2016 election interference late last month. The Senate report contradicted the House Intelligence Committee’s 2018 findings, which concluded that the Russians’ primary aim was to sow discord and, if anything, favor Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump. This latest Senate report once again presents the Democrats’ and Leftmedia’s favored narrative that the Russians favored Trump. Former CIA Director John Brennan, Barack Obama’s hatchet man, heralded the Senate’s report as validating his widely expressed claims of Russia supporting Trump — the Russian-collusion hoax he was largely responsible for creating.

In fact, Brennan goes so far as to claim that it is President Trump who is spinning a hoax. “I’m just very glad that the Senate Intelligence Committee … came out with a report that totally validated the intelligence community’s assessment about Russian interference in the election in 2016 to help Donald Trump,” Brennan crowed. “Donald Trump continues to call all these things hoaxes. They’re not. The only hoax is his representation of the facts. That’s the hoax. It’s because, I think, he has this quite understandable insecurity about what he’s done.”

Well, not all former members of the CIA see the world with the same anti-Trump blinders as Brennan. Former CIA analyst Fred Fleitz responded to the Senate Intel Committee’s report, charging that it failed to do what the House Intel Committee had done in going beyond Brennan’s filtered and controlled information.

Fleitz observes that House Intel Committee staff found that:

CIA Director Brennan suppressed facts or analysis that showed why it was not in Russia’s interests to support Trump and why Putin stood to benefit from Hillary Clinton’s election. They also told me that Brennan suppressed that intelligence over the objections of CIA analysts…

House Intelligence Committee staff told me that after an exhaustive investigation reviewing intelligence and interviewing intelligence officers, they found that Brennan suppressed high-quality intelligence suggesting that Putin actually wanted the more predictable and malleable Clinton to win the 2016 election.

Instead, the Brennan team included low-quality intelligence that failed to meet intelligence community standards to support the political claim that Russian officials wanted Trump to win, House Intelligence Committee staff revealed. They said that CIA analysts also objected to including that flawed, substandard information in the assessment.

Fleitz asserts, “So Brennan actually slanted his analysis, choosing anti-Trump intelligence and excluding anti-Clinton intelligence.” That in a nutshell describes what Obama’s deep state did to perpetrate history’s worst political hoax on the American people.

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Authoritarians Use Pandemic to Target Christians

Nate Jackson

One consistent theme on the Left is that, while “social justice” Christianity is tolerable, biblically faithful Christians are to be shunned. We’ll highlight two sides of that coin to illustrate.

Early on in the Great Coronavirus Shutdown, many governors and mayors banned church services. Given that most churches have far more than 10 people, this was at least somewhat understandable for public safety. However, in some states and cities, that ban extended to parking-lot services in which congregants never even left their cars. Some pastors and attendees were warned or fined. Other pastors were arrested.

Attorney General William Barr recently fired a shot across the bow over this kind of overreach, and in several cases the Justice Department has filed statements of interest supporting churches. On Sunday, one of those statements supported a church shut down by Virginia Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam. A building capable of holding 200 was shuttered by police on Palm Sunday when 16 people showed up, sanitizing and social distancing. The pastor faces a $2,500 fine and up to a year in jail. The church sued, saying it could not stream services online and meetings were necessary to serve the congregation. It filed supporting photographs of people shopping during the lockdown, as well as one of Northam himself at a press conference with far more than 10 people. The case is pending.

What many Christians fear is simply that leftist politicians don’t like them and are using the pandemic as an excuse to inhibit their constitutional rights of religion and assembly. That’s not an unreasonable conclusion.

Case in point is New York City. We noted last month the opposition straight from Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio toward Samaritan’s Purse, which had set up a field hospital specifically to aid in healthcare during the pandemic. Why would desperate New Yorkers balk at this aid? Because Samaritan’s Purse adheres to a biblical view of sexuality and marriage, which the Rainbow Mafia says is “anti-LGBTQ+.”

