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Jun. 17, 2020


“The ordaining of laws in favor of one part of the nation, to the prejudice and oppression of another, is certainly the most erroneous and mistaken policy. An equal dispensation of protection, rights, privileges, and advantages, is what every part is entitled to, and ought to enjoy.” —Benjamin Franklin (1774)

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Police Reform, Trump Style

Douglas Andrews

If Donald Trump wins reelection in November, he will do so in large part because he worked hard to win the black vote. Perhaps no Republican president since the first, Abraham Lincoln, has done more to win their support. And so it was yesterday, when the president issued his “Executive Order on Safe Policing for Safe Communities.”

“All Americans are entitled to live with the confidence that the law enforcement officers and agencies in their communities will live up to our Nation’s founding ideals and will protect the rights of all persons,” the order states. “Particularly in African-American communities, we must redouble our efforts as a Nation to swiftly address instances of misconduct.”

The order goes on to address reform in four areas: certification and credentialing of law-enforcement agencies; information sharing via database among local, state, and federal agencies; expanded care for those with mental health, homelessness, and addiction issues, and training for cops who encounter them; and legislation and grant programs to improve policing practices and build community engagement.

It was an order and a message aimed squarely at black Americans, and it comes three weeks after the wrongful death of George Floyd while in police custody. Whether Floyd is a worthy martyr is debatable, but his death was sickening, and inaction on the president’s part was not an option.

Yesterday’s event was televised from the White House Rose Garden, but the president met privately beforehand with family members of several black men who’d been killed in confrontations with cops. He also met with relatives of a man who wasn’t killed by cops: Ahmaud Arbery, the 25-year-old who was shot and killed in February near Brunswick, Georgia, by two white men. “I think the president was very receiving,” said Wanda Cooper-Jones, Arbery’s mom. “He’s very compassionate. He did assure each family member that we would and should expect change.”

Even CNN’s Van Jones praised the president’s actions yesterday.

Of course, Trump’s EO elicited the usual catcalls from the usual critics: “The president’s weak executive order,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, “falls sadly and seriously short of what is required to combat the epidemic of racial injustice and police brutality that is murdering hundreds of black Americans.” (Fact check: Nine unarmed black men nationwide were killed by cops last year. Nine, Nancy, not “hundreds.”)

Is it us, or does Speaker Pelosi’s tone become even more shrill than normal when the issue involves President Trump and black Americans? Could it be that she and her fellow Democrats sense a weakening of their stranglehold on the black vote?

To be sure, Trump won’t get 40% of the African American vote. But if he gets even a third of that on November 3, Joe Biden is toast.

“Americans want law and order,” the president said, no doubt staking out his territory against Biden. “They demand law and order. They may not say it, they may not be talking about it, but that’s what they want. Some of them don’t even know that’s what they want, but that’s what they want.”

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Biden’s Leading Role in Creating Today’s Criminal Justice

Thomas Gallatin

One of the more understandable gripes, convoluted as it is, coming from the Black Lives Matter protests currently roiling the nation is a demand for criminal-justice reform. While BLM’s fallacious assertion is that America’s entire justice system has been so corrupted by “systemic racism” that the only way forward is to eradicate it and “re-conceive” it from the ground up, the argument that it could use some reform is not entirely flawed. Since no system is ever perfect, nor is society ever so static so as to have no need of reforming its institutions, it would be a mistake to too eagerly dismiss or reject entirely the loud complaints made by American citizens, no matter how suspect their motivations.

Contrary to the popular “social justice” narrative, the U.S. has a long history of wrestling with and enacting various reform efforts (for better or worse) to the justice system.

One of the more comprehensive and impactful legislative changes to the American judicial system was the 1994 Crime Bill, which then-Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) played a “central role” in crafting and passing. This landmark legislation has increasingly drawn the ire not just of BLM and its fellow travelers but also of President Donald Trump.

Among the biggest criticisms of the 1994 Crime Bill is that it led to a massive increase in the incarceration rate of Americans — particularly black Americans. As a 2019 Brennen Center Report notes, “Federal dollars have helped buttress mass incarceration for years, most notoriously through the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994.”

However, racial disparities in the incarceration rate were already increasing prior to the 1994 legislation … thanks in large part to another bill that Biden pushed through — the 1986 Anti-Drug Abuse Act. According to a GOP fact sheet, “These guidelines produced racial disparities in sentencing, particularly the ‘100-to-one sentencing disparity between crack and powder cocaine offenses’ established by the 1986 law. In addition to strengthening the mandatory minimum sentencing policies, the legislation also shifted the federal supervised release program ‘from a rehabilitative focus to a punitive one.’”

But it’s not just the GOP that recognizes the significant role Biden played in getting these bills passed, even as he’s attempting to distance himself from any real culpability. Several major Leftmedia outlets have written about Biden’s central role in the 1994 Crime Bill. In fact, The New York Times referred to it as “the Biden Crime Bill.” Even the Democrat president who signed the legislation into law, Bill Clinton, has blamed Biden specifically for the bill’s sentencing provisions.

Of course, there’s always the old commonsense wisdom that if you don’t do the crime, you won’t do the time. And it’s not that these crime bills made what once was considered a legal activity an illegal one (with the one exception being the so-called “assault weapons” ban). Instead, it was the increase of penalties and mandatory sentencing that arguably helped to create today’s situation.

Just remember, though: If you don’t vote for Biden, he says, “You ain’t black.”

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Black Businesses Decimated by Lockdowns, Riots

Louis DeBroux

Precious few Americans escaped the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic unscathed, but for many minority-owned small businesses, the combination of draconian lockdown measures and the recent riots following the unjust death of George Floyd have proven too great an obstacle to overcome.

According to data recently provided by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), between February and April of this year, the number of working business owners plunged from 15 million to 11.7 million, a collapse of 3.3 million, or 22%.

To put the magnitude of that drop in context, Robert Fairlie, an economist at UC-Santa Cruz, explains: “No other one-, two- or even 12-month window of time has ever shown such a large change in business activity. For comparison, from the start to end of the Great Recession the number of business owners decreased by 730,000 representing only a 5 percent reduction.” Based on the number of small businesses remaining in operation, he says the lockdown resulted in “the equivalent, in only weeks, of four Great Recessions.”

Fairlie goes on to note, “No group was immune to negative impacts of social distancing policy mandates and demand shifts,” but the data shows black and Hispanic small-business owners were hit hardest, with 441,000 black business owners, or 41%, no longer actively working. Latino businesses fell by 658,000, or 32%.

This is a direct result of the COVID-19 lockdown measures that forced businesses to temporarily close and customers to shelter at home, resulting in a forced partial shutdown of the economy. Small businesses are especially vulnerable to such measures because, unlike major corporations, they generally don’t have substantial cash reserves. Nor are lenders likely to extend credit to small businesses facing lockdown restrictions and a struggling economy with no certainty of being able to repay loans.

The industries that were particularly hurt by the lockdowns include construction (27%), repair and maintenance (25%), transportation (22%), and restaurants (22%).

This is devastating and heartbreaking in several aspects.

It’s painful to see these minority-owned businesses go under when, just months ago, the economic policies of President Donald Trump had resulted in all-time low unemployment for blacks and Hispanics. That included a new wave of investment in low-income, predominantly minority communities driven by the Republicans’ 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which created tax-preferred “Opportunity Zones,” leading directly to the creation of new small businesses by minority entrepreneurs.

The lockdowns deprived these small-business owners of desperately needed revenue, and in many Democrat-run states, governors and mayors employed particularly harsh measures, such as threatening shelter-at-home violators with jail time and arresting business owners who opened up in defiance of the orders. These blue-state governors and mayors also kept their states shut down far longer than other states, further damaging their economies.

As a result, by the time state and local economies began to slowly reopen, these businesses no longer had the revenue or savings available to continue operations and were forced to close their doors.

Even more painful to see were those businesses that survived the Wuhan Virus lockdowns only to fall victim to widespread looting and rioting following the death of George Floyd. Sadly, it was minority-owned small businesses that suffered most.

To make things even worse, following Floyd’s death and the subsequent riots, many Democrat governors, mayors, and city councils are beginning to buckle to the radical Left’s demands to “defund the police.” Minority business owners struggle with that question. On the one hand, it’s clear significant reforms are needed in policing standards, especially regarding the firing and/or prosecution of bad cops who violate civil rights. On the other hand, reducing or eliminating police presence will only result in increased crime and more closures of primarily minority-owned businesses.

Running a successful small business is a challenge in the best of times. Some 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, 30% in their second year, and 50% fail after five years. Only 30% of small businesses will make it past their 10-year anniversary.

But to ask small-businesses owners to not only survive the inevitable challenges of opening and growing a business but remain operational after government-mandated shutdowns and mobs of rioters and looters choke them is just cruel.

We owe it to every small-business owner, and their employees, to reopen the economy and enforce the Rule of Law to protect what they have spent their lives building up. They deserve no less.

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The Leftmedia Mafia

Nate Jackson

Imagine, if you will, a major media corporation colluding with a major Internet company and a foreign watchdog for “hate” to censor and defund political speech over a website’s comments section. That, in a nutshell, is what NBC, Google, and the Center for Countering Digital Hate did to The Federalist and ZeroHedge, two conservative websites that compete with NBC and depend on Google for a share of their revenue.

ZeroHedge was demonetized, though Google relented on The Federalist after the site disabled its comments section entirely, albeit temporarily. Neither Google nor NBC produced any evidence of hateful content.

According to NBC’s Adele-Momoko Fraser, “Google’s ban comes after the company was notified of research from the Center for Countering Digital Hate, a British nonprofit that combats online hate and misinformation. [CCDH] found that 10 U.S-based websites have published what they say are racist articles about the protests, and projected that the websites would make millions of dollars through Google Ads.”

How cute that Fraser uses the phrase “was notified.” The part NBC’s story left out is that NBC put Google on the case. In fact, Fraser used the word “collaboration” in a celebratory tweet — complete with the hashtag “Black Lives Matter,” until deleting it and reposting it without the hashtag. Even other Leftmedia outlets looked askance at NBC’s activism and “snitch journalism.”

Almost comically, despite the collaboration, NBC had to revise and correct its story after Fraser got basic facts wrong about which sites were demonetized and for what (comments, not articles). There are still factual distortions in the story, like twice asserting that The Federalist is “far-right.” The Federalist is about as mainstream as it gets. Someone get a fact-checker on the line.

Obviously, we’re not defending any actually racist comments, and ZeroHedge isn’t exactly the most reputable of websites. But Google has a long track record of targeting conservative content and aggressively tilting the scales in favor of Leftmedia outlets. Its censorship often occurs with the fig leaf of research from a “nonpartisan” left-wing outfit like CCDH, which seems to be the British counterpart of the hate-hustling Southern Poverty Law Center, only with even less credibility. CCDH’s “About Page” features what seems to be a communist flag without the hammer and sickle, which is fitting because the only ones capable of getting Google to self-censor are the Communist Chinese.

Another point: If conservative websites are liable for comments posted on their sites, Google-owned YouTube should be held liable for all comments posted on its site. Want to see a vulgar cesspool of hatred? Read YouTube’s comments.

Senator Josh Hawley, the Missouri Republican who would love to tackle the tech giants’ monopolistic censorship with legislation, fired back at Google, saying, “Wait, wait — you want to treat the [Federalist] comment section, which they don’t curate, as THEIR speech but simultaneously say the content you directly host and modify IS NOT your speech under Section 230 [of the Communications Decency Act]? Wow, this is getting really interesting.”

In related news, Google donated $12 million to Black Lives Matter, the race-baiting organization that in turn funnels money to rich white Democrats who collude with left-wing activists at NBC.

This is a mafia racket, not a fair and balanced media.

Finally, a reminder: This episode illustrates one big reason why The Patriot Post depends not on advertising but on the voluntary contributions of readers like you!

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House GOP Report: WHO Complicit in CCP’s COVID Cover-Up

Thomas Gallatin

On Tuesday, House Republicans on the Foreign Affairs Committee released a 50-page report on the World Health Organization’s role in allowing for the global spread of the China Virus pandemic. The report charges that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) violated International Health Regulations (IHR). Furthermore, the WHO not only allowed Beijing to get away with these blatant violations but also actively ran defensive cover for the CCP, helping to exacerbate the global pandemic.

The report argues that if the CCP had followed IHR, “it is highly likely the ongoing pandemic could have been prevented. As such, it is incumbent upon the United States and likeminded WHO Member States to ensure the accountability and reforms necessary to prevent the CCP’s malfeasance from giving rise to a third pandemic during the 21st century.”

As evidence supporting the charge that the WHO was complicit in running cover for the CCP, the report observes, “It is hard to reconcile the WHO’s own Technical Lead saying that on December 31st she knew that ‘of course’ human-to-human transmission could be occurring with the WHO’s January 13th statement that ‘there has been no suggestion of human-to-human transmission. Either the WHO willfully ignored their experts, or they deferred to CCP pressure.”

Indeed, National Review notes, “One study has found that China could have prevented 95 percent of coronavirus infections if it had immediately implemented travel restrictions, containment measures, and social distancing after Wuhan laboratories sequenced the novel virus and discovered its resemblance to SARS by December 27. Instead, health officials ordered the labs to hand over or destroy the samples.”

Current WHO Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebresesus was singled out in the report, which recommended his removal due to his “full-throated defense of the CCP’s response and embrace of their revisionist history.” The report also called for an international investigation into the CCP’s actions and its failure to follow IHR.

Finally, blame for the global COVID-19 pandemic was unequivocally laid on the CCP, as the report states, “In sum, as early as mid-December, and no later than December 27th, the CCP had enough information to assess it was legally obligated to inform the WHO that the outbreak in Wuhan was an event 'that may constitute a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.’ Had the CCP not been committed to covering up the outbreak, it would have answered YES to all four of the criteria and notified the WHO. The CCP failed to do so.”

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Our ‘Friends’ the Chinese

Douglas Andrews

Remember the Red Chinese, those purveyors of the pandemic and our foremost geopolitical foe? It appears that they’ve found plenty of fellow travelers within our colleges and universities, dozens of which have failed to disclose millions in donations from their communist comrades.

“More than 100 U.S. universities host or once hosted Confucius Institutes, programs underwritten by the Chinese government that teach Chinese language and culture to American college students,” The Washington Free Beacon reports. “The Department of Education requires all credentialed universities to disclose foreign gifts of more than $250,000, but only about 30 percent of [them] have disclosed their financial ties to Beijing.”

We know what you’re thinking: What’s the big deal? Didn’t Joe Biden just last year reassure us that the Chinese were “not bad folks” and “not competition for us”? Besides, what’s a little language, a little culture, and a little espionage between friends?

As our Arnold Ahlert pointed out recently, “In 2019, former FBI Director Christopher Wray testified to Congress that Confucius Institutes ‘offer a platform to disseminate Chinese government or Chinese Communist Party propaganda, to encourage censorship, to restrict academic freedom.’ Yet they remain welcome in America’s educational institutions.”

The question is, why?

“Even more insidious,” said Ahlert, “numerous K-12 public school systems around the nation have also embraced these propaganda mills. In addition to Confucius Institutes, there are ‘Confucius Classrooms’ that ostensibly teach language, operating in more than 500 elementary, middle, and high schools.” But don’t fret: It’s for the children.

Earlier still, in February 2018, Josh Rogin reported on warnings from our intelligence community about these institutes as potential spying outposts. But beyond the immediate theft of our intellectual property, the Chinese are playing the long game. “Their goal is to exploit America’s academic freedom to instill in the minds of future leaders a pro-China viewpoint,” said Florida Senator Marco Rubio. “It’s smart. It’s a long-term, patient approach.”

While some schools have gotten the message, others clearly haven’t. According to the National Association of Scholars, there were still 81 Confucius Institutes in the U.S. as of May 15. As the Free Beacon reports, however, their days may be numbered. “Dozens of [student] activists, supported by hundreds of College Democrats and College Republicans chapters, launched the Athenai Institute in May to call for the ‘immediate and permanent closure of all Confucius Institutes in the United States,’ as well as a full disclosure of all university ties to Chinese state agencies and proxies.”

Young Democrats and Republicans working together? There may be hope for our Republic yet.

As for the institutes themselves, they have a social-media presence both here and abroad, and a slick website to promote such things as their Coronavirus Response Initiative, their partnership with the Red Cross, and “the U.S. Government’s Surprising Defense of the Confucius Institute Programs.” Sadly, nowhere on the website will you see a nod to the Germans, whose classy Goethe Institutes have been around a lot longer than this cheap Chinese knock-off.

But lest we think the ChiComs are genuinely interested in cultural exchanges, these Confucius Institutes are one-way streets. One wonders why we haven’t followed the lead of Sweden, which sent the last of these institutes packing earlier this year.

Maybe it’s the case, as our Mark Alexander recently pointed out, that our mainstream media is simply running interference for the ChiComs. And here, maybe we should just follow the money. As The Daily Signal’s Chuck Ross reported Monday, “One of China’s main propaganda outlets has paid American newspapers nearly $19 million for advertising and printing expenses over the past four years, according to documents filed with the Justice Department … [including] more than $4.6 million to The Washington Post and nearly $6 million to The Wall Street Journal since November 2016.”

Of course, it could also be true that we’re just making a big deal out of nothing. As the Democrat Party’s presumptive nominee once chided us, “China is going to eat our lunch? Come on, man.”

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Jordan Candler

Above the Fold

  • “Seven days before the scheduled June 23 release of a tell-all account of John Bolton’s tenure as President Trump’s national security adviser, the Justice Department late Tuesday mounted a last-ditch effort to block its publication,” NPR reports. “A 27-page civil lawsuit filed by the Justice Department against Bolton with the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia alleges that publication of his 592-page book, The Room Where It Happened, would be a violation of nondisclosure agreements he signed and compromise national security.”

  • According to The Daily Wire, “In a letter posted Monday, the National Executive Committee for the Boy Scouts of America announced a new badge related to ‘diversity and inclusion’ in conjunction with the far-left, anti-cop Black Lives Matter movement. The new badge will be a prerequisite to becoming an Eagle Scout, according to the committee. Though Black Lives Matter is clearly political, calling for the national defunding of police departments and the disruption of the nuclear family, the Scouts claim the move is apolitical and about mere anti-racism.” That’s akin to saying the BSA’s surrendering to the Rainbow Mafia was about protecting children.

Government & Politics

  • “This legislation encompasses [the American] spirit”: Senate Republicans, spearheaded by Tim Scott, unveil police reform legislation dubbed the Justice Act (Fox News)

  • “Chokeholds will be banned except if an officer’s life is at risk”: Trump signs police reform executive order in Rose Garden ceremony (Fox News)

  • House GOP report finds the WHO “complicit” in Beijing’s COVID cover-up, calls for director’s ouster (National Review)

  • “No evidence”: Senate Ethics Committee dismisses insider-trading inquiry into Senator Kelly Loeffler (The Washington Post)

  • NBC News under fire for pushing Google to remove conservative sites from ad platform (Fox News)

  • “If you’re in the news business, you obey Google”: Tucker Carlson blasts tech giant’s power over media (Washington Examiner)

National Security

  • Fifty-four scientists have lost their jobs as a result of NIH probe into foreign ties (Science)

  • Republicans prepare for energy “cold war” with China (Washington Examiner)

The Latest on COVID-19

  • Record spike in new coronavirus cases reported in six U.S. states as reopening accelerates (Reuters)

  • Beijing residents are rounded up and put in quarantine as the city goes back into lockdown (UK Daily Mail)

  • Common drug — a steroid called dexamethasone — reduces coronavirus deaths, scientists report (The New York Times)

  • Well crap… Flushing toilets can spread coronavirus (New York Daily News)

Culture & Heartland

  • The racism panacea! Aunt Jemima brand to change name, remove image that Quaker says is “based on a racial stereotype” (NBC News)

  • Race hustler Al Sharpton to headline Tulsa Juneteenth event after Trump rally pushed back a day (Washington Examiner)

  • Black brute who shoved white elderly NYC woman has been arrested over 100 times (New York Post)

  • Richmond, Virginia, police chief forced out as protests continue (Washington Examiner)

  • Christopher Columbus statue to be removed from California Capitol at direction of top Democrats (The Modesto Bee)

  • Minnesota Freedom Fund spent just $200,000 on bail despite $30 million in donations (New York Post)


  • Twenty Indian soldiers killed in first deadly clashes with Chinese troops in 45 years. Fun fact: Both nations have nukes. (The Washington Post)

  • North Korea sending soldiers to joint border sites (AP)

  • African nations demand UN investigation into American police brutality. No, really. (PJ Media)

  • French President Emmanuel Macron says France won’t remove statues, erase history (Reuters)

  • China is collecting DNA from tens of millions of men and boys for the purpose of building a genetic map (The New York Times)

Other Notables

  • Joe Biden once used “fine people” in 1993 to describe supporters of confederate statues (The Daily Wire)

  • Thank God: New Facebook and Instagram options let users turn off political ads (MacRumors)

  • Voters oppose “defund the police” but back major reforms (Politico)

  • Oil demand projected to spike in 2021 by 5.7 million barrels daily as oil companies slash production (The Daily Caller)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: Trump’s executive order on improving policing brings welcome news in troubled times (The Heritage Foundation)

  • Policy: Why can’t big-city Democrats reform the police? (City Journal)

  • Humor: Antifa destroy their own autonomous zone after discovering they are fascists (Genesius Times)

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Nailed it: “Emotions neither prove nor disprove facts. There was a time when any rational adult understood this. But years of dumbed-down education and emphasis on how people ‘feel’ have left too many people unable to see through this media gimmick.” —Thomas Sowell

Friendly fire: “It feels liberating to say after years of tiptoeing around the fact, but the American left has lost its mind. It’s become a cowardly mob of upper-class social media addicts, Twitter Robespierres who move from discipline to discipline torching reputations and jobs with breathtaking casualness.” —journalist Matt Taibbi

For the record: “If you think systemic racism is real, but don’t support school choice, you are the problem.” —Caleb Hull

Memo to the Left: “Frankly, school choice is the civil-rights statement of the year, of the decade, and probably beyond. Because all children have to have access to quality education. A child’s ZIP code in America should never determine their future, and that’s what was happening. All children deserve equal opportunity because we are all made equal by God.” —Donald Trump

Missing the forest for the trees: “I’ve read the [LGBT worker] decision, and some people were surprised. But they’ve ruled and we live with their decision. That’s what it’s all about. We live with the decision of the Supreme Court.” —Donald Trump

Theater of the absurd: “The United States didn’t inherit slavery from anybody. We created it.” —Senator Tim Kaine (“The 1619 Project literally starts history in 1619, BEFORE THE UNITED STATES EXISTED.” —Ben Shapiro)

And last… “Liberal NBC News conspires with liberal Google to silence conservative [website The] Federalist months before a vote for president. Weird how Dems are no longer outraged about collusion intended to impact an election.” —Twitter satirist @hale_razor

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