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Mid-Day Digest

Jun. 10, 2020


“It is the manners and spirit of a people which preserve a republic in vigor. A degeneracy in these is a canker which soon eats to the heart of its laws and constitution.” —Thomas Jefferson (1781)

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A Worthy Martyr?

Douglas Andrews

The Associated Press captured the moment in all its regal splendor: “The funeral capped six days of mourning … in three cities. … After the service, [his] golden casket was taken by hearse to the cemetery. … A mile from the graveyard, the casket was transferred to a glass-sided carriage drawn by a pair of white horses. A brass band played as his casket was taken inside the mausoleum.”

JFK? Churchill? Ronald Reagan?

Nope. George Floyd.

The past two weeks have been nothing short of tumultuous, so perhaps it was unsurprising that such an unaccomplished man with such a violent and lawless past would command such a stunning send-off. It was a funeral attended by hundreds of people at a time when, thanks to the pandemic shutdown, countless other Americans were unable to attend or even have funerals for their loved ones. But this is the country we live in. “Everybody is going to remember him around the world,” said George’s brother Rodney. “He is going to change the world.”

Indeed, he already has changed the world. But for the better?

“I do not support George Floyd and the media depiction of him as a martyr for black America,” declared Candace Owens in a viral video she shared just days after Floyd’s death. Owens, whose 18-minute missive has since been seen more than 60 million times, also made an observation that she credits to conservative thinker and Hoover Institution Senior Fellow Shelby Steele — an observation that would seem to explain the near-deification of George Floyd: “We [blacks] are unique in that we are the only people that fight and scream and demand support and justice for the people in our community that are up to no good.”

The media, for its part, is clearly complicit here. After all, were it not for the exhaustive and over-the-top coverage, we’d never have heard of Michael Brown or Eric Garner or Freddie Gray. In a July 2000 speech at the NAACP National Convention in Baltimore, then-Texas Governor George W. Bush was making a point about education when he referred to “the soft bigotry of low expectations.” But he might just as well have been making Candace Owens’s point.

Let’s be clear and unequivocal: George Floyd didn’t deserve to die. But just think: Had he not (allegedly) tried to pass counterfeit money to a local merchant, he’d still be alive today. Perhaps had he not had fentanyl and methamphetamines in his system at the time of his arrest, he’d still be alive. But beyond that, at least 17 other Americans who died during the ensuing looting and rioting would also be alive. And untold storefronts and small businesses serving inner-city communities would still be intact. And ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News could’ve aired their regularly scheduled programming yesterday afternoon.

Another funeral will be held today, but the deceased man won’t command nearly the attention afforded George Floyd. His name was David Dorn, he was 77, and he served 38 years with the St. Louis Police before retiring as a captain. During the early morning hours of June 2, he was gunned down as he tried to protect a friend’s pawn shop from looters.

“The fact that he was protecting and serving,” said Dorn’s son Brian, “this is the way, I feel in my heart of hearts, that he would have liked to leave this earth.”

David Dorn leaves behind a wife and five children, a life and legacy worth celebrating, and — forgive us — a case for martyrdom far stronger than that of George Floyd.

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Wise Words From an Accomplished Black Leader

Less than four years after the first black president left office after two terms, the Senate on Tuesday confirmed the first black American to lead a branch of the U.S. military. Air Force General Charles Q. Brown Jr. was confirmed as chief of staff for the Air Force. (As The Wall Street Journal notes, “Colin Powell was chairman of the joint chiefs but didn’t run a military service.”) Brown is an accomplished F-16 pilot with 3,000 hours and he has held command positions in the Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific.

There’s plenty of work to do on race relations in this country — obviously — but let’s not allow achievements like this to become drowned out by the rioters and race-baiters.

Brown recently shared some incredibly wise words about his own experience and work:

As the commander of Pacific Air Forces, a senior leader in our Air Force, and an African-American, many of you may be wondering what I’m thinking about the current events surrounding the tragic death of George Floyd. Here’s what I’m thinking about.

I’m thinking about how full I am with emotion, not just for George Floyd, but the many African Americans that have suffered the same fate as George Floyd. I’m thinking about protests in my country — ‘tis of thee, sweet land of liberty — the equality expressed in our Declaration of Independence and the Constitution that I’ve sworn my adult life to support and defend.

I’m thinking about a history of racial issues, and my own experiences that didn’t always sing of liberty and equality. …

I’m thinking about my historic nomination to be the first African American to serve as the Air Force chief of staff. I’m thinking about the African Americans that went before me to make this opportunity possible. I’m thinking about the immense expectations that come with this historic nomination, particularly through the lens of current events plaguing our nation.

Don’t miss the rest here.

Poor Minorities Hurt Most by Violent Protests and Looting

Louis DeBroux

Following the horrific and unjustified death of George Floyd, a black man, at the hands of white Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, large groups of protesters gathered in cities across the U.S. Soon, however, peaceful protests turned into mayhem, with rioters kicking, punching, and throwing bricks at police and even innocent bystanders; setting homes, businesses, and vehicles on fire; and shattering store windows before rushing in to loot everything from the shelves.

Time after time in these Democrat-run cities and even in the halls of Congress, politicians rushed to literally prostrate themselves before not only the protesters but the antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs who are setting their cities aflame, eager to show solidarity with them.

In these same cities there is a growing call to “defund the police,” redirecting money from police budgets to mental-health programs, public housing, and education. In Minneapolis, decimated by rioters for more than a week, the all-Democrat city council went a step further, promising to “dismantle the police department” altogether, though members didn’t explain who will now protect lives and property.

Sadly, it is the poor minorities politicians claim to care so much about who suffer most.

In Chicago, Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot gained notoriety recently by threatening citizens with arrest and jail time for violations of her COVID-19 stay-at-home order. Yet she seems completely incompetent at quelling the rioting, looting, and arson that devastated her city.

These same politicians justify such lawlessness by blaming poverty, poor education, or “systemic racism” — a seemingly odd claim for cities run by Democrats for decades.

Whatever the excuses, it won’t exempt them from the consequences of their failure to control the waves of crime pouring over their neighborhoods and cities, and businesses are taking notice.

Mayor Lightfoot is now pleading with Walmart and other retailers not to abandon her city after their stores were looted, vandalized, and set on fire, with millions of dollars lost to theft and millions more in damage to the buildings. Walmart is silent on whether it will rebuild.

In Louisville, Kroger is one of two grocery stores serving 60,000 residents in the city’s predominantly poor, black West End neighborhood. The store was boarded up in anticipation of protests and looting, yet looters still managed to break into the store and steal carts full of merchandise.

In Minneapolis, the Lake Street Target was almost complete destroyed as looters stole everything in sight, destroyed shelves and displays, and broke open cash registers with hammers.

For years, minority advocates and “social justice” warriors have decried the “food deserts” in poor minority neighborhoods. A food desert is an area where crime, shoplifting, and looting have made it impossible for grocery stores to be profitable.

In Minneapolis, nine of the city’s neighborhoods have “nearly become a food desert” after a Cub Foods, Target, two Aldi stores, and numerous neighborhood markets were damaged during protests. Chicago also has new food deserts due to these “protests.”

These same activists publicly guilt and excoriate businesses and corporations for refusing to open stores in these poor minority neighborhoods but completely ignore why they won’t. Grocery stores operate on an average profit margin of 1-3%, so persistent shoplifting can easily cause the store to lose money, and no business can consistently operate at a loss. And in the aftermath of these riots, it is minority-owned businesses that were hit hardest. With many already struggling to make a profit, and with no cash reserves, they will simply go bankrupt.

Why would any major retailer or small business rebuild in these neighborhoods when politicians are siding with the looters and rioters and against police? Why invest in rebuilding with no assurance this won’t happen again?