De Blasio promised he’d “monitor” the field hospital, but calls from other city and state officials for ousting Samaritan’s Purse have only grown more shrill. Without a scrap of evidence of actual discrimination, City Council Speaker Corey Johnson declared that the group, “led by the notoriously bigoted, hate-spewing Franklin Graham,” should be ousted. “Their continued presence here is an affront to our values of inclusion, and is painful for all New Yorkers who care deeply about the LGBTQ community.”

Got that? Including Samaritan’s Purse in relief efforts is “an affront to our values of inclusion.”

In any case, Samaritan’s Purse says it will leave the city within the next two weeks, but with poor thanks for its sacrificial and Christian work.

We’re left wondering if this type of satirical Babylon Bee headline is really all that far-fetched: New York Bans Use Of All Scientific, Medical Advancements Made By Christians.

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Cuomo’s Latest Blunder — $69 Million for What?

Mark Alexander

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) is seeking to prosecute companies scamming state and local governments in need of CV19 personal protective equipment (PPE) and critical-care supplies. He has issued disaster scam and fraud alerts, as have numerous other members of Congress, and federal and state agencies.

That notwithstanding, Andrew Cuomo, still busy trying to cover up his disastrous decision to push coronavirus-infected patients into nursing homes, has again demonstrated his incompetence by sending $69.1 million from New York’s state treasury to a huckster in California.

Through 30 April, Cuomo had authorized a total of 77 checks for more than $1 million for medical appliances and supplies — most to companies with no experience producing those supplies, but the $69 million check was the largest single payment made by Cuomo’s administration to any contractor for such supplies.

How did that happen?

Well, back in March, after President Donald Trump had invoked the Defense Production Act to authorize GM and Ford to produce ICU ventilators, he posted a message on social media: “Start making ventilators now!” One of his 80,000 followers, a troll named Yaron Oren-Pines, who is a former employee of Google with no experience producing ventilators, posted a response: “We can supply ICU Ventilators, invasive and noninvasive. Have someone call me URGENT.”

A few days before Trump’s post, Cuomo had urgently claimed, “I need 30,000 ventilators — how can you have New Yorkers possibly dying because they can’t get a ventilator?” One of his chief administrators heard about the social-media response, contacted Oren-Pines, and hastily signed a contract for 1,450 ventilators for $47,656 per unit — three times the cost of the best ventilators — and three days later sent him advanced payment.

According to New York’s Office of General Services, it took a month for somebody to figure out this was a scam and, predictably, they blamed Trump for the Cuomo administration’s incompetence. According to an unnamed New York state official, the contract was the result of a “direct recommendation” from the Task Force: “The guy was recommended to us by the White House coronavirus task force because they were doing business with him as well.” But a quick check of federal records shows no contract with Oren-Pines.

A spokesperson for the Task Force, Katie Miller, rebutted that assertion: “The White House Coronavirus Task Force was never informed of this contract and was not involved in it at all.”

Meanwhile, Cuomo hosted a press conference Monday, declaring that people who don’t wear masks in public should be cited and penalized. “You wear a mask to protect me. I wear a mask to protect you,” he insisted. “I think there should be a penalty because you could literally kill someone … because you didn’t want to wear a mask. How cruel and irresponsible would that be?” Cuomo was not wearing a mask at the briefing…

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Leftists Have Told Us What They Are… Believe Them

Harold Hutchison

There are many on the Right, often with more, er, establishment leanings, who seem to be dismissive of the warnings we have seen from Kurt Schlichter and Dennis Prager, among others, of how much the Left hates grassroots Americans. The Never Trump faction has long been in denial of reality, and it starts with what seems to be misunderstanding the Left.

At the very least, many so-called “progressives” want Patriots to shut up and get out of the way. You don’t need to just take the word of your Patriot Post team; just look at Elizabeth Warren’s campaign platform. For her, it was not enough to pass sweeping restrictions on our Second Amendment rights, punishing millions of law-abiding Americans for crimes and acts of madness they did not commit. She wanted to sic the Internal Revenue Service on the National Rifle Association.

