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Mid-Day Digest

Jun. 24, 2020


“It is of great importance to set a resolution, not to be shaken, never to tell an untruth. There is no vice so mean, so pitiful, so contemptible; and he who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and a third time, till at length it becomes habitual; he tells lies without attending to it, and truths without the world’s believing him. This falsehood of the tongue leads to that of the heart, and in time depraves all its good disposition.” —Thomas Jefferson (1785)

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No Noose Is Good Noose

Douglas Andrews

“There’s a sucker born every minute.”

Whether P.T. Barnum actually said this is unclear, but the point is no less powerful: Some folks will believe just about anything, especially if they want it to be true. Such was the case with Barnum’s “Fiji Mermaid,” and so it is with our mainstream media, which desperately wants to believe that there are racists around every corner and across our fruited plain.

As we mentioned this morning at the tail end of our story on Jimmy Kimmel, you were right to be skeptical of the incendiary claim that biracial NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace was the victim of a “hate crime” over the weekend at Alabama’s Talladega Superspeedway. We never saw so much as a picture of the “noose” in question, nor did we get any solid reporting about the chain of events that led the FBI to dispatch 15 — FIFTEEN — federal agents to Talladega to investigate this mysterious piece of knotted rope.

What we did get, though, was a heaping helping of Bubba’s self-promoting social-justice warfare. “Today’s despicable act of racism and hatred leaves me incredibly saddened and serves as a painful reminder of how much further we have to go as a society and how persistent we must be in the fight against racism,” he wrote. “Nothing is more important and we will not be deterred by the reprehensible actions of those who seek to spread hate. As my mother told me today, ‘they are just trying to scare you.’ This will not break me, I will not give in nor will I back down. I will continue to proudly stand for what I believe in.”

In short, Bubba “will not be deterred by the reprehensible actions of” … himself.

Wallace has plenty of support, both within the NASCAR community, where his fellow drivers all but washed his feet, and across the world of sports, where no less a money-grubbing ChiCom apologist than LeBron James has his six: “Sickening! @BubbaWallace my brother! Know you don’t stand alone! I’m right here with you as well as every other athlete. I just want to continue to say how proud I am of you for continuing to take a stand for change here in America and sports!”

Of course, this show of support came before the FBI made clear that there was no hate crime here and that the “noose” in question was actually nothing more than a garage-door pull rope — a rope that had been there since last year. Still, the mainstream media (and Bubba himself) keeps calling it a noose, which is either a desperate attempt to sloooowly walk back another phony story or a desperate attempt to imply that while the news was fake, its essence was legit. “Fake but accurate,” as The New York Times infamously put it many years ago.

To be sure, Bubba Wallace is no Jussie Smollett (pronounced Juicy Smool-YAY — language warning). After all, he didn’t stage a fake hate crime, and he didn’t file a false police report against those he perceived to be his enemies. But he did, without a doubt, repeatedly promote a baseless allegation of hatred and thereby fan the flames of racial unrest. And he did so because he wants us all to believe that he’s fighting the good and noble fight. And because he’s a narcissist.

Yes, Bubba Wallace is a narcissist. He made that clear when he tweeted back in 2017, “There is only 1 driver from an African American background at the top level of our sport. I am the 1. You’re not gonna stop hearing about ‘the black driver’ for years. Embrace it, accept it and enjoy the journey.”

“I am the 1.” To this day, it’s the pinned tweet on his Twitter page.

More recently, there’s this one: “Integrity..something nobody will ever be able to take away from me. ” If he does say so himself!

And this one, which peddles a die-cast version of his official “Black Lives Matter” car.

You get the picture. And you know the routine. “If you didn’t predict this outcome in the first ten second[s] of hearing the story,” asserted Dilbert creator Scott Adams, “you haven’t been paying attention for the past four years.”

There’s a journalist born every minute.

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Pelosi’s Chokehold on Police Reform

Nate Jackson

Republicans are “trying to get away with murder, actually — the murder of George Floyd,” claims Nancy Pelosi. Where’s the Leftmedia’s army of “fact-checkers” for Pelosi’s latest race-baiting lie? The House speaker used this noxious slander to slam, of all things, what she called the GOP’s “unsalvageable piece of legislation” on police reform — written, no less, by black Republican Senator Tim Scott.

Floyd’s death at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer was indeed unjust, though we’ve speculated that Minnesota’s radical Democrat Attorney General Keith Ellison is deliberately overreaching on murder charges so as to “prove” that the system is racist. Regardless, Republicans in the Senate led the charge with the JUSTICE Act, a bill providing thoughtful, careful, and needed reforms for police. It’s certainly not perfect and the federal government has only a limited role (primarily by attaching strings to funding), but it’s a worthy start.

Nevertheless, Pelosi complained that there are irreconcilable differences, like banning chokeholds. “We’re saying no chokeholds,” Pelosi said. “They’re not saying no chokeholds. I mean, there’s a big difference there. What’s the compromise? Some chokeholds? I don’t see what the compromise is.” The truth? Democrats want Congress to enact a blanket ban while Republicans want to incentivize local bans.

Scott would also require much greater data reporting from police departments, but Democrats want even more. “Their goal,” explains The Wall Street Journal, “is to use a paint-by-colors ‘disparate impact’ analysis to show ‘patterns and practices’ of policing. This will make it easier for the Justice Department to sue local police departments under the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act.”

Still, the idea that no common ground can be found is absurd political theater meant to help Democrats win in November. Pelosi and her comrade Chuck Schumer are attempting to torpedo any compromise, all while Pelosi does what she always does — smears Republicans as hateful bigots. However, if we use the ridiculous standards of leftist social media during a time of riots and deaths nationwide, it’s clear that Nancy Pelosi is inciting violence.

Pelosi is an expert at seeding a media narrative. “It’s called a wrap-up smear,” she explained back in 2017. “You make up something. Then you have the press write about it. And then you say, ‘Everybody is writing about this charge.’ It’s a tool of an [authoritarian regime] to just have you always be talking about what you want them to be talking about.”

Of course, she was complaining about the way Donald Trump supposedly operates, but we all know she was actually exposing a widely used Democrat tactic. That’s especially true of calling Republicans racist, and it’s why you can think of the Democrat-Leftmedia recycling loop as the Beltway Echo Chamber. Democrats call Republicans racist, media outlets replay the charge 24/7. Democrats then cite media reports to back up the narrative. Lather, rinse, repeat.

By the way, just remember that this is the same Nancy Pelosi who kneeled for nearly nine minutes to show solidarity with the black man who was killed by a kneeling cop, all while wearing the Kente cloth worn by African slave traders. And she’s calling Republicans racist?

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Do Black (Nigerian Christian) Lives Matter?

Louis DeBroux

In recent weeks, America has been under tremendous social strife following the deaths of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks. Floyd died while handcuffed and immobile as a result of a police officer kneeling on his neck. That officer has rightly been charged with murder. Brooks died from gunshot wounds from a police officer after fighting two cops, then stealing one’s Taser and firing it at him. That officer has wrongly been charged with murder.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, the dominant narrative from the media and Democrats is that racist white cops are gunning down innocent, unarmed black men en masse in America’s streets.

However, there is an area of the world where innocent blacks are truly being murdered in horrific numbers. That would be in Africa’s largest nation, Nigeria, where more than 50,000 African men, women, and children (predominantly Christians) have been murdered over the last decade. And the world has largely ignored the genocide.

As one writer describes the horror, “Heavily armed jihadis suddenly appear in the dead of night. They attack house after house, breaking down doors, shouting Allahu akbar. They shoot the elderly and able-bodied men. They rape, mutilate, and murder women. They kidnap young boys and girls. They torch houses, schools, and churches.”

According to ICON (the International Committee on Nigeria, a research group detailing terrorism in Nigeria), Boko Haram killed nearly 35,000 Nigerians from 2015 to 2020 alone and displaced more than two million Africans from their homes. Boko Haram (the informal name of the Islamic State in West Africa) gained international notoriety in 2014 when its jihadis kidnapped 276 schoolgirls from the Nigerian town of Chibok. Somehow, the terrorists were able to withstand the devastating Twitter campaign (#Bringbackourgirls) waged by former First Lady Michelle Obama and Hollywood celebrities, and the girls remained captive, with many forced to marry the terrorists and bear their children. Within a few months, these girls were all but forgotten.

Just two weeks ago, Boko Haram terrorists launched a barbarous attack on the village of Faduma Kolomdi in northeastern Nigeria. The attackers rounded up the villagers, initially claiming to be Islamic teachers and asking the villagers to submit their weapons. Once the weapons were collected, the Islamist jihadis opened fire, killing 81 people. Video of the slaughter was posted on social media shortly afterwards.

A spokesman for the Nigerian military promised an investigation but, considering that these attacks have been occurring for more than a decade, killing tens of thousands, such promises are of little comfort to the persecuted.

Meanwhile, between 2010 and 2020, Fulani jihadis murdered approximately 17,000 Africans. The Fulani are the world’s largest nomadic group, comprised of roughly 20 million people covering Nigeria, Mali, and other parts of western Africa.

Jihadist Fulani herdsmen have migrated in recent years from the predominantly Muslim northern Nigeria to the predominantly Christian south, using terrorist tactics in attacks on Christian farming communities, murdering men, women, and children indiscriminately.

These attacks have only increased over the last year. On March 2, Fulani terrorists attacked a Christian missionary outpost, where eight were kidnapped and 3,000 displaced. On March 24, Fulanis murdered at least 20 in two Christian villages. And in April, Fulani jihadists killed six children and a pregnant woman in north-central Nigeria.

The increasing murder and violence led Christian Solidarity International to issue a genocide warning for Nigeria in January: “The conditions for genocide exist in Nigeria, with Christians, non-violent Muslims, and adherents of tribal religions being particularly vulnerable. … The increasingly violent attacks and the failure of the Nigerian government to prevent them and punish the perpetrators are alarming. CSI therefore calls on the permanent members of the U.N. Security Council to take swift action to uphold this commitment to genocide prevention in Nigeria.”

So far, the desperate pleas of these persecuted black Christians have largely fallen on deaf ears globally.

Last year, President Donald Trump met with Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari. During a press conference, President Trump stated, “We’ve had very serious problems with Christians who have been murdered, killed in Nigeria. … We can’t allow that to happen.” Thus far, however, the problem has only gotten worse, perhaps because President Buhari is himself a member of the Fulani tribe.

Even in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, more Nigerian Christians are murdered by these terrorists than die from the virus. In fact, with Boko Haram and Fulani terrorists ravaging the country, the lockdown orders are making Christians even more vulnerable.

If black lives truly matter, it is time to prove it. Not by rioting and looting and making martyrs of career felons, but by ensuring deadly force is used on the other side of the world to eradicate these Islamist terrorists who are engaging in the genocide of black Nigerian Christians.

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Will Cancel Culture Kill Kimmel?

Douglas Andrews

Late-night talk-show host and inveterate Trump hater Jimmy Kimmel is feeling the heat these days because of some politically incorrect comedy skits he did many years ago. Will his luck with the intolerant Left finally run out?

Kimmel’s inconvenient past isn’t a secret; we’ve known about it — and written about it — for years. And he’s continued to get away with it, despite being guilty of offenses that would’ve cost the rest of us our jobs. What makes his latest absence from “Jimmy Kimmel Live” a bit more ominous, though, is the discovery of a particular routine in which he uses a particular word.

This, of course, is the same Jimmy Kimmel who in 2018 was pleading with Roseanne Barr’s ex, Tom Arnold, to release a mysterious “Trump used the N-word” tape. “I want to hear this tape!” screamed Kimmel. “Where is this tape? You keep saying you will! When? When he’s retired?” (We’re still waiting.)

That’s doubly ironic given that ABC, Kimmel’s network, fired Roseanne for a similar offense.

Fox News’s Gregg Re has the goods on Kimmel, and the misogyny, the religious bigotry, and the racial caricatures aren’t aging well. “Jimmy Kimmel said [the N-word] more times in one tape than Snoop Dogg did in his entire career,” said one indignant observer. “Cancel this racist.”

As Re reported, “Kimmel abruptly announced last Thursday he’s taking the summer off to [wait for it] spend more time with his family.” Our sense is that he’ll also be watching the 2020 Emmy Awards with his family, instead of hosting them.

Donald Trump Jr., for one, probably isn’t buying the “family time” excuse. But he probably isn’t losing any sleep over it, either. Never slow to take up his dad’s defense, Trump Jr. offered some free late-night programming advice to the ABC brass: “To be clear, I’m 100% against punishing comedians for jokes, even bad jokes from unfunny hack comedians like Jimmy Kimmel … but according to the left’s own woke rules that @jimmykimmel wants to force others to live by, it’s hard to see how @ABCNetwork allows him to keep his show.”

In any case, it’s not like Kimmel’s defenestration would do much to disrupt our nation’s late-night viewing habits. Last we checked, he was bringing up the rear in the ratings game behind Fox News’s pace-setting Greg Gutfeld, CBS’s Stephen Colbert, and NBC’s Jimmy Fallon.

Whether Kimmel sinks or swims, though, there’s something sweetly schadenfreudy about all this. He’s been a dutiful fanboy of Barack Obama, a champion of the Trump-deranged Left, and, more recently, a born-again apologist for something called “white privilege.” He’s also the guy who dished out this smarmy non-apology to the unfailingly decent VP Mike Pence a few weeks ago, and this blame-casting pseudo-apology to everyone else just yesterday.

This last laughable mea culpa, which couldn’t get past the first sentence before blaming Donald Trump and his 63 million supporters, finishes with a vow not to be “bullied into silence by those who feign outrage to advance their oppressive and genuinely racist agendas.”

Got that? If you’re disgusted with Jimmy Kimmel, you’re feigning outrage.

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DACA: All Three Branches Eschew Constitutional Roles

Nate Jackson

On September 17, 1787, our Founding Fathers completed a new Constitution and it was ratified by all 13 states over the ensuing months. On March 4, 1789, the newly established government began operating as intended in three branches: legislative (Article I), executive (Article II), and judicial (Article III). We go through this brief history because today’s federal government has so overgrown and trampled the limits placed upon each branch as to at times be nearly unrecognizable. The recent tussle over DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) highlights in one issue the utter failure of all three branches.

Congress alone has the power to make laws. For years, debate brewed over how to handle children who had arrived illegally in the U.S. with their parents — the so-called “dreamers.” These kids, we’re repeatedly told, had grown up here and considered it the only home they’d ever known and thus should be given full citizenship. We won’t rehash the debate on the merits in this space (there’s plenty of that here), but the bottom line is that hammering out legislative policy is a job that belongs to Congress alone.

Of course, most of our elected representatives are so busy worrying about being “elected” that they neglect the “representative” part of their jobs. Why take a tough vote and solve a problem when it can perpetually be used for political gain?

The president alone has the power to execute the laws; he cannot make those laws. Barack Obama, the former “constitutional scholar” turned president, would frequently make this point in the years of debate over DACA. He couldn’t change the dreamers’ status without Congress, he’d rightly say, because he didn’t have the power to do so.

Until he changed his mind and did it anyway after the 2014 midterm wipeout his party suffered.

This presidential power grab suited not just Obama but Democrats in Congress. Frankly, Republicans didn’t really mind because it gave them a foil. It wasn’t until Donald Trump won the White House largely based on his immigration promises that Obama’s DACA debacle was eventually undone.

Until it wasn’t because the Supreme Court said so.

The judiciary was established merely to adjudicate the law, though it quickly morphed into the arbiter of what was or was not constitutional. The courts may not make law. Yet in countless instances, the judges and justices have written law from the bench. Abortion, marriage, healthcare — the examples are too many to recount.

In the case of DACA, as we noted when the decision was handed down last week, the Court wasn’t so much concerned with whether Obama had acted within his authority (he clearly hadn’t) but whether Trump had gone through the right procedure to undo his predecessor’s patently unconstitutional deed. Process is important, but instead of arbitrating unconstitutional actions, the Court ended up reaching the convoluted decision that Trump must enforce Obama’s unlawful edict because of procedural concerns.

In short, this isn’t a story about immigration law or dreamers or political disagreements. It’s ultimately a story of the total disengagement of all three branches of the federal government from proper constitutional constraints. Congress either won’t make laws (ceding power to the executive) or it passes bad ones. Presidents disregard limits on their authority and do what Congress won’t. And judicial despots trample them both. Would the Founders even recognize our modern government?

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Chicago: Another Weekend From Hell

Willie Richardson

What was supposed to be a weekend that black Americans celebrated Juneteenth, a holiday marking the emancipation of those who had been enslaved in the United States, turned into another bloody massacre. Is this even news anymore? Is this what should be expected of neophyte bloodthirsty gang bangers seeking approval from veteran gangsters? Is this just what young, black, father-absent males do?

Chicago’s urban violence is one of the talking points of black conservatives when the misguided Black Lives Matter mob comes up, and rightfully so. In no other American urban city do you see this scale of reckless violence on demand every other weekend. Just like there’s 24 hours in a day, you can bet your bottom dollar that another urban innocent child will be lost to street violence.

This past weekend 104 people were shot, while 12 were fatally wounded.


If white cops shot this many unarmed urban youth in five years, America would be on fire from sea to shining sea. But it’s just those gang bangers killing again — business as usual. Have we become numb and dumb to the senseless violence? Let’s test our sensibilities.

Two teenage boys, 16 and 15 years old, were walking down an alley just after midnight when, from a gray sedan, shots were fired at them both. The 16-year-old was shot in the ankle and recovered, though the 15-year-old was shot several times and later died at the hospital. The same day, another pair of teenage boys was shot leaving a convenient store. They both were killed at the scene. They were shot for no reason at all. “Gangs, guns, drugs, and no consequences when Chicago cops make an arrest,” Chicago Police Department Superintendent David Brown said of the violence. “Let’s keep violent offenders in jail longer and let’s revamp the [home] monitoring system.” Perhaps he means to revamp how parents monitor their children, but don’t count on it.

Last, but not least, let’s further test our numbness to a three-year-old boy. Mckay James was riding in the backseat of a car while his 27-year-old dad was the target practice for a shooting. The perpetrators grazed the abdomen of their target, but killed the toddler. The father, although shot, managed to rush his dying son to the hospital, but too late.

This weekend in Chicago was the bloodiest in 2020. Brown later said, “Our cops are working hard. There are too many violent offenders not in jail or on electronic monitoring which no one is really monitoring. We need violent offenders to stay in jail longer and we need improvements to the home monitoring system.” Indeed, the “home monitoring system” had nothing to do with monitoring the leadership of so many misguided parents (meaning moms and grandmothers).

Chicago is showing the world what Democrat leadership and policies do for a city. Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in America, yet it has the most bullets flying frivolously through its city streets. Fatherless boys are spewing their anger through emotional gang and turf wars, all in the name of gang colors. This has got to stop, but it won’t because liberal policies are exacerbating the matter. It will never end until fathers go after their sons’ hearts and give them the love, attention, affection, and admiration they so desire.

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Jordan Candler

Above the Fold

  • “The Trump administration won a court ruling Tuesday upholding its plan to require insurers and hospitals to disclose the actual prices for common tests and procedures in a bid to promote competition and push down costs,” according to the Associated Press. “Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar called the decision in federal court in Washington, D.C., ‘a resounding victory’ for President Donald Trump’s efforts to open up the convoluted world of health care pricing so patients and families can make better-informed decisions about their care.” However, the American Hospital Association is signaling an appeal, which “means the decision by U.S. District Judge Carl J. Nichols may not be the final word.”

  • The Asheville Citizen Times reports: “Political newcomer Madison Cawthorn breezed past President Donald Trump’s pick for Mark Meadows’ seat in Congress in a two-person GOP runoff election on Tuesday. The 24-year-old Henderson County Republican roundly defeated Haywood County’s Lynda Bennett in the primary runoff for North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District.” This somewhat unexpected result was accompanied by a more foreseeable outcome in New York, where “Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez … fended off a challenge by former CNBC contributor Michelle Caruso-Cabrera to win the Democratic primary in New York’s 14th District,” as reported by Fox News.

Annals of the Social-Justice Caliphate

  • Madison protesters tear down Capitol statues (including one of an abolitionist) and attack state senator (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

  • “We are tearing this statue down”: Dunces target the Emancipation Memorial (Washington Examiner)

  • DC police clear out fledgling autonomous zone near the White House (The Washington Post)

Government & Politics

  • Appeals court orders Michael Flynn case dismissal, ending years-long legal saga (Fox News)

  • Nancy Pelosi compares black Senator Tim Scott’s police-reform bill to murder of George Floyd (The Washington Free Beacon)

  • Facebook content moderator: “If someone’s wearing MAGA hat, I’m going to delete them for terrorism” (RealClearPolitics)

  • Twitter hides Trump tweet for “threatening” (a.k.a. warning) potential protesters (The Detroit News)

  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (again) blames Trump for New York’s nursing-home deaths (The Washington Free Beacon)

National Security

  • More border wall has been put up during the coronavirus pandemic — 77 miles — than at any other point in Trump’s presidency (Washington Examiner)

  • Local Arizona leaders tell visiting Trump his wall is working (Washington Examiner)

  • Jared Kushner ally joins with Pentagon to move critical industries out of China (Washington Examiner)

The Latest on COVID-19

  • Dr. Anthony Fauci says “it will be when, not if” for a vaccine (AP)

  • “Coronavirus is spreading … across the entire state of Texas”: Governor Greg Abbott urges residents to stay home (Austin American-Statesman)

  • Washington state makes face masks mandatory (Reuters)

  • School children don’t spread coronavirus, French study shows (Bloomberg)

Culture & Heartland

  • NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace defiant, calls rope “straight-up noose” after FBI says no crime occurred (Fox News)

  • Atlanta Wendy’s arson suspect, identified as Rayshard Brooks’s girlfriend, arrested (Fox News)

  • Walmart pulls state flag from Mississippi stores over Confederate homage (Washington Examiner)

  • “The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations” becomes first state to change its “racist” name (PJ Media)

  • Lincoln County, Oregon, says minorities don’t need to wear coronavirus face masks if they have “concerns about racial profiling and harassment” (UK Daily Mail)

  • Nevada adopting California’s onerous car-pollution rules, pushing back against Trump administration (The Hill)

Other Notables

  • Supreme Court sets limits on SEC’s power to recover ill-gotten gains (Reuters)

  • European Union may bar American travelers as it reopens borders, citing failures on virus (The New York Times)

  • Agreement struck amid surging border tensions between India and China (The Daily Caller)

Closing Arguments

  • Policy: Evaluating the GOP’s JUSTICE Act: It’s better than the Democrats’ proposal, but it goes too far on neck restraints and not far enough on no-knock warrants, and it fails to address qualified-immunity doctrine (National Review)

  • Policy: Christians don’t need the Black Lives Matter movement to defeat evil: Christianity steeped in neighborly love ended slavery and defeated Jim Crow. The gospel, not the BLM movement, already has what we need to heal the nation. (The Federalist)

  • Humor: Progressive Christian can’t wait to get to Heaven so he can lecture God on privilege (The Babylon Bee)

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Video: Are You Buying the Bubba Wallace NASCAR Story? — Before risking buyer’s remorse, listen to this cautionary analysis by Anthony Brian Logan.

Video: Officer Rolfe Never Kicked Rayshard Brooks — The lies of District Attorney Paul Howard.

Video: Portland State’s National Anthem Duet — Madisen Hallberg was joined by a stranger who heard her singing — opera singer Emmanuel Henreid.


For more of today’s columns, visit Right Opinion.


For the record: “They sent 15 federal agents to investigate a rope in a garage, meanwhile violent mobs are burning buildings, tearing down statues, and assaulting people, and nothing is done about it.” —Matt Walsh

Food for thought: “Trends happen for a reason. If we have this many people in our country pushing race hoaxes, maybe it’s time we address how much we’ve incentivized being a ‘victim’ of racism?” —Jesse Kelly

Dezinformatsiya, Part I: “A rule of thumb: If you’re lying about nonexistent voter fraud, if you’re limiting polling places, if you’re forcing people to line up to vote in a pandemic, even the old and the infirm, then it seems you’re basically admitting most Americans don’t want you to be president.” —Dan Rather

Dezinformatsiya, Part II: “In 2016, Pres. Trump claimed voter fraud to explain his loss in the popular vote. It was a lie. Now, with horrible polling, he’s trying to delegitimize the vote — through suppression and more lies about voting by mail.” —Dan Rather

Non compos mentis: “Being killed by the police is now the sixth leading cause of death for young men in America, and young black men are 2.5 times more likely than white men to be killed by police, while black women are 1.4 times more likely than white women to be killed by police.” —Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer

The buck stops… “By the time a [nursing-home COVID patient] was transferred after nine or 10 days, they were no longer contagious and what all the data says is, the reason you had infections in nursing homes were [sic] because the staff brought in the infection.” —New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

Alternate reality: “We have seen over the last couple of years … a White House enabled by Republicans in Congress and a media structure that supports them and has not just differed in terms of policy but has gone to the very foundations of who we are and who we should be.” —Barack Obama

Alpha jackass: “For something to happen, [Republicans are] going to have to face the reality of police brutality, the reality of the need for justice in policing, and the recognition that there are many, many good people in law enforcement — but not all — and that we have to address those concerns. So far they’re trying to get away with murder, actually — the murder of George Floyd.” —House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

And last… “When you elevate victimhood as virtue, you will have people tripping over themselves (and their garage door openers) to be oppressed.” —Allie Beth Stuckey

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