And once these stores leave, where do residents go? How do poor minority senior citizens get groceries when they don’t have a car and all of the grocery stores have permanently shuttered? Many are forced to take a bus or walk miles to the nearest store, only able to buy what they can physically carry back. But what about those too frail or too sick to walk or take a bus?

At the end of the day, what have these “protesters” accomplished? Officer Chauvin had already been arrested when much of the rioting and looting occurred. Those engaged in the rioting and looting claimed to be doing so in an effort to bring attention to the injustices perpetrated against poor minorities.

How? By rioting, looting, and destroying homes and businesses in these poor communities? By destroying black-owned businesses that don’t have enough money to rebuild?

William Wright understands. He’s a black resident of Chicago’s notoriously poor and crime-ridden South Side. The store he takes his grandma to each Sunday was looted and destroyed last week, and Wright wants to know what good it did.

“What did we accomplish, aside from take our property value down and embarrass ourselves?”

Good question, William.

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Time for Bipartisan Policing Reform?

Thomas Gallatin

Buying into the current leftist narrative that law enforcement in America is the problem, and as leftist activists and race-baiters loudly call for “defunding the police,” congressional lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle have lined up to propose legislation aimed at reforming police.

On Monday, leading House Democrats decked with brightly colored “African” scarves made a spectacle of kneeling for more than eight minutes on the floor of the Capitol’s Emancipation Hall while the names of George Floyd and others killed by law enforcement were read. During the event, Speaker Nancy Pelosi asserted, “We cannot settle for anything less than transformative structural change.” The pandering act was the setup for House Democrats to unveil their Justice in Policing Act.

Clearly not wanting to be seen as unwilling to listen or respond to the massive protests currently roiling the nation, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell on Tuesday announced that he had tapped the GOP’s only black senator, South Carolina’s Tim Scott, to lead the team drafting a bill on policing reform.

Apparently capitulating to the Left’s narrative of “systemic racism,” McConnell asserted that Republicans needed a “proposal to allow us to respond to the obvious racial discrimination that we’ve seen on full display on our television screens over the last two weeks.” He continued, “We’re still wrestling with America’s original sin. We try to get better, but every now and then it is perfectly clear we’re a long way from the finish line. I think the best way for Senate Republicans to go forward on this is to listen to one of our own who had these experiences [as a black American].”

Setting aside the dubious assertions about racism from both parties, several of the reforms proposed by both House Democrats and Senate Republicans are not bad. In fact, there appear to be several areas where Democrats and Republicans should find common ground, such as banning “no knock” warrants, limiting the transfer of military-grade equipment to police departments, and reforming “qualified immunity” protections that too often shield bad cops from accountability for violating people’s constitutional rights. However, the danger, as always, will be overregulation — the passage of bad proposals that so limit and hamper the ability of law enforcement to do their jobs that it puts both officers and the law-abiding public in greater danger.

Finally, the racial component that is the driving force behind these efforts must be honestly and thoroughly held in check. Any legislation that is founded upon the erroneous narrative of “white privilege” or “systemic racism” will inevitably produce greater injustice. Any “reforms” that explicitly favor or elevate groups based upon ethnicity will inevitably lead to injustice. True justice is color-blind.

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A Not-So-Peachy Election in Georgia

Nate Jackson

“The voting situation today in certain precincts in Fulton and DeKalb counties is unacceptable,” said Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in a statement regarding Tuesday’s polling disaster in Atlanta. “Obviously, the first time a new voting system is used there is going to be a learning curve, and voting in a pandemic only increased these difficulties. But every other county faced these same issues and were significantly better prepared to respond so that voters had every opportunity to vote.” Raffensperger is correct, but the Republican is going to have a difficult time getting out in front of Democrats and their allies in the Leftmedia who are already hard at work painting Georgia’s election snafu and widespread claims of “voter suppression” as justification for mail-in voting. Democrats hope to put both Georgia Senate seats and the state’s 16 Electoral College votes in play come November.

To the press, Georgia became synonymous with voter suppression in the 2018 gubernatorial race when then-Secretary of State Brian Kemp defeated Democrat challenger Stacey Abrams by 55,000 votes. Despite winning 600,000 more votes than previous Georgia Governor Nathan Deal won in reelection, Abrams claimed Kemp had rigged the system and suppressed minority votes to win. If Joe Biden ends up picking Abrams as a running mate (and she is reportedly a contender), it will be because she cashed in so successfully on her supposed martyrdom and because the victim narrative will help Democrats.

Thus, when headlines today are blaring about hours-long lines, machine malfunctions, and absent poll workers in minority voting districts, the implication is that Georgia elections are run by a Republican secretary of state who doesn’t want blacks to vote.

To be sure, Georgia officials, Raffensperger among them, will have to answer for the choice of the particular voting machines that malfunctioned or why there was an apparent lack of training for some poll workers to operate those machines. Raffensperger aggressively pushed absentee ballots in the months leading up to yesterday’s primary vote, but some would-be voters claim they never received those ballots and were nevertheless prohibited from voting in person.

There’s a big caveat here, however. Commentator Erick Erickson, an Atlanta native, writes, “There was no willful voter fraud or suppression in Georgia yesterday. There was rank incompetence and technical failures. The lines were, in most places, because several precincts in urban areas had to be consolidated at the last minute. They had to be consolidated because poll workers tested positive for COVID-19 or otherwise backed out of operating locations at the last minute. The decisions were made at the local level by local officials, not by the Republican Secretary of State. Overwhelmingly, it was Democrat officials involved in Democrat areas.”

Voting trouble has been happening for at least the last 30 years in Fulton County, which has been among the most reliably Democrat counties in the country for 150 years. And overall, we’re detecting a nationwide theme: The real “systemic racism” taking place in America today is in places that Democrats run and have run for decades.

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J.K. Rowling Blasted by 'Trans’ Activists

Thomas Gallatin

It’s no question these are strange times. Truth was once understood as objectively absolute but has increasingly given way to the relative subjectivity of perceived experience. Instead of it being “the truth,” people talk of “their truth.” In this fantasy world of fast-fading universal and objective truth, even the most basic fundamental facts of nature have become the subject of controversy. Case in point is the ongoing leftist movement to establish gender dysphoria or “transgenderism” as a literal sexual state of being.

The irony of this movement, as we have repeatedly observed, is that it makes a mockery of the physical and psychological distinctions between the two sexes — the very distinctions from which humanity of all cultures has derived its definition of gender. “Transgender” activists attack these distinctions, absurdly claiming that they are merely a result of backward and oppressive social engineering and not scientifically legitimate categories of distinction.

It’s silly on its face and yet those who challenge the Rainbow Mafia’s “transgender” dogma will reap unmitigated wrath. J.K. Rowling, the famed writer of the Harry Potter novels, is herself an ardent leftist and proponent of the “LGBTQ” community, and yet she recently found herself in hot water for daring to challenge the “transgender” dogma.

Responding on social media to a news story captioned “Creating a more equal post-COVID-19 world for people who menstruate,” Rowling wryly observed, “‘People who menstruate.’ I’m sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone help me out. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?” Cue the outrage mob. The Rainbow Mafia activists at GLAAD responded, “JK Rowling continues to align herself with an ideology which willfully distorts facts about gender identity and people who are trans. In 2020, there is no excuse for targeting trans people.”

To Rowling’s credit, she refused to back down. “If sex isn’t real, there’s no same-sex attraction. If sex isn’t real, the lived reality of women globally is erased,” she declared. “I know and love trans people, but erasing the concept of sex removes the ability of many to meaningfully discuss their lives. It isn’t hate to speak the truth.” She added, “I respect every trans person’s right to live any way that feels authentic and comfortable to them. I’d march with you if you were discriminated against on the basis of being trans. At the same time, my life has been shaped by being female. I do not believe it’s hateful to say so.”

Well, unfortunately for Rowling, the Rainbow Mafia has no room for dissenters. It’s either total capitulation to the “woke” dogma or one is declared “part of the problem” and an “enemy of progress.” Underscoring the reality that there is no room for disagreement, Daniel Radcliffe, the actor who played the titular Harry Potter in eight films, took Rowling to task. “Transgender women are women,” he insisted. “Any statement to the contrary erases the identity and dignity of transgender people and goes against all advice given by professional health care associations who have far more expertise on this subject matter than either Jo or I.” Further signaling his woke virtue, Radcliffe asserted, “To all the people who now feel that their experience of the books has been tarnished or diminished, I am deeply sorry for the pain these comments have caused you. I really hope that you don’t entirely lose what was valuable in these stories to you.”

Far worse than a fantasy world of witches and wizards, this is a cult religion that in no way deals in scientific reality or objective fact.

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Political Illusionists

Roger Helle

My wife and I are currently watching an old TV series called The Mentalist. The show features a former mentalist who now helps the California Bureau of Investigation solve crimes. It’s a few years old so there is no climate change, homosexual rights, or other types of political correctness in the script, just good old crime fighting.

Patrick Jane, the hero in the TV series, is a piker compared to the political illusionist we have today. It’s like a magician having you look at this hand while he hides something in the other. President Donald Trump is being investigated by Congress (again) for not responding to the COVID-19 crisis sooner. This happened while the Left was trying to impeach the president. He mentioned COVID-19 in his State of the Union speech, Nancy. Too bad you tore up your copy! Remember his “racist and xenophobic” actions to stop flights from China, then Europe, while you and Mayor Bill De Blasio are inviting people to Chinatown to celebrate the Chinese New Year?

President Trump takes a walk across the street from the White House and stands in front of a fire-damaged historic church and holds up a Bible. As media outrage erupts, Nancy Pelosi holds up a Bible at an event and Joe Biden finds a nearby church and comes out of his underground bunker to criticize Trump for … going to a church and holding up a Bible, I guess?

Nancy Pelosi and a gaggle of leftists take a knee in the Capitol Building for a moment of silence for George Floyd. It was a solemn moment where the only sound was the constant clicking of how many cameras? But this was NOT A PHOTO OP, don’t ya know! Media response; move on folks, nothing to see here.

Then we have the recent protests to the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer in Minnesota. For a brief moment, the solidarity of the nation was with them. Then came antifa and Black Lives Matter and they stole the show. Tell me how destroying minority businesses in your own neighborhood helps bring social justice to a community?

When the president or anyone is critical of the rioters, we’re racists because only a few of the protesters are looters. But EVERY policeman is bad because of the actions of a few. Now we have the nationwide movement to defund police departments all across the nation, which will help us to … okay, I have no idea how that helps anybody, but I’m white, so I must be a racist to even suggest this is wrong.

For years now we have seen the Left say, “Look over here at what Trump is doing” (sleight of hand), while over here they are manufacturing lie after lie after lie, misdirection after misdirection. Trump is a Russian asset. Trump is a traitor. Trump asked for dirt on his political rival (what was that Steele dossier again) but they just want to get to the truth about Ukraine. Except the part about Hunter Biden and Burisma Oil & Gas Company, just the stuff Trump did.

Here’s a great trick that would help the Left; Adam Schiff, bring out the evidence you’ve been holding onto for three years proving Trump’s guilt!

Something to think about?

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Jordan Candler

Above the Fold

  • Long lines, voting-machine malfunctions, ballot hiccups… Messy Georgia primary raises alarms for November (Fox News)

  • Majority Leader Mitch McConnell taps black Senator Tim Scott to head up GOP police-reform efforts (Washington Examiner)

Culture & Heartland

  • Funeral held Tuesday for George Floyd in Houston (AP)

  • Christopher Columbus statue at Richmond’s Byrd Park torn down, thrown into lake (WRIC)

  • Inevitably, NYPD officers are retiring in droves over leadership’s mishandling of riots (The Daily Wire)

  • HBO Max pulls “Gone With the Wind Outrage Mob” from library amid racial tensions (Fox News)

  • “Cops” defunded: Police reality show is canceled after 33 seasons due to George Floyd protests as fate of hit series “Live PD” hangs in the balance (UK Daily Mail)

National Security

Other Notables

  • Attorney General William Barr on John Durham investigation: “I’m very troubled by” what “has been called to my attention so far” (The Daily Wire)

  • WHO politically backs off claim that people without virus symptoms aren’t a transmission risk (Politico)

  • Merriam-Webster is revising its definition of racism after a Missouri woman’s emails claimed it fell short of including the systemic oppression of certain groups of people (AP)

  • The COVID pandemic aside, Nasdaq hits 10,000 for the first time ever, up nearly 11% year-to-date (Business Insider)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: Basing troops in Europe is about U.S. security. A pullout would be unwise. (The Daily Signal)

  • Policy: If black lives matter, defund Planned Parenthood, not the police (The Daily Wire)

  • Satire: Black owners disguise their businesses as Planned Parenthood so rioters won’t burn them down (Genesius Times)

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Video: Media’s Double Standard on Protests — Lockdown objectors are “dangerous” and “extreme” but police haters are “beautiful” and “heartwarming.”

Video: Leftists Try to Cancel Author J.K. Rowling — Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has been canceled for making a “transphobic” comment.

John Stossel Video: Vaccine Sooner! — Promising COVID-19 vaccines are being tested, but how long will it be before we can get them?


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Insight: “Open discussion of many major public questions has for some time now been taboo. We can’t open our mouths without being denounced as racists, misogynists, supremacists, imperialists or fascists. As for the media, they stand ready to trash anyone so designated.” —Saul Bellow (1915-2005)

Re: The Left: “While urging everyone else to stay inside and practice safe social distancing, Democrats are actively encouraging black people to go outside and gather in large protest groups during a pandemic that has already killed over 110,000 Americans.” —John Nolte

Upright: “I would say to those, particularly, in places like China and Russia and Iran, who may want to use this for propaganda, let’s not be absurd. This is not Tiananmen Square where you’ve mowed down people who disagreed with the government. This is not the invasion of Crimea where you took land from your neighbor. This is not the Green Revolution in Iran where you killed people wantonly because they wouldn’t agree with the theocratic government.” —former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

Keep your powder dry: “393,000,000 firearms in America. As the cultural revolutionaries fire up in the country, that number gives me some peace of mind.” —Erick Erickson

For the record: “This is not going to be fixed by endless emails from corporation after corporation trying to prove how woke they are.” —Senator Marco Rubio

Demo-gogues: “No, I don’t support defunding the police. I support conditioning federal aid to police based on whether or not they meet certain standards of decency and honorableness and, in fact, are able to demonstrate they can protect the community and everybody in the community.” —Joe Biden offering “support” with a massive caveat

A blind squirrel finds a nut: “Do I think we should not have police departments in America? No, I don’t. There’s no city in the world that does not have police departments.” —Bernie Sanders

Braying jackass: “There are some negroes that have drunk or will drink the Orange Kool-Aid that’s coming in November, but it’s a very, very small percentage.” —Spike Lee

Non compos mentis: “If President Trump really wants to make a statement about race and unity, one that rocks the entire world, then with the American people watching live on TV, he should simply take the knee in the Oval Office.” —Piers Morgan

And last… “Hilarious to see Hollywood push to defund police. Yes, you’re gonna be perfectly safe behind your gated community with your private security. But who will be hurt by disbanding police? MINORITY COMMUNITIES. You can’t pretend to care about minority communities & defund police.” —Liz Wheeler

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