In her mind, the many lawmakers who defend our right to keep and bear arms do so because they are “corrupt” — the notion that another American could look at Second Amendment issues and come to a different good-faith conclusion about what policies should be pursued seems to be completely foreign to her.

Given that her presidential campaign flopped, Patriots might want to breathe a sigh of relief, but she is a top contender to be Joe Biden’s veep. Given what many speculate about Biden’s health, Warren would be a heartbeat away from being president.

Between Operation Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS Tea Party targeting, Wisconsin’s “John Doe” investigations, the efforts by state attorneys general to silence opponents of the “green” agenda, Spygate, and Andrew Cuomo’s jihad against the NRA, there is a clear pattern. When they are in power, Democrats have a proclivity toward using police-state tactics against their opponents.

Worse, the tactics worked. We’ll never know for sure, but those abuses undoubtedly played a part in losses over the years. Even the Supreme Court has not been immune from threats (particularly the chief justice), and in the recent Second Amendment case some justices backed down in the face of pressure.

Also coming as a harbinger of police-state tactics is the fact that, according to a report by Fox News, Department of Defense technology intended to combat radical Islamic terrorist groups is now being turned on domestic political actors — President Donald Trump’s supporters.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency denies it, but after seeing what happened with Lois Lerner, Fast and Furious, and Spygate, can we really believe that denial? Once again, the past misconduct, the bureaucratic usurpation of power, and the lack of accountability raise doubts about the denial.

Given all of this, the situation should be patently obvious to anyone. Leftists have been telling us who they are and what they intend to do. The question is, do those who criticize Trump supporters not believe them, or are they being willfully blind?

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Most Promising Treatment for COVID-19

Thomas Gallatin

Frustrated with the CDC’s lack of consistent helpful information on treating COVID-19, a consortium of critical-care physicians representing the University of Tennessee, University of Wisconsin, Eastern Virginia Medical School, the University of Texas, and several other schools banded together to provide recommended treatment protocols for the virus. At issue specifically for these front-line physicians is the way the coronavirus kills — or, perhaps more accurately, doesn’t kill — its victims.

As the protocol states: “It is the severe inflammation sparked by the Coronavirus, not the virus itself, that kills patients. Inflammation causes a new variety of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), which damages the lungs.”

Dr. Paul Marik, Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at the Eastern Virginia Medical School, recently published a Critical Care COVID Management Protocol in which he recommends as preventative treatments a cocktail of inexpensive vitamins that include Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc, and melatonin. He notes, “While there is no high-level evidence that this cocktail is effective; it is cheap, safe and widely available.”

In their treatment protocols, these doctors observe “three core pathologic processes lead to multi-organ failure and death in COVID-19.” They are: “hyper-inflammation, hyper-coagulability, and severe hypoxemia.” The protocols further explain:

The above pathologies are not novel, although the combined severity in COVID-19 disease is considerable. Our long-standing and more recent experiences show consistently successful treatment if traditional therapeutic principles of early and aggressive intervention is achieved, before the onset of advanced organ failure. It is our collective opinion that the historically high levels of morbidity and mortality from COVID-19 is due to a single factor: the widespread and inappropriate reluctance amongst intensivists to employ anti-inflammatory and anticoagulant treatments, including corticosteroid therapy early in the course of a patient’s hospitalization. It is essential to recognize that it is not the virus that is killing the patient, rather it is the patient’s overactive immune system. The flames of the “cytokine fire” are out of control and need to be extinguished. Providing supportive care (with ventilators that themselves stoke the fire) and waiting for the cytokine fire to burn itself out simply does not work … this approach has FAILED and has led to the death of tens of thousands of patients.

The results are promising. The docs observe, “Our treatment protocol targeting these key pathologies has achieved near uniform success, if begun within 6 hours of a COVID19 patient presenting with shortness of breath or needing ≥ 4L/min of oxygen. If such early initiation of treatment could be systematically achieved, the need for mechanical ventilators and ICU beds will decrease dramatically.”

While a vaccine for COVID-19 is likely many months if not years away, implementing an effective treatment that would substantially lower if not almost eliminate the likelihood of infected individuals dying from virus complications may be the most practical and logical immediate step.

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Jordan Candler

The Latest on Coronavirus

  • Israel makes “significant breakthrough” in developing antidote (The Daily Wire)

  • Scientists create antibody that defeats virus in lab (Bloomberg)

  • Scientists find new mutation of coronavirus that mirrors a change in the 2003 SARS virus that showed the disease was weakening (UK Daily Mail)

Business & Economy

  • More than 40% of small businesses may close in the next six months, the Chamber of Commerce warns (The Daily Wire)

  • Record gun sales for second straight month; over seven million this year (Washington Examiner)

  • More blue states move toward reopening (Washington Examiner)

  • United Airlines to cut 30% of management in October (Reuters)

Government & Politics

  • Citing “strict confidentiality requirements,” Senate says it can’t release Tara Reade records; statement comes after National Archives said it does not hold the complaint (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • Trump administration “turbocharging” push to rip global supply chains from Communist China (Reuters)

  • U.S. Treasury seeks to borrow a record $3 trillion this quarter (CNBC)

Other Notables

  • “Indoctrination platforms for American students”: Congress launches investigation into Chinese infiltration of U.S. colleges (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • University of Texas under investigation for possible ties to Wuhan biolab (Campus Reform)

  • Judge upholds Kentucky mass gathering ban, says no to travel ban (AP)

  • Chicago mayor to lockdown violators: “We will take you to jail” (Chicago Tribune)

Closing Arguments

For more of today’s editors’ choice headlines, visit In Our Sights.

The Patriot Post is a certified ad-free news service, unlike third-party commercial news sites linked on this page, which may also require a paid subscription.

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Video: Court Says Constitution Promises ‘Adequate Education’ — The 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Detroit schools fail to provide an “adequate education” and are “schools in name only.”

Video: Social Justice Isn’t Justice — Allie Beth Stuckey takes a fresh look at this important issue.


For more of today’s columns, visit Right Opinion.


Insight (and irony): “The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their right names.” —Chinese proverb

Observations: “The Wuhan virus has introduced a new and unpredictable issue into the campaign: the administration’s response to the epidemic. This should be seen as Act III in the Democrats’ determined effort to take out Donald Trump. Act I was the [Russia-collusion] hoax. Act II was the Ukraine kerfuffle. Both failed, and it looked as though the Democrats had nothing left. But now, their press minions are launching daily attacks on the president related to the virus. Act III.” —John Hinderaker

Coincidence? “On January 3, [2017] Chuck Schumer … says this in response to a statement that President-elect Trump had said, where he said we were being spied on, Schumer says if you mess with the intel community, ‘They have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.’ The very next day, January 4 … Peter Strzok overrules the agents who say Michael Flynn did nothing wrong.” —Rep. Jim Jordan

Alpha jackass: “It is time for Samaritan’s Purse to leave NYC. This group, led by the notoriously bigoted, hate-spewing Franklin Graham, came at a time when our city couldn’t in good conscience turn away any offer of help. That time has passed. Their continued presence here is an affront to our values of inclusion, and is painful for all New Yorkers who care deeply about the LGBTQ community.” —New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson

Braying jenny: “A lot of our folks didn’t vote. It was almost like a slap in the face. … I understand the people who voted for Trump. The people who didn’t vote at all — the young people, the women — that’s when you think, ‘Man, people think this is a game.’ … It wasn’t just in [2016]. Every midterm. Every time Barack didn’t get the Congress he needed, that was because our folks didn’t show up. After all that work, they just couldn’t be bothered to vote at all. That’s my trauma.” —Michelle Obama

Non compos mentis: “We need to cancel rent and cancel mortgages for the duration of this crisis.” —Sen. Bernie Sanders

And last… “Per capita, the six countries most impacted by COVID-19 on planet earth are European nations with government-run healthcare systems. Another bragging point for socialism.” —Erick Erickson